The Pedophile Agenda


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Adolescence is the transitional period of a person’s life where physical and psychological development occur, and is basically considered the period from puberty to legal adulthood (age of morality).  It is the teenage years.  It varies culture by culture.  Milestones include additional privileges and responsibilities such as driving a car. There are major biological and hormonal changes going on in the adolescent.  There are cognitive advances, major changes in brain structure, the ability to think and reason more effectively, and changes in social behavior. In other words, we’re talking about the years that drive most parents crazy – teenagers!

“…Each year on the Saturday after the Summer Solstice, pedophiles around the world take time to get together to talk about their love for little boys or celebrate quietly on their own by lighting blue candles in their homes or in public. The candles that are lit in public are accompanied by little notes explaining their significance….”

I was listening to something on ID about Pam Smart, the former cheerleader and New Hampshire school teacher who seduced her 15-year-old lover, Billy Flynn, and then conspired with them to kill her 24-year-old husband. She was just 23.  She used and manipulated three teenagers, all young, near the same age as Kate Hunt’s victim.  She is considered a narcissist.  She is not a pedophile.  She is a user and an abuser, a manipulator of those who are innocent.  She abused her position and her power.

A nepiophile is someone who has a sexual preference for infants.  Michael Jackson was a hebephile, a predator who has a sexual preference for children on the cusp of puberty, basically the ages of 11 – 14. Technically, a pedophile is someone who has a sexual preference for prepubescent children.  Adolescentophilia is the sexual preference for adolescent teens.  Ephebophiles prefer those around the age of 15-16.  We probably put Kate Hunt’s weird obsession with her victim in that group. Teleiophile is someone over the age 17, 18 who is attracted to adults.  It can also be described as adultophilia. Gerontophile is the attraction to the elderly, i.e. gigolos.  Then, we can get into an entire list of paraphilias.

There appears to be an attempt to break age disparity in sexual relationships down, to point where there is something wrong with a younger adult women being attracted to men older than she, and the opposite with younger men being attracted to women older, with the mix of older men younger women and so forth and so on.  These are consenting adults.  Frankly, I don’t care what anyone over the age of 18 does, sexually, as long is it is with someone over 18, in their right mind, and is not being abused or forced into that relationship.  Sure, this sounds almost like I’m lacking in morality, but I’m not.  If we have a strict moral code, then we can understand violations there of.  Morality is morality.  I have known committed gay couples who were as obnoxious as I am about morality, and have known members of the clergy who were nothing but pure slime.  I don’t think religion or orientation have as much to do with sexual morality, as does a personal code of ethics.  My bottom line is that I don’t like sluts, be them male or female. One of the most charming men I know is the consummate womanizer.  I suspect that’s why he is so charming.  The nastiest men I’ve met, on the other hand, have been the most religiously upright and self-righteous. The point here is that everyone should have a personal morality.  The problem is with those who don’t – and want the rest of us to wallow in their filth.  I suspect the crowd gathered around Kate Hunt belongs to that group.

Let’s face it, the womanizing male, my age,  who is dating women young enough to be my youngest niece is vainly trying to maintain his lost youth.  The woman prowling around for younger men, well, isn’t she doing the same thing?  Or – are we allowing society to turn the age differences between adults into a way to obscure the real issue – pedophilia? I am beginning to suspect, after spending hours working and researching, that this is the case.  If normal adult sexual relations are put into a ‘ilia’ basis, then, in order to legitimize what normal consenting adults do, we’re going to be forced to give in to pedophiles, to boy love and Alice Day.   If you start delving into what is now being edited into Wikipedia, it could be chilling.

Not often do you read about the abuse of power in a context of pedophilia.   People like Michael Jackson were able to get away with what they did, because they were famous, adored, and oh so terribly important. Technically, though Jackson was probably a hebephile  And, it’s not just Roman Polanski. Then there are the ultra wealthy and politically connected.  Even a close friend of Prince Andrew has come under suspicion. The problem here, billionaire Jeffrey Epstein used his money to literally purchase the sexual favors of women as young as 15, basically turning them into sex slaves.  His friends, besides Prince Andrew, include Tony Blair and Bill Clinton.  No, they weren’t involved with the abuse of young women, but they are/were his friends, business, and political associates.

