Suffering Fools and False Teachers


imagesToday’s Christian Reconstructionism movement is based on the fact that John Rushdoony believed that democracy is heresy and punishable by death.  He felt that the believe in democracy and freedom are heresy.  Anyone believing in it should be put to death.  THIS is what the far right’s patriarchial and dominionist movement is based on – the execution of anyone who believes in freedom and democracy.

“…The view of all human interaction as hierarchical in nature also serves their gender paradigm. Vision Forum followers have also been criticized as potentially in violation of the US Equal Protection Clause law due to the practice of sexist homeschooling restrictions that limit opportunities to young women because they are restricted from entering the workforce and should remain only within “the sphere of the home.” As per the Botkins own restrictive teachings regarding women, all women are to remain only in the home or are said to be harlots if they work because their feet wander from home, quoting the language of the Proverb in the Bible. Daughters are basically treated like property, they are taught to be fearful of any independence as sin and danger when not under direct supervision of a man, must be “sanctified” by a man, and are given in marriage for a bride’s price that is paid to the father by the groom at the wedding, though the bride is sexually pure. Another person within this system teaches that daughters are created to fulfill an older man’s needs for affection from younger women. My greatest concern regarding this group is that of the women and young girls who do not have temperaments and personalities that can be conformed to the group’s overtly submissive ideal and are punished socially, psychologically, and spiritually as a consequence….”

Most Pink Flamingo readers know that I am a Christian.  I try to keep it ‘normal’, being one of those evil Episcopalians who has a bad habit of believing that we are all sinners, no matter who, and all must seek forgiveness via the pathway of John 3:16.  I’m also not one for putting vast passages of scripture in something.  It’s annoying.  I’m also one not to put up with fools.  I don’t care if they are liberal, conservative, libertarian, atheist, Christian, Tea Party, or Episcopalian.  I don’t put up with fools.  I especially have a very low tolerance for Christians who are absolute fools. Strange thing, but I’m not alone.

One of my favorite Christian sites is an English blog called The King’s English.  It is written by Glen Scrivener, an Anglican priest, and based on the phrases of the King James Version of the Bible.  His November 30 post was quite good, about not suffering fools gladly. According to Scrivener, who has put me to shame, once again, we are to suffer fools with infinite patience.  Christ taught fools, according to Scrivener, that they could learn, and move away from their foolishness.

But – and this is the part I like, there are times when, according to Paul, that we do not suffer fools, when they are false teachers.  Okay, I’m loving this.  To me, the worst fools of the bunch are the far right Christian Reconstructionists, Dominionists, and Patriarchial entities who are truly spreading their own version of false teachings, literally corrupting everything in the New Testament to fit with the perverse and heretical theology of John Rushdoony.

“..Rushdoony appears to have been a deeply authoritarian character with a long and consistent track record of falling out with those he disagreed with. In general, he is widely perceived as having been amongst the most extreme of the religious right in the USA in the last thirty years of the 20th century. Rushdoony was a complete fundamentalist who had no belief in democracy and wanted to turn the USA into a theocracy (with himself and his fellow believers in charge). His ambitions involved staggering levels of violence…they are commonly associated with the John Birch Society. They are also almost exclusively white. You don’t thus have to look far for conspiracy theories, paranoia and political fruitcakes amongst Rushdoony’s followers. Rushdoony himself was a member of the society and enjoyed a long friendship with Robert Welch, the founder of the John Birch Society and the man who accused President Dwight Eisenhower of being a knowing Communist agent…”

When suffering fools, we must understand that Rushdoony is the building block of all far right religion in this country, from the DOA Vision Forum,

“…American Vision is a hard-line Christian Reconstruction organization whose current leader, Gary DeMar, has said that democracy should be replaced by a theocratic government run by Christians who will impose Old Testament prohibitions and the occasional executions of “sodomites” to drive gay people back into the closet. It’s no surprise, then, that American Vision has involved itself over the years with anti-gay and anti-abortion causes….”

to the Pearls, Campbells, Tim LeHay and his Left Behind series, and the John Birch Society.  He was funded by the usual sources, far right mega-buck billionaires.  He advocated using extreme violence to over-throw the government of the United States.  This CANNOT be stressed enough.

It is also about the total and complete submission of women.

