The “P” Word


imagesThere is one unpardonable sin when it comes to writing and writers.  Thou Shalt Not Commit Plagiarism. In academia, depending on how bad, a student can face course failure and suspension. Evidently Rand Paul isn’t that concerned about stealing the written words of another person. It is stealing.  As a writer, I consider it one of the worst crimes there is.  If you’re a ‘little person’ like moi, and your work is basically stolen by someone who is more important, you are stuck.  Plagiarism is a crime.  Unless you are Rand Paul.  Then, you are the victim of a hate crime against you.  Even, when he ‘borrows‘ parts of a Washington Times op-ed, it’s okay, right?

I am.

The author of a very well received book on a subject relating to Wyatt Earp used my work. The only place she could have managed to get what she did came from my book, TRAVESTY: Frank Waters Earp Agenda Exposed. She listed my book A Church for Helldorado in her end notes, but ignored TRAVESTY. I happen to know that she purchased copies of both books, because I know the bookseller who sold them to her. In order not to use my work, she made this weird end-run around the material.  There was a reason she did what she did.  In order to legitimize her theory, she had to completely ignore that TRAVESTY even exists. She needed to vilify Wyatt Earp.  In doing so, she used Frank Waters’ The Earp Brothers of Tombstone. At least 17 years ago, I discovered the original manuscript of his book, annotating it and comparing the final version.  I completely discredited Frank Waters.  But, the woman who stole my work, refusing to credit me with it, wanted Frank Waters’ to be right. Ergo, because of her position within the publishing world, and academia, stole from me.  I was trashed.  I have no recourse because she’s more important than I am.  It doesn’t matter that everyone who knows anything about the subject knows what she did. She is the darling of the CSPAN literary set.  She was reviewed in the NYTimes Book Review.  She did the round of talk shows and book signings.

Stanford University defines plagiarism as:

For purposes of the Stanford University Honor Code, plagiarism is defined as the use, without giving reasonable and appropriate credit to or acknowledging the author or source, of another person’s original work, whether such work is made up of code, formulas, ideas, language, research, strategies, writing or other form(s).”…”

Once upon a time, if a politician were guilty of plagiarism, it was the political kiss of death.  John Halasz wrote that if someone is working on a MBA or doctorate, it is the kiss of death.  People who plaguerize are seen as liars, cheaters, con artists, and frauds. It can cost a journalist their career.

And then there is Rand Paul.  Instead of doing a mea culpa the way Barack Obama did when he used three phrases from a Duval Patrick speech, Paul is standing strong, challenging Rachel Maddow, who has accused him of the grave sin, to a duel – if he could.  The problem has now spread, as everything he has ever ‘written’ is now being scrutinized.

In other words, Rand Paul is a liar and a cheat. He cannot be trusted.  He will lie and steal to get ahead. There is one beautiful part about all of this. At one time, Jack Hunter, AKA The Southern Avenger, was writing his speeches and doing the ghost-writing on his books.  He was also ghostwriting for Ron Paul and Jim DeMint.

Is there a little racist, white supremacist, plagiarist rat in the woodpile?

Just so I won’t be accused of stealing an idea, I need to think my friend Jose Maria for reminding me about Jack Hunter!


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  1. The head of the “J” school at Baylor shares your same opinion of Rand Paul which is where he went to school. Imagine a plagiarizer coming from Baylor, a Southern Baptist University. Where are the MSM who are ignoring a lot of this? Paul blames everyone else but then talks about how he would write his column for the Washington Times in his car which means he was responsible for the plagiarism in those articles. Paul has a fundamental flaw that causes him to have trouble seeing the difference between what is right and wrong since he thinks plagiarism can be solved with footnotes. How do you footnote a speech when he takes most of the speech from Wikipedia? Yet, this man thinks he can be President? Who would trust him other then Paulbots? Heard the local paper editorial in KY went after him big time. Now Paul is saying he should just quit the Senate and go back to be a dentist — that’s where he formed his own group for certification instead of going the board certified route. Thinks are catching up to Rand Paul and couldn’t be happier. Love telling an old friend who supported him at the beginning – “How do you like Paul now?” and hearing his “You two were right.” His wife and I ganged up on in during the election and now that he admits he blew it, we can sit back and watch the man he thought was honest implode. There are some days that it is just fun in politics — Rand Paul plagiarism is one of those.

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