Another Preacher Bites the Dust


skunks-477I’m not a fan of religious leaders, especially the charismatic TV preaching, self-promoting non Papal kind.  There is nothing I detest more than jerks pretending to be Christians.  They give us all a bad name.  Unfortunately, they have been empowered by the tea parties, far right, and by a constant flow of Koch based money.  I don’t approve of money grubbing, hyper business, mega bucks patriarchs who wouldn’t know Christ if he landed on top of them.

Doug Phillips is one of the worst of the worst.  His interpretation of Dominionism is far from Biblical.  It is a perversion of what Christ taught.  So is Christian Patriarchy.  The heresy of Christian Reconstructionism that he advocates is just that – heresy.  Instead of Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, they prefer Ayn Rand’s version of selfishness.  What Phillips advocates, promotes, and has turned into a cult is a version of a theocratic government and libertarian cruelty.  Some of these individuals, who are staunchly pro-fetus, advocate the death penalty for murder, homosexuality, idolatry, adultery, witchcraft, blasphemy, and kids who get out of line.  Also included in is bestiality, false prophesy, public blasphemy, false prophesy, kidnapping, rape, lying, and lying under oath. Rebellious teens are to be stoned to death.  They do, though, advocate protecting the fetus.

“…He has many extreme teachings including that President Obama is allied with the Antichrist (because of the emergence and legality of homosexual marriage), that every family should keep having kids until the woman’s uterus is worn-out and won’t work any more, that godly parents will ONLY homeschool their kids, that a wife must never disagree with her husband, must submit to all his commands and whims, must teach their daughters how to serve a future husband and this same wife must provide a safe and sacred place where all sexual needs of her husband are fulfilled – even if her needs are not….”

Phillips grew up reading John Rushdoony, who write the Institutes of Biblical Law.  Part of Rushdoony’s ‘theology’ is the fact that democracy is a heresy.  The political philosophy and cult, promoted, incessantly, by Phillips via Vision Forum, based on Rushdoony, actively advocates the over-throw of the United States as we know it.  In other words, Doug Phillips and his cult don’t give a damn about this country.  They are actively promoting its destruction via a theocracy.   They want to establish a theocracy based, no on the New Testament, but the Torah, with economics that come directly from Ludwig von Mises.  The idea is to create a libertarian paradise on earth.  Rushdoony, who felt the North should not have won the Civil War, advocated for a form of Protestant Feudalism.   Rushdoony felt that democracy was completely incompatible with Christianity.  He also did not believe in inter-racial marriage, and was a Holocaust denier.

Women who have abortions should be publicly executed by the pro-life forces. Gary North, Rushdoony’s successor advocates for all forms of public execution, including beheading, stoning, burning at the stake.

Pardon moi if I don’t shed a tear for the now allegedly departed Vision Forum ministries.  Allegedly, they are closing down, thanks to Doug Phillips little ‘sin’.  Like I told someone on Monday, it must have been one hell of a sin to cause him to shutter his entire ministry.

“...Phillips is the son of late conservative activist Howard Phillips and a leading advocate of Christian Reconstructionism and the patriarchal, anti-birth control Quiverfull. Kathryn Joyce in Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement calls Phillips “one of the most influential proponents of the conservative Christian patriarchy movement now flourishing among homeschoolers.” Phillips has even criticized Sarah Palin for being too “pro-homosexual” and warned that female politicians are offending God by running for office instead staying at home. In 2012, Phillips reacted to President Obama’s announcement that he supports marriage equality by warning that God will punish America, possibly with terrorist attacks or economic trouble, for Obama’s “treasonous” action:…”

Consequently, when Doug Phillips acknowledged a major ‘sin’ and shut the doors of his non-profit, we should all breath a sigh of relief.  Rumors are flying about investigations into the movie company Phillips founded, where ‘millions’ are missing.  There are rumors of investigations into his non-profit, and a few others that aren’t good at all. If true, we’re talking hard prison time.  If true, they are the kind of ‘sins’ that would, if Rashdoony’s perversion of a theocracy were in force, well, let’s just say that the little homeschoolers could roast marshmellows as Phillips burned at the stake. Of course, since he is one of the leading advocates for the system, the woman would be declared a witch, burned, and he would be forgiven.

Vision Forum
Vision Forum

The beautiful irony of this is that, in the theocratic nation Phillips has embraced, women who engage in adultery should be executed.   Since adultery is punishable by death, Phillips is quick to say that his affair was emotional, only. that he didn’t have sex with that evil woman.

“...Here’s what happened. At the end of October, Phillips posted a stunning letter to Vision Forum Ministries’s site, simultaneously confessing to a “lengthy” extramarital affair and resigning from the organization: ”I engaged in a lengthy, inappropriate relationship with a woman,” he wrote, adding, “while we did not ‘know’ each other in a Biblical sense, it was nevertheless inappropriately romantic and affectionate.” Phillips essentially promised to stay away from speaking engagements and public appearances as a representative of the organization while he sought forgiveness. But it looks like Vision Forum, an organization nearly synonymous with Phillips himself, couldn’t see a path forward without his presence. …”

As we continue to put the puzzle pieces together, we find a link between Rashdoony, Christian Reconstructionism, the far right, people like Doug Phillips, the Koch Brothers, libertarians, and the John Birch Society. It’s all there.

Doug Phillips is a major leader in the movement.  His cult of home schooling, subjugating women, keeping girls at home, uneducated, to wait upon their fathers in an almost incestuous fashion has destroyed many lives.  In his world, the man is like God on earth.  His little wife is to keep silent.  He is the representative of God, all knowing, all wise, and sovereign.  The little woman is to keep silent even when abused.  She is to do what she is told, have as many children as possible, and say nothing. In his world, the woman has become an unperson.

“...I will tell you how:  the no-talk rule.  Patriarchy is about control.  To keep this silent, there must be a captain tightly controlling that ship.  In high-controlling spiritually abusive churches/cults, you simply do not talk negatively about your leaders.  This is called gossip.  It is a sin to gossip.  Furthermore, in this Patriarchal environment, women do not have the freedom to challenge men, to question their authority.  They must remain silent, check their heart attitudes, and learn to submit in all things.  If there is a problem, they must ask God to change their husband’s hearts.

Since most of Phillips’ life/work/ministry was around Christians, it’s highly probable that this woman whom he did not biblically know, but was romantically involved with was part of the Patriarchal system.  She would be a nobody.  She had no voice.  If she were to cry out to another woman, who would believe her?  Where would she go?  No man would believe her. The system of Patriarchy puts all problems back onto the woman and usually spiritualizes it. It wasn’t her place to speak out. …”

With luck, Doug Phillips will be just the first of seditious, traitors to go down, the hard way.  Don’t ever call them patriots.  They do not love the Constitution.  They are perverting the Bible.  They are perverting the teachings of Christ.  Phillips is one of the worst.


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