What’s the Use?


imagesThe fear right haters of the GOP have finally shown us what they’re all about.  They’re in the process of being irrational so they can maneuver Barack Obama into a corner.  When THEY default on the debt, they will claim that he has committed an impeachable offense.  That’s what it’s all about.  Unable to tolerate the fact that a person of mixed race defeated their oh so upper class millionaire white candidate, a goodly Christian Mormon, they are now determined to illegally undue the results of a legal election by forcing the man to do what is necessary to save the country.  When he does, they will pounce.

They don’t care. They don’t give a damn about the fact that they are destroying the very fabric of this nation.  This is now far beyond tea parties, the Koch Brothers, the GOP, Rupert Murdoch, and the John Birch Society.  This is about a seditious coup, planned to destroy this nation, and remake it in the holy image of Charles Koch, David Koch, nad promoted by Rupert Murdoch.  It is about three, selfish, perverted, evil old men bringing down this entire nation.  These are such evil old men, they even demand to control the conversation about the far right disliking the new pope, who is too liberal for them.  According so some evangelicals, he’s a theological train wreck.  That makes a lot of sense, considering one of the aspects of this perverted Ayn Rand based seditious coup is the fact that the John Birch Society has been slipping elements of Mormon theology into Christian churches, corrupting what Christians once believed.

Today we’re facing the fact that this nation is being attacked from within.  More and more, you see people willing to admit that we are basically looking at a coup.  There is no other possible explanation for a group of men and women, who represent less than one fifth of the nation, taking orders from a few billionaires who pay their way and ply them with liquor.  Meanwhile, the nation becomes a joke, a laughing-stock, with the GOP now represented by a bunch of low life, John Bircher, tea slurping cowards, is starting to worry markets, world wide.  If worse comes to worse, not only does our economy collapse, but world-wide economic stability is threatened.

Meanwhile, the tone deaf ‘leaders’ continue to embarrass themselves and the country by pandering to the worst of the racist haters out there.  This is about an out of control far right media, who specialize in lies and brainwashing.  Don’t ever think this is just about political positions, conservative v. liberal, Republican v Democrat, this is about white racist jerks who are literally trying to destroy a POTUS who is of mixed race.  Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 8.22.07 PM

The once stalwart, honorable, and stable GOP, who never ever mingled with scruffy looking third-world rejects who need a shave, a bath, and a change of clothes are now calling on the nations to wage a second American Revolution, to wage non violent civil disobedience, and demand the BLACK president leave town.  Ted Cruz joined Mike Lee and marchers, waving  confederate flags, demanding Obama submit to their demands – or they will destroy the country.  Quite frankly, any United States Senator who associates with such scum out to be kicked out of office – and they are scum, racist, vicious, brainwashed scum.


What all of this about is pushing Barack Obama into a corner where the KKK, white supremacist, John Birch, Tea Party, haters are now saying that debt default is an impeachable offense. Louis Gohmert, is now saying.  He’s taken up the clarion call of Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and other little far right entities.

Even as John Boehner and Mitch McConnell make fools of themselves, destroying the country, to please their masters, Erick Erickson is pledging to help their opponents.   I wonder if some of these guys are going to start understanding what Benedict Arnold felt? Are they that self aware and that honorable or have they reached the point where they are little more than skid row bums dressed like Republicans?  Is there a difference?  These protesters certainly don’t look like NORMAL Republicans once did.

We’re left with a group of people to pretend to be patriots, to love the Constitution, American values, and freedom, when, all the while, they basically piss all over it. We’re at the point where Mark Levin, that great bastion of freedom and the Constitution is saying that the Constitution needs to be amended to outlaw liberal laws, and basically what he thinks is liberal thinking.  Isn’t that unconstitutional in itself?  We have a FOX news commentator calling for American women to be re-educated to take their minds away from abortion.  Is the next step for these people to start demanding re-education camps to try and rebrand those of us who refuse to give in to their racist extremism? They’re starting to compare the US to Nazi Germany during the Holocaust.

Lives are being destroyed.  Fortunes are being ruined.  They have tried to turn park rangers into monsters.  They don’t want people to be paid for their work.  There is a move to cut the pay of civil servants in half. They want to do away with medicare, social security, and destroy pensions.  Business are starting to be ruined.  The economy is going to be damaged.  People are going to begin losing homes, their life-style, and perhaps even their lives.

We are dealing with a group of selfish, evil, perverted individuals who don’t think people need adequate health care, charity, public assistance, or even an education.  They do all of this while claiming to be Christian.

I don’t think so.

Meanwhile, they have no shame.  They have no pride.  They have no honor.  Their word is no longer their sacred bond. They want their way, and nothing else.  They cannot be reasoned with, or even forced to listen to logic.  Their constituents are no longer worth even their valued vote. They have surrendered everything that is honorable and sacred to the nature of this country.

God help us all – please!



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