Has Steve Pearce Miscalculated or What?


zia_symbol_nm_flagSteve Pearce has a bit of a problem.  Evidently before he was for the shut-down, he was against it, said one thing and voted the other.  That makes sense when you have given up your honor and decency and become a Koch whore like he has.  ABQ has the 17th highest number of government and military workers in the country, with something like 37,900 workers with 21,000 of them federal employees.  For a state like NM, which really hasn’t come out of the recession, this is going to leave a very big mark, and run a heck of a lot of lives.

Remember this name:  Roxanne Lara.  In about 13 months or so, here in the 2nd District of New Mexico, we’re going to be calling her Congresswoman-elect Roxanne Lara.  Quite frankly, I can’t even believe all of this, myself.   Let’s put it this way, Steve Pearce, whom I have loyally supported for years, is in deep you know what.  After all, he’s the only member of the NM state delegation to vote for shut-down.  Yep, it’s going to leave a mark.

P. S.  Rocky Lara has raised about a hundred grand since she began her campaign in September. (I bet she’s pulled in a little more than that, now.

So far, Pearce has enabled the following:

  1. Carlsbad Caverns is shut – making life hell for the town of Carlsbad
  2. 2700 employees of White Sands Missile Range were basically cut off without a cent
  3. 500 workers at NASA’s Johnson Space Center White Sands Test Facility are in just as much trouble
  4. Employees of the US Forest Service
  5. Employees of White Sands National Monument
  6. The VA in Alamogordo is no longer processing claims
  7. National Parks, etc are closed
  8. Petroglyph National Monument is closed.
  9. Local FBI is still on the job – for free – all 200 agents!  Bless ’em all!
  10. 11 national parks and monuments are closed

The crazy thing here is that while the forests, parks, and trails are closed, they are still available – in places, without people paying their entry fee.  How’s that workin’ out for Congressman Pearce?  Also, here in NM, the state is scrambling to find a way to keep as many federal workers in place, with alternative funding.

New Mexico’s 2nd District is very poor.  Jobs are hard to find, and this isn’t helping, not one little bit.   At least Michelle Lujan Grisham, one of Steve’s Democrat counterparts is trying to help people, here in NM.   Senator Tom Udall is concerned about the plight of Vets in the state.  Evidently Steve Pearce, whom I once supported, doesn’t give a damn.


No Los Alamos National Labs workers have been laid off, but the subcontractors are starting to have problems.   But, there are numerous government employees who are going to be hurting in this state.   Jim Baca has pointed out that nothing has been shut down that would inconvenience the Koch Brothers.

It looks like various media through out the state are getting the same, rather rude cold shoulder I am getting.  Pearce’s office is closed.  KOB has been unable to get anything out of his people since the shutdown began.  I wonder if they’ve been treated as rudely as I’ve been while dealing with the NMGOP?

I’m sorry, I just don’t get it.


2 thoughts on “Has Steve Pearce Miscalculated or What?

  1. I honestly think that people have truly lost their marbles.
    Right now, while the active military is getting paid, the guardsmen are not, and some key shops are closed — oh, and nobody knows where the money is going to come from for the active, because like the death benefits, congressmen “thought” they had it covered.

    But if you go on any “conservative” (they aren’t — at this point I don’t know what they are; they aren’t Republicans either…they seem to hate Lincoln) site, the talk is about how they are winning and how the country is the closest it’s ever been to torches and pitchforks since the Civil War. Even if you say: “uh, civil unrest is never a good thing for the populace to go through; are you sure you’d win such a thing? or more importantly, that our democratic republic could survive such a thing?” crickets — they seem to be sure that providence will not only protect them personally, but will make sure their “side” wins.

    Gott mit Uns…that’s the only thing that comes to my mind.

    I’m sure some of the individuals are probably decent people, but they are being groupthinked into really foolish and dangerous mindsets — I am a bit concerned; people are not acting at all rationally.

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