Destroying America in the Name of Ayn Rand


images“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” Sherlock Holmes

Would someone please explain to me why Jim DeMint and the Heritage Foundation is controlling this country?  Why are Republicans so weak that they don’t have the intellectual honesty of a snail, and are incapable of standing up to them?   Well, actually, Jim DeMint is a whore, belonging to Charles & David Koch.  He is doing the will of the Kochs, by the Kochs, and for the Kochs – may the Kochs be praised!

Let’s be honest here. If anyone who is still supporting the GOP happens to mention to me that the Republican Party, under the leadership of Ted Cruz and John Boehner is doing what they are doing in order to protect this nation from the ravages of Obamacare, I will tell them to their face, they are delusional fools.  What is going on here is not protecting this nation, is the perverted willingness of a very small minority of individuals to literally destroy this nation’s economy and ruin the lives of tens of millions of people – to get their way.

If you are like the rest of us, you’re on the phone, or online talking to family or friends, trying to comprehend what is happening to our country.  The other day I told my mother, now I know what it is like to live in a nation that is being destroyed by a minority coup. Have no doubt, once we eliminate the impossible the improbably remains.  We are living through a far right, Tea Party, billionaire, GOP coup to remake this nation into something that is completely unrecognizable.  They are turning it into a libertarian, Ayn Rand paradise where kindness, compassion, and basic human decency have no place in our national life.  These so-called ‘Christian’ patriots are anything but – Christian.  They are showing themselves to be the abject perversion of what Christian love and compassion really is.  They are the Ayn Rand followers, pretending to be Christian, while embracing a woman who truly detested everything Christ taught.  She had no decency, honor, or morality.  We must admit, today’s John Boehner version of the GOP are worthy successors of her psychopathic mentality.

On FOX Elizabeth Hassebeck said that welfare doesn’t allow people to get jobs.  She also mentioned that poor people didn’t need air conditioning or televisions.  Let’s be honest here.  This is about the Tea Party brainwashed entities who are shills for the Koch Brothers, Charles and David.  They are being lead and manipulated by Jim DeMint.  They seek ‘fairness‘, which is in KochSpeak, what is good for the Brothers Koch is basically good for the little people.   It is about destroying the lives of tens upon tens of million little people, to benefit a few ultra wealthy individuals and corporations.

They don’t care.  What we’re getting is America 3.2, the Ayn Rand version.  Lean and mean, with lots of guns, scared little white men who must rely on alcohol and Viagra for their false courage.  It is a land where we were facing imminent catastrophic financial ruin, as we become a laughing-stalk, where the non-white POTUS is unable to attend important world-wide functions because he’s been grounded by the minions of two rapidly aging nasty, extreme right, John Birch loving jerks who owe their considerable fortune to their father’s cozy relationship with Nazi Germany and Joseph Stalin.

What this is all about is a total remake of this nation, where there is no public assistance.  Health care will become even more and more expensive, available to only the elite.   But, not to worry, there will be lots and lots of guns in the hands of irrational and truly scary individuals who take their marching orders from the likes of FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rick Santilli, who take theirs from the Kochs.

This is all about destroying modern American and turning into a third world theocratic plutocracy that is so polluted no one but those of us who are wallowing in the Koch sewers of life will be able to live here. Not to worry, the elites will be doing quite well, in other countries, while they bleed this nation of every little bit of wealth, kindness, decency, and what made America great.

Back to the drunken, spineless Republicans in the House.  One can only wonder what will become of them, once the Kochs are in control of the nation.

A few weeks ago a Pink Flamingo emailed this to me.  I was told that I can use it.

“…”The Tea Party movement has always been scary to me.  I lived through the Nazi era and I can compare quite a bit of their ideas to those of the Nazi party.  Make no mistake about it.  They do not stand for the constitution and freedom.  They demand ideological purity from all elected officials.  If they do not tow the line they are destroyed.  I can’t understand how anyone would be naïve enough to believe that people who cannot even tolerate moderate ideas stand for freedom in any way.  They are trying to brain wash people to believe that their voice is the true American voice.  If they ever get control sooner or later they will start demanding ideological purity from their constituents too and that is when there will be extermination camps to get rid of anyone who oppose them.  All of this is being masked by religious motives…….Have you ever compared their ideas to Hitler’s ideas on women.? We heard much of the same thing during WW2.  Hitler said, “the German mother of many children should hold the same place of honor as the front line soldier.”  Goebbels “Women are being removed from public life that her essential dignity may be restored.”  Himmler, ” A childless marriage is not the slightest interest to a state that is concerned with the procreation of as many children as possible.”  Hitler, “Women’s movement really only contains one single point and that point is the child.”….”

Are the Rand Paul Bots now welcoming Rush Limbaugh into their ranks? One of the hallmarks of the Ron Paul crowd, the bunch he is now hanging out with is the fact that include white supremacists, Stormfont, KKK, skinheads, and racists. Evidently, Rush Limbaugh has now joined their ranks. On his show the other day he said the GOP is afraid of criticizing Obama because he is black. Hanging out with the KKK, white supremacists, etc. is nothing knew for Ron Paul. Back in 1981, apparently he was either involved with, or knew about a KKK plot to take over an island, and claim it for the white boys.

Something nasty is happening in DC. A colleague of The Pink Flamingo phrases it as confusion to obscure what is really going on. The far right is showing it’s true coloring, and it has that traditional black & white look of the skunk. It is ugly and nasty. It is totally and completely libertarian.

We’re looking at a harmonic convergence of the usual suspects, into something highly unusual. They are basically trying to euthanize the elephant, in a painfully and obviously calculated attack that began years ago. It makes one wonder how long they’ve been planning this and just who is involved. Then, we must also wonder how much of this is spite, how much is racist, and how much of this is Obama Derangement Syndrome.