Logo for Pedophiles
Logo for Pedophiles

There are two holidays for pedophiles.  Alice Day is celebrated on April 25th of each year.  It celebrates the life of Alice Liddell and the pedophilic bond she had with Lewis Carroll. Then there is International Man Boy Love Day.  They have their own code and symbols.  There is a heart the Free Kate people have used that appears to be a variation of this.  It is one of the ways pedophiles identify themselves.  They have both a Girl Movement and a Boy Movement.  Their political objective, as seen in Kate’s Law, is to lower the age of consent.  They have their own website, which I am not even clicking on.  International Boy Love Day also has its own web site, which needs to be exposed.

“...There are…. activists.  They are involved in the push to legalize pedophilia, desensitize America to the sexualization of children, legalize child pornography, and end Megan’s Law and the Sex Offender Registry.  They are outspoken and have no problem speaking in public about what they consider the beauty of sex with children….”

In the UK, Martin Uttenbogaard (36) and Ricardo Hunefeld (22) are flatmates in London.  Both are infamous pedophiles who decided to come out of the closet about their proclivities for boys.  Martin even ran for office on a pledge to reduce the age of consent in the UK, with a series of laws similar to what are being pushed in Florida as ‘Kate’s Law’.   Because they have come out as pedophiles, they are no longer allowed to addend well organized pedophile meeting called International Boy Love Day. Both knew that they were interested in boys when they were about 12 or 15. They want the age of consent to be 12.  Doesn’t that sound a bit familiar?  One of the interesting aspects of the interview with these two perverts is the way they like kid’s stuff like kids toys, things that children identify with.  They felt that Michael Jackson did not do anything to help their movement, because he was in denial. They also stress this is not about being gays or lesbian.  They don’t identify with them, as gays and lesbians are rarely pedophiles.

This eventually leads us back Kate Hunt.  If you read the list of things women who are grooming and preying on teenagers do, she is classic. The list is more about women seeking adolescents, and what teachers do to groom their victims, but this is exactly what Kate Hunt did.  She is an abuser.

  • The teen is her ideal partner
  • The definition of pedophile is obscured.
  • They have argue that the teen has the same maturity level
  • She showers her victim with attention
  • She does forbidden things like introduce her victim to pornorgraphy
  • She coerces the victim into a sexual encounter
  • She threatens the child’s family
  • She lies about the child’s  parents
  • She excels in increasing attention
  • She may threaten the child’s deluded version of sexuality
  • Sexual coercion is followed with affection and gifts
  • She feels she has a mutually consenting sexual relationship with her victim
  • There are convicted female pedophiles who have been known to send hundreds of texts to her victim
  • They chose convenient victims

Female pedophiles usually ‘get off’ easier than men, serving less time, are rarely charged.  Society still has a tendency to think that women, especially young attractive ones, are not sexual predators, preying on the innocent.  We don’t quite know if Kate Hunt is a pedophile.  I think she is.  A pedophile blames the victim for getting too close.  This is what Kate Hunt has done.

The problem with the Kate Hunt story is that she is now surrounded by those activists who want to make pedophilia legal.  I happen to think that the poor thing is a budding pedophile and a tool for these very well organized and truly frightening activists.  If she is a pedophile, and those around her continue to employ their bullying and terrorizing tactics against the victim’s family and those who seek to expose the agenda, then, I think we can safely allege that Kate Hunt, herself, was a victim of pedophilia.  The way her family is acting, it is my opinion that Steve Hunt and Kelley Hunt Smith are involved – somehow.

A few weeks ago I saw where R. S. McCain suggested that one of the jail house interviewers of Kate Hunt ask when and if she was molested as a child.  I know she was.  I also know she is now the ‘poster child’ the attractive, pretty, blond, cheerleader face of a truly evil movement.  There are allegations that the movement doesn’t like being exposed, is rich, powerful, and very well organized. There are also indications that, when exposed to the light of day, these individuals are ruthless. From what I’m discovering they include the rich and the powerful.  People like that don’t like being exposed.  They have found their perfect pretty little blond face to promote their evil agenda.