Are the Brother’s Koch Broke?


Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 6.33.17 PMHow do we know Charles & David Koch are having a serious financial crises?  Well, aside from something interesting from a source, that I’m not free to use, let’s go back to the subject of opera. David Koch likes to think that he is this big deal in the NYC social scene.  He’s donated millions to update Lincoln Center.  He has an entire dinosaur wing at the natural history museum named after him.  He’s a leading cancer donor.  He likes his name on things.  When the New York City Opera (may it rest in peace) was in disparate straights, the general manager, George Steel, when to numerous deep pockets for help.  One of those deep pockets was David Koch.

As I wrote last week, the NYCO is in bad condition, because of some dubious modern productions that just don’t attract the unwashed masses.  Sure, critics might like them, but critics go for free.  The unwashed masses are what make the difference, once deep pockets have been taped.   The Kochs are into funding opera, the ballet, the arts, sciences, and cancer research.  They are into public charity.  There was no logical reason for this:

“...He had lunch with Alberto W. Vilar, the onetime opera patron who had promised huge gifts to the Metropolitan Opera that failed to materialize and who was later jailed for fraud. He spoke by phone with Plácido Domingo, who sang at City Opera’s first night at Lincoln Center in 1966, and who agreed to urge donors to open their checkbooks. And he spent a night at the opera last month with David H. Koch, the billionaire who paid to renovate the opera’s former home at Lincoln Center, and who remained one of its biggest donors even after the company left the redone theater to save money….”

Yep, blame it on poor dead Anna Nicole Smith and the late J. Howard Marshall, II.  Evidently the long dead old coot  was a good friend of Charles & David’s father, Fred ( you know, the guy who helped found the John Birch Society, with that money he made off Nazi gas and Stalin).   The Marshall family owns a very small percentage of Koch Industries, maybe 5% or so.

“…But there was a hitch. The opera they saw, Mark-Anthony Turnage’s “Anna Nicole,” tells the more-or-less true life story of Anna Nicole Smith, a former Playboy model who married an octogenarian oil tycoon, J. Howard Marshall II, and who waged a fierce battle with his heirs over his estate after he died. Mr. Marshall, it turned out, had owned 16 percent of the Koch family’s business, Koch Industries. When Mr. Steel asked Mr. Koch if he could make further gifts to save the company, Mr. Koch demurred, telling Mr. Steel that the Marshall family might be less than pleased, according to a person familiar with their conversation….”

Give me a break.  If David Koch thought that the NYCO could have a name changed to the NYC Koch Opera Company at the David H. Koch Theater, he would jump on it.  He didn’t.  Don’t expect sentiment from the Kochs, they would slaughter one another – and have come close – in order to make a buck.

There are four Koch Brothers. Charles & David has basically screwed both William and brother Fred. The beauty of this is the fact that these guys have literally screwed the tea party members of the House and Senate.  Promises have been allegedly made – or threats – that Charles & David Koch would personally see to the fact that they would spend every blasted cent they owned to primary and defeat them.

Well – the member of the GOP House have hung themselves out to dry. In all likelihood there will be no Koch money to bail these dudes out of their primaries.

It’s over, folks.