The Legacy Killers


skunks-477We’re involved in yet another Spy v. Spy.  The extreme right, aka the Tea Parties, the same group of lovely individuals who made it a point in life to destroy the legacy of George W. Bush, are now trying to do the same thing to Barack Obama, via anything possible.  This time it’s the computer glitch known as ACA.

First things first, anyone who knows anything about computers, dealing with the internet, or online shopping knows you don’t go online the day after Thanksgiving, to shop.  There are certain days of the year you are an idiot if you shop on Amazon.   They’re just too darn busy.  The same thing is going on here, so many people are attempting to get through via the ACA site, that it is crashing.  Oh, add a few other things like a poorly written mess of code.  We all know there are hacking attempts from the far right, especially via Heritage and Jim DeMint’s henchmen.  Face the fact that it is government.  When we’re dealing with anything government we’re dealing with technology that is antiquated, and the cheapest not the best.  Now, sprinkle in the usual far right attacking hacks – the ones who do their best to attack anything and anyone who dares disagree with them, and you have a mess.

I suspect, anyone who knows their way around a half-way decent WordPress shell could fashion a better and more useful site for ACA.  We’re talking government, not practical.  That’s where I get annoyed with ‘government’.  I think that’s were most of us get annoyed with the concept of ‘government’.  It is the most beautiful example of why government is doomed to fail as anything I’ve ever seen.

The way government works, in this country is, thanks to the lovely money savers, and cheapskates, we must always select the cheapest example of anything.  It has nothing to do with ‘excellence’, nor what properly works.  It is what is the cheapest.  It’s not what works.  It is what is the cheapest.  It is not what is the most practical.  It is the cheapest.   It is not what makes sense.  It is the cheapest.  It is not what is logical.  It is the cheapest.

When you do government by the cheapest, what you pay for is what you get. There are times when you need to spend a little to save a whole lot.  It is a concept the far right has yet to master.  If they had mastered it, we would have a system that functions, not one that hemorrhages money.

You know what you get, having been required to put up with a father who does everything on the cheap, pinching every penny, and spending a buck to save a dime?  Well – you end up with a father who has Alzheimer’s. That’s my little dos centavos worth.  And – we’re dealing with a government that isn’t much different. It is disconnected, cheap, annoying, childish, and unworkable.  We’re all annoyed with it.  No, it isn’t because we want to do away with government, as the far right libertarian, Koch Machine Whores think.  We want something that works.

I digress, but not really.  What we’re now seeing is the far right haters using the system they helped to manipulate and create to attempt to destroy the legacy of Barack Obama.  They’re the same people who did everything they could to destroy George W. Bush.  It doesn’t matter if they are far left or far right, they’re both wolves in activist’ clothing.

We’re looking at a nation that is being torn apart by extremes.  According to a recent study, we’re very much a middle nation, with over 50% of us in the middle.  The other 45% or so are on the far left and far right.  They are less than a third even.  They are a minority percent, who are determined to control the message and the nation.  Their favorite attack is against the former president, now matter who he is and what party he is.  It’s about destroying.  It is about making our nation unworkable.  It is about bully tactics and intimidation of truly good and honorable men to the point where no one but a bottom feeder like Mitt Romney will want t run for office.

Barack Obama is a good man.  So is George W. Bush.  So is his father.  So was Ronald Reagan, Dwight Eisenhower, Jerry Ford, Jimmy Carter (an idiot, but a good person), Harry Truman, and FDR.  But – to hear it, these men are (with the exception of Ford) basically demonized by one side or the other.  What truly fascinates me is the fact that, the past decade or so, the demonizing has mostly been from the extreme right, basically paid for by Charles & David Koch, who want to take over the country and turn into something in the image of their Nazi lovin’ Stalin pandering father, Fred.

You know, enough is enough.