The Only Grown-up in the Room?


Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 7.52.02 AMI have a very specific definition for someone who is an adult – a grown-up – it’s a person who can look someone straight in the eye and say that they screwed up, taking the blame for what happens around them.  Barack Obama is a grown-up.

We are currently living in a nation where there appears to be a single adult in the room, maybe two. Quite frankly, I don’t consider people like Ron Paul, who are increasingly calling for the destruction of the nation via nullification.  What libertarians like Ron Paul want is to destroy the country, lead us into civil war, and possibly cost the lives of many innocent people are considered adults is beyond me.  He’s nothing but a spoiled, selfish little brat, doing the bidding of two extremely busy spoiled little daddy’s boys.

Ted Cruz had a little on camera temper tantrum and told the President of the United States of America to stay the heck of of Texas.  Evidently, as one writer said, where Ted Cruz decided he had the authority to tell the POTUS where to go is a bit of a mystery.  He’s not in charge of Obama’s life.

According to Steve King (R-ALEC) if you’re not a free market capitalist, you don’t love America.  Rand Paul still doesn’t quite understand the definition of plagiarism.  And, in Colorado the tea party brats are so spoiled and nasty, some of them have voted to take their little toys and break away from the state.  It doesn’t matter what the rest of the people who live in those counties want.  Only tea party idiots have rights – right?

The beauty of the tea party right is if you are one of their sacred entities, your political career is never dead.  After going down to defeat, the far right is now urging Ken Cuccinelli to run for the Senate.

As Paul Krugman, one of the two grown-ups in the room point out, the far right is hindering our economic growth by 7% a year, or $1 trillion a  year.  This translates into those who have been out of work over six months being four times what it was before the recession.  Much of this could be solved by prudent spending.  But, according to Krugman:

“…These dry numbers translate into millions of human tragedies — homes lost, careers destroyed, young people who can’t get their lives started. And many people have pleaded all along for policies that put job creation front and center. Their pleas have, however, been drowned out by the voices of conventional prudence. We can’t spend more money on jobs, say these voices, because that would mean more debt. We can’t even hire unemployed workers and put idle savings to work building roads, tunnels, schools. Never mind the short run, we have to think about the future!

The bitter irony, then, is that it turns out that by failing to address unemployment, we have, in fact, been sacrificing the future, too. What passes these days for sound policy is in fact a form of economic self-mutilation, which will cripple America for many years to come….”

Dick Metcalf wrote a Guns & Ammo column promoting firearm safety regulations.  The far right, irrational gun lovers, mostly white men, were so angry the man lost his job.   The magazine editor, Jim Bequette has also been forced to resign. The far right gun community is so powerful, they allow no actual freedom of speech, only their version of things.  It’s too bad.  Seems to me, anyone who constantly demands their gun rights, should be allowed to have those rights, but let’s take away their guns.

Then there are the destructive brats:  Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Erick Erickson,  Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly – you know the ones – the usual suspects.  They are in it for the money, having sold their souls to the two worst brats of the bunch.  Oh don’t worry, we need to put other little snots on the brat list:  Michele Bachmann, Eric Cantor,  John Boehner, Louis Gohmert, Marsh Blackburn and so forth and so on.  They are nasty little snots.

What is so strange is how badly the tea parties turn adults into petulant children. There is a very good, logical reason for this.  The tea parties are owned, hook, line, and sinker by two very spoiled daddy’s little boy rich kid brats who never grew up.  They are so nasty they have basically turned on their other brothers.  When they don’t get their way, they have childish temper-tantrums and destroy anyone in their way.

Charles & David Koch made their money the hard way, they inherited it.  They money they did make after inheriting a huge fortune was via the auspices of their father’s advisers.  Over the years, when on their own, they have made some terribly boneheaded mistakes. If they had not had the luxury of billions, their boneheaded political spending would break them.  They’re each worth about $35 billion, which is far too much for any normal human to have.

Sorry, but it’s true.  People don’t need that much money.  Not because I think it needs to be redistributed, but because it’s not good for them.  It isn’t good for their souls.  It warps the way they think in such a way, that they are incapable of existing in a normal world.  They live in a perverse, libertarian world that is good for them.  They can afford to self-insure.  They can afford private police, private security, and to build their own establishment around them.  They benefit from the elimination of rules and regulation.  They benefit from doing away with the minimum wage.  They benefit from turning the American people into their impoverished serfs.

It’s too bad these two men can’t be forced to live, for a month, in this brave new world they have created. Never once have they had to worry where they were going to get money for medicine.  They’ve always had wealth and power.  They always will.  They are no different from the lessons we learn from history, of the scions of the rich and powerful, of the sons of extreme privilege.  They have become the embodiment of the term – absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Their absolute power has absolutely corrupted the far right, turning adults into small children, spoiled little kids, standing around with their hands out for more ice cream money. That is what they have become.  The little kids pander around the big school yard bullies, as the rest of the world stands around watching and laughing at them.

Thank God Barack Obama is an adult.  He has the power and the capacity to say that the buck stops with him. He’s one of the real grown-ups, along with Paul Krugman, Peter King, Bernie Sanders (and trust me, I never thought I would be saying that), Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Elizabeth Warran, Claire McCaskill, and even Nancy Pelosi.  I don’t consider Harry Reid much of an adult. Charlie Crist is an adult in the room.

You know, there’s a bottom line here. I think there are more women who are grown-ups in DC than there are men. Thank haven Barack Obama is one of the few men there who is a grown up.




3 thoughts on “The Only Grown-up in the Room?

  1. Free Market Capitalist: Someone who, if given the means and opportunity, would take control of the global atmospheric oxygen supply … and then charge humanity usage fees for breathing.

    Reality check — most Americans are neither pure capitalists nor pure socialists, but rather a hybrid of the two.

    Furthermore, since when is restoring the progressive income tax to pre-GWB levels and making affordable health care available to all Americans “socialist” policies? I suppose it makes a great GOP sound bite and talking point to stir up the conservative base, but in terms of substance it is little more than cotton candy for the mind.

    Capitalism can be an important component of our economic structure, because it sometimes promotes competition which leads to innovation. But the inherent danger of unbridled, unregulated capitalism is that it leaves the consumer open to abuse by a self-regulating private sector in which the only protection available is the motto: buyer beware.

    Bottom line: for many self-proclaimed American capitalists (read “profiteers”), patriotism has more to do with GREEN than it does red, white, and blue.

  2. I heard a good one the other day. “Some pharmaceutical corporation could make a fortune if they could create a drug a woman could take that would keep the Republicans out of her uterus.”

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