Little Kid Peophile Or Something Else


la luz 5I’ve recently learned of a heartbreaking situation.  Without going into any details, because I am not free to do so, I’ve been told about a 6 year old little girl who walks up to the little boys in her class, grabbing their crotches.  There are indications she might try this with an adult, also.  The first thing thing that we all know is the child has been seriously molested.  It is probably on going.  We know that young children can do very bad things, sexually.  We also know that there is, most of the time, an abuse component in their lives.  The question for older adolescents is do they know what they are doing is wrong?  While some who work with the juvenile system say they don’t, I just can’t go this route.  People should know the difference between right and wrong.  Is their behavior indicative of a budding pedophilia or sexual abuse problem, or do they lack, as some suggest, impulse control?

I’m of the opinion that the poor impulse control thing is an excuse.  Can juveniles be sex offenders?  According to a 2008 NYTimes piece, it is a Salomon’s choice.  The tale centers around a young offender who was sexually assaulted by his mother when he was 5 years old.  He turned around and acted out on his sister.  He ended up in a group home, and in therapy.  He also ended up on an unsealed sexual predator registry.  His life fell apart after he was outted by a girl who wanted to get a little action with him.

Let’s face facts here.  The little girl about whom I write is obviously in this situation.  She is being molested at home.  She is acting the situation out in the only way she knows how.  When a child that age is put into therapy, according to one study, there is only a 2% chance of recidivism in 10 years.  It is obvious that the chile of whom I write is in that group.  Therapy is now being conducted on children as young as 5 years old.  That alone is tragic.  The only way a child gets in this situation is because they have been molested.  And – for the record, I don’t think a child that young should be put on a sex offender’s registry, to have this follow them for the rest of their lives.

This child does not know what she is doing – I hope.  There are very few examples of children her age involved in any sort of sexualized activity who haven’t molested.  Yes, children can be evil, for no other reason than they are evil.  It happens. It is also extremely rare. From what I gather this child’s instructor is almost afraid of this little girl – for obvious reason.  But, she is still very concerned about her.

Statistics now say that 1 in 4 women will be molested, abused, or raped before they reach the age of 18.  I think the number is 1 in 6 for boys.  Contrary to some of the current hype, children who have been molested can become pedophiles.  It runs in families.  Contrary to what you would be led to believe, pedophiles groom their victims.  This is the one caveat that keeps me going back to the Kaitlyn Hunt story.  My reason for thinking that she may be pedophile in training is the fact that the very much did groom her victim.  She has used and her family continues to use certain manipulative tactics that are part of the pedophilia process

While we are on the subject of Kate Hunt and her victim, her supporters say she was not molesting her victim nor a pedophile because the classic definition is a 3 year difference.  The problem with this is the fact that, ignored in the statement is the fine print.  If a person is only 3 years older, but is socially, physically, or in a situation to put them in a more important power position in life, then it is molestation and pedophilia.  The classic example must be a lack of equity between the two.  There was very much a lack of equity between Kate Hunt and her victim.

This said, younger and younger children are molesting others.  Unfortunately, almost all of these come from homes where they have been molested and have been sexualized.  It is imperative that they receive help, or they will continue their behavior.  We also need to understand that there is what is called ‘normal’, ‘lighthearted’ curiosity.  It’s curiosity and nothing more.  The difference is when a child intentionally uses another.

As for Kate Hunt  – I’m not too sanguine on her future.  I suspect she is a budding pedophile.  If so, she will have other victims.  She lacks the impulse control to stop.  She is also being surrounded and encouraged by pedophiles, who want to eliminate any form of law to protect children.


And – yes, I will bet my toy poodle she was, as is this first grader, molested as a child.



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  1. Precocious sexual behavior is about as sure fire sign of abuse as there is. Certainly, kids can learn to be sexual offenders. Sadly, they offend, and raise the chances of creating even more offenders.

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