“…In summary, an application of the principle of piety will cause us to focus on a suitor’s inward character, convictions and direction, rather than being star-struck by outward beauty, wealth and popularity. It must also be pursued with fervent prayer. But who should direct this investigation of a potential spouse? Clearly, the principle of patriarchy indicates that the fathers (particularly the young lady’s father) should take leadership during the courtship period. According to R. J. Rushdoony in his Institutes of Biblical Law, this leadership role of the bride’s father is reinforced by the Hebrew word for bridegroom, which means the circumcised, and the Hebrew word for father-in-law, which means he who performs the circumcision. This refers not to physical circumcision but to spiritual circumcision. The father-in-law is responsible for ensuring the spiritual circumcision (i.e., the spiritual condition) of the groom in order to prevent a spiritually mixed or incompatible marriage with his daughter….”

“…This looks to be a call for violence against democratically elected governments and those that support them. Indeed, it looks to be a call for war against all governments and their supporters that are in the way of Rushdoony’s murderous ambitions. It should not be surprising to learn that Rushdoony had an intense dislike for toleration of other peoples’ opinions. Indeed, a central belief in his fantasy world was of segregation and/or separation according to religion and morality. The use of the term segregation also implies an underlying racism which we will see more of in this report….”

Rashdoony liked the idea of killing people.  He had a list of 15 different crimes for which people should be executed.  Among them is heresy.  He considered freedom and democracy to be heretical.  He once wrote:

“… Open sin is condoned, and simple faithfulness is despised. The telephone rings regularly to bring reports of fresh instances of churches in revolt against God and His word. Gary North is right. Humanism’s accomplices are in the church (Christian Reconstruction, III,2).

Much of this stems from one of the great heresies of our day, the belief in democracy. At the beginning of the century, some churchmen began talking about the democracy of God, i.e., that God wants a universe where He and His creatures can work and plan together in a democratic way. Of course, if our relationship with God is a democratic one, we can correct the Bible where it displeases us, eliminate what we cannot correct, and use other standards and tests for the church and the clergy than God’s enscriptured word. Then, logically, our word is as good as God’s word, and as authoritative as God’s….”

Looking at who is involved in this foolish movement is like a who’s who of GOP politics.

“...The Coalition on Revival (founded 1982) provides a wonderful snapshot of the extent of the influence on the Christian Right, and even on the secular Right, that Reconstructionism wields at this point in time. Clarkson points out in his book, on Pages 97 and 98, who the members of the Coalition on Revival were at the time of formation. Those members included: John Whitehead (president of the Rutherford Institute (see also this link and this link), Michael Farris (founder Patrick Henry College and the Home School Legal Defence Association), Randall Terry (Operation Rescue anti-abortion group), Franky Schaeffer (Francis Schaeffer’s son from Eagle Forum), Don Wildmon (American Family Association), Beverly LaHaye (Concerned Women for America), Connaught Marshner (Free Congress Foundation), Dr. Stephen Hotze (Houston GOP, see, Robert Dugan (National Association of Evangelicals), former Representative Bill Dannemeyer (Republican politician from California), Timothy LaHaye (televangelist), Ron Haus (televangelist), D. James Kennedy (televangelist, Coral Ridge Ministries), and the following: R.J. Rushdoony, Gary North, Joseph Morecraft (Chalcedon Presbyterian Church – see also, David Chilton, Gary DeMar (American Vision, Rus Walton (deceased, Plymouth Rock Foundation) and the Reverend Raymond Joseph….”

And, so we get back to suffering fools. Scrivener wrote:

“…In 2 Corinthians 11, Paul is concerned about the Corinthian church.  They are putting up with (i.e. “suffering”) the ministry of false apostles (v13). Such false apostles expected generous payments while they boasted of their accomplishments and great giftings.  On the other hand Paul expected nothing, nor did he boast about his own service or experiences. But in order to make his point, Paul decides that boasting is the order of the day.  Therefore he will make his own boasts to the Corinthians, but they are nothing like the boasts of the false apostles:…There are fools that we should not suffer gladly.  They are called false teachers.  And we should not tolerate them.  Yet Paul says that a curious thing has been happening in Corinth.  They have suffered to have slave-drivers among them, bringing them into bondage through their false gospels.  Paul is amazed.  And so he seeks to shock them out of their complacency by subverting the boasts of the false apostles.  He speaks as a fool (v21).  In other words he uses the rhetoric of the foolish false teachers, but his message is very different:…

Paul’s boast is that he is vastly less prosperous, less healthy, less settled and less respectable than all the false teachers they have been entertaining! He boasts in his weakness because this is the mark of an authentic follower of Christ….”

That’s exactly what we’re dealing with today.  It was critical, during the days of Paul, to keep the new Christians on the straight and narrow path.  I have a feeling, if he were around today, he would not be one bit tolerant of the followers of Rashdoony.  They have corrupted everything Christ ever taught. The worst part is they basically now control the religious life of the far right.


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