How Conservative Ideology Has Failed America


reagan_hat_kpd8Remember the days when FOX News and Rush Limbaugh made fun of the Democrats who were in town for the Inauguration of Barack Obama?  How nasty and dirty they were leaving mountains of trash and garbage on the Mall?  They made sure to compare Tea Party events where everyone was just oh so tidy, picking up their trash, and just showing why the far right, conservatives were better than everyone else – they were neat and clean.

On Monday, when I was driving through White Sands, on the way to Las Cruces, bags of trash were piled everywhere.  There was no one to pick them up and take them to the land fill.  I’m hearing reports of the same thing going on in other parts of the country, where workers have been ‘furloughed’.  In other words – they’ve been laid off.  Furlough sounds nice, but laid-off is what’s it all about.  And – they can’t apply for unemployment.  The offices are closed.  They can’t be counted as unemployed, those offices are closed.

Word has leaked out that House Republicans are now being forced to reuse old towels, while working out in their subsidized gym.  Nothing says out of touch like this one.  Not one person in the House has the creativity, stamina, or even the integrity to wash the damn dirty towels.  Lindsey said that the Senate gym was becoming ‘rank’.  Knowing what a total mess Lindsey is, it’s gotta be bad, very very bad, as in be afraid, very afraid.

There is no excuse for this.  Are members of the House and Senate so good that they can’t bother cleaning up after themselves?  Must they have an army of servants like the Queen?  I thought that’s why we broke away from England, so that we wouldn’t have an elitist nobility dependent upon the actions of the little people.

Perhaps nothing says how absolutely useless and out of touch members of both parties have become, unless it is the the fact that trash is being allowed to pile up all over the Mall, with no one giving a damn about how utterly humiliating it is – to the nation.  It has reached the point where DC is going to go pick up trash.

One of the first things to go before a fall is pride.  Evidently the GOP has completely lost theirs.  It now doesn’t matter a bit how mess the hallowed halls of democracy are.  They don’t care if trash is piling up in the Mall, to our national shame.  They don’t give a damn about maintenance of the White House or Capitol.  In their offices member of Congress walk around dirty carpets and allow trash to pile up under their desks.  Evidently no one has the initiative to take out the papers and the trash – which is why we don’t want them getting any spending cash!

Oh, and they’ve managed to close the White House ‘advance’ office, basically grounding the President.  Wasn’t that the plan, all along – to humiliate Obama as much as possible?

Remember how being conservative was about paying one’s bills on time, being fiscally responsible and holding a line on unnecessary spending?  Forget that.  Conservatives now are joyfully defaulting on paying our nation’s bills.

Being a conservative was all about supporting our military, honoring those who have served the country and making sure they are well cared for, because of their service.  Not any more.  This bunch of tea party conservatives have done everything they can to screw the military and our vets.

This leads one to finally realize that either there is no such thing as a real conservative movement or conservative ideology has completely failed this nation.  It’s fake. So are those who have promoted it.  Like millions of other well-meaning dupes, I fell for it, for nearly thirty decades.  I wasted three decades of my life, going down the primrose path of fake.

Fake is the Tea Party worship of the founding fathers.

The tea party right has this thing about worshiping our founding fathers. The problem is, they apparently don’t realize just who these people were. They were men of honor, men who understood that keeping one’s word was more important than prostituting themselves for a vote or a faction. They weren’t perfect men, either. One aspect of men of honor was the fact that they knew how to keep their word. When it came to their advocacy for this country – they were not liars.

When it’s all over, Thomas Jefferson will probably be known as one of the great monsters of history, or at least what this country has produced. I would even nominate him as a psychopath. In so many ways, his slavery, his seduction of married women, and his silence during the Reign of Terror, where tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children were executed should almost over-rule anything else about him.

But… he did know how to keep his word. He wasn’t a liar.

John Adams was an obnoxious jerk, but he kept his word.

George Washington was an abject failure. He basically started the French & Indian War. Broke, he married one of the world’s richest widows – for her money. He was a piss-ant, anal number’s cruncher who insisted on doing the books for this new nation.

But… he was a man of honor. He would rather give his own life than be caught telling a lie.

Benjamin Franklin was a skinny dipping, self-proclaimed nudist who would seduce any woman who crossed his path. He hung out with the devotees of De Sade and the Hellfire Club, which was dedicated to the early practices of Satanism, the occult, S&M, and debauchery.

But…except for dealing with his family, he was a man of honor, who did not lie. He was rather proud of the fact that he was honest.

Samuel Adams had a lot in common with Bigfoot. He stank so bad, you could smell him coming. He also liked his booze.

But…he was a man of honor.

Fast forward a few years to Abraham Lincoln. The man was a morose, depressive, spiritualist, who dabbled in the occult. He enabled his alcoholic wife as a co-dependent. He was such a control freak his generals were forced to meet at a whore house to get away from him.

But…he was a man of honor.

Strange how Thomas Paine was not. He was basically exiled from this nation. Aaron Burr was not a man of honor. He came to a bad end.

So, back to conservative ideology.  Today it no longer exists.  It has become something of an end game for libertarians who preach the gospel of unbridled capitalism and the ravages that accompany it.  There is nothing wrong with capitalism.  What is wrong though, is allowing a group of ultra wealthy individuals and businesses to control this nation.  This is not why we were founded.  And – it is NOT conservative.

The one good thing about this all is the fact that we’re also looking at the demise of the libertarian movement.

The whole thing is based on a fake house of marked cards.



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  1. I am still a conservative, always have been, always will be. I don’t think I am wrong. I think the Tea Party is wrong. They are so far to the right that they have given conservatives a bad name. They claim to be such American patriots, but they were running around the White House this weekend waving Confederate Battle Flags. According to them, compromise is a dirty word, but the Constitution, which they say they love is a product of compromise. Without compromise, there would have been no Bill of Rights. I hope the Pink Flamingo is right that we are seeing the end of the Libertarian Movement.

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