How Many More Deaths Are Acceptable?


P1010492We hear the far right lament, and have heard it lament, for well over a decade, how the far left is going to murder us all in our sleep.  Glenn Beck and the likes of Alex Jones wax poetic on how our lives are in danger.  Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Erick Erickson and Bill O’Reilly regularly spill their own special little version of over the top hysteria.

“...This is the mental illness Ciancia is suffering. So where did this all come from? Alex Jones. According to Jones’ radio show, the Alex Jones Show, this is evidence that a liberal plot to control the population is at foot. Abortion and eugenics is done by Planned Parenthood. Jones states, “Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, who during her lifetime extolled ‘The Eugenic Value of Birth Control Propaganda,” and its effectiveness at “[improving] the quality of the race.’”..”

According to the SPLC Paul Ciancia, who was only 23-years-old was a far right, wacko devotee of the ‘New World Order’ propaganda spewed by the likes of Alex Jones and Glenn Beck. According to Mark Potok,

“…“So-called Patriots also increasingly see the DHS, which produces intelligence assessments of extremists that are distributed to other law enforcement agencies, as an enemy and even a collaborator in the New World Order conspiracy. Many believe DHS has targeted their movement and is somehow connected to the alleged construction of concentration camps by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).”…”

The Raw Story
The Raw Story

What do you want to bet that Ciancia is a “Rush Baby”? Yes, Rush, Beck, Jones, etc. have a right to peddle their hate.  The NRA has a right to exist, but people have a right not to be murdered in cold blood by idiots who are inspired by these guys?

“….Yesterday, several news organizations reported that Ciancia was carrying a hand-written document referring to his desire to kill “TSA and pigs.” Pete Williams and Andrew Blankstein of NBC News, who first reported that Ciancia had referred to the New World Order, also wrote that a source said his manifesto “expressed animus toward racial minorities.” Hatewatch was not able to confirm that allegation.

Hatewatch has no records of Ciancia and he is not known to have joined or participated in the activities of any radical groups. Reporters talking to his neighbors have not yet found any evidence of such participation or radical statements.

The attack, which Ciancia allegedly carried out using a semi-automatic 223-caliber AR-15, comes at a time when the Patriot movement has been growing by leaps and bounds, from some 149 groups in 2008 to 1,360 last year, according to counts by the Southern Poverty Law Center. That explosive growth seems to have been driven by the election of our first black president and the approaching loss of a white majority in the U.S. that he represents. Another driver is the crash of the economy, which coincided neatly with the rise to national power of President Obama….”

Laura Ingraham says that it is her job to block everything Obama does.  She is part of the echo chamber of far right haters who, like Ann Coulter, just wallow in their racism.

“…Mark Levin: Anyone Who Does Not Filibuster Gun Legislation Is “Voting Against The Constitution.” During an April 9 interview with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), The Mark Levin Show host Mark Levin lavished praise on Cruz for his threat to filibuster gun violence prevention legislation, concluding that anyone in the Senate who does not support a filibuster by Cruz and some of his colleagues are “voting against the Constitution.” [Cumulus Media Networks, The Mark Levin Show, 4/9/13]

Erick Erickson: “The Only Way To Stop It Is To Filibuster.” In an April 9 RedState blog post, Fox News contributor Erick Erickson chastised certain Republican senators for wanting to allow an up or down vote on gun violence prevention legislation, claiming that the legislation can only be stopped by a filibuster:…”

So, Rick Wiles interviewed a crackpot who has written that President Obama is leading a modern day Islamic like Jonestown Cult.  Rick Joyner says that Satan wants to turn the US into a police state. In Florida a sheriff overturned a ‘citizen’s arrest’ on a concealed-weapon’s charge.  He’s a Oath Keeper.

We are dealing with a major problem of terror that comes, not from the left, but from the right.  There are those on the right who are defending a man arrested for having 270 guns, explosive devices, model rockets, and jet fuel. He wasn’t doing anything wrong.  As long as the NRA continues to bully and abuse the nation, in combination with the far right talking heads, we’re going to see even more of these senseless shootings.

There are reports that Paul Ciancia may be mentally ill.  That goes with out say – no one in their right mind would do what he did. Mental illness aside, this should not give the usual suspects a pass.  They’re not going to be stopped by the legislative process.  One of these days, someone is going to realize the only way to stop what they are doing is start filing victim’s lawsuits against everyone from the NRA to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and everyone in between.  The best way to stop the insanity is by the good ole’ American way of suing them out of existence.