Part V: Rand & Rushdoony a Match Made in Hell


Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 10.21.41 PMThe bitter irony is the fact that the very individual who claim to cherish freedom, more than anyone else, are the ones who are damning it with their devotion to Christian Reconstructionism. The other problem is the fact that most don’t even know what is going on with what they think is their old time religion. They have been subjected to systematic religious brainwashing.

“...When I began to see that this is now almost certainly unavoidable, I did receive encouragement that even if our present government collapsed, if we, as a nation, returned to the Lord, it would be used for good and not evil. It could be a reset, a jubilee, and our Republic could be restored on a solid foundation, one that would not be so easily shaken again. I still hold to that promise. Not only will our Republic be restored, but even more importantly, America will turn back to the Lord and fulfill our destiny and purpose.

That being said, without a soon and very radical turn back to what we were called to be as a nation, we are going to pass through a time of martial law in America. The crucial issue is who the martial [sic] is going to be. This could be a very difficult time, much darker than we can probably imagine, or it could be a time when peace and stability is restored, and the Republic is restored to its Constitutional moorings. That choice is up to Americans. …”

Right Wing Watch
Right Wing Watch

“...Some Christians see family as the focal point of Christianity, relying on the teachings of leaders such as R. J. Rushdoony. Considered the father of Christian Reconstructionism, Rushdoony has stated, “All the basic governmental powers in society, save one, the death penalty, have been given [by God] to the family, not to the state nor to the church.…A mark of anti-Christianity is the move to strip the family of these powers.”1 In response to this idea, voices such as Patriarch magazine promote “home education, home business, home church, home birth, family ministry, family health, family worship…courtship and betrothal, family-based welfare.”2 This view of the family may also include rejection of organized sports, church youth and singles’ groups, and neighborhood playmates….”

They are called the New Apostolic Reformation.

“…”The movement is bringing about profound changes in the character of conservative Christianity and the Christian Right, both in the United States and around the globe.” It is not only “building new institutions, but [it is] creating new networks and alliances among long-established institutions. The NAR’s leaders are methodically transforming the nature of the relationship between congregations and their leaders, creating a much more authoritarian leadership style than has traditionally been true of evangelical Christianity. That shift is central to the movement’s political potential.

“The NAR’s charismatic, authoritarian leaders are well-positioned to reinvent the Christian Right, infusing it with a new wave of energy, expanding its base of support, conducting sophisticated political campaigns, and doubling down on right-wing social and economic agendas — all while giving the Christian Right a new gloss of openness and diversity.”…”

One of the great problems with the far right, as I have been writing, is the influence of Rousas John Rushdoony. Along with his perversion of the Christian faith, he decreed that democracy is heresy because the government is based on the people and not directly from God. Anyone involved in the practice of democracy is a heretic and may be punished by death. In order to bring about Theonomy – rule by God, he and his followers are willing to destroy the United States.

One of the ways they are doing it is by working directly with the libertarians, the John Birch Society, Cato, and anyone else who will help them achieve their end. This is about destroying the United States and turning it into a government ruled by men who talk directly to God, rather like their perversion of the High Priests in the temple, in the Old Testament. God will speak to them, and they will tell us what God wants us to know.

I think that’s called a cult. What they plan for the US is not much different from what is going on in the Islamic world. It’s basically the same thing, including the stoning, beheadings, oppression of women, and pure, absolute theocracy.

“...Evangelical churches in the United States are, traditionally, democratically governed. Pastors are typically hired or fired directly by congregational vote or by elected deacons or elders, who also manage the budget and make other decisions for the congregation. But one of the major themes taught by New Apostolic leaders is the need for congregational and organizational members to submit to pastoral, or apostolic, authority. The effect is that, across the nation, churches that were once democratically governed are transferring power to NAR apostles, who then provide “apostolic covering” to other pastors, churches, and ministries below them.38 The apostolic “cover” is the person to whom one is accountable—a spiritual mentor. Failing to submit to this authority means inviting demonic attack. Submitting becomes a measure of one’s faith.

Apostles and prophets, who the movement asserts are chosen by God rather than church elders, are the leaders of this new authority structure. One way they demonstrate their chosen status is through prophecy. They differ from traditional evangelicals in that they claim to receive extra-biblical revelation directly from God—early warnings of natural disaster, for example, or messages about various political candidates.40 They frequently broadcast their prophecies on the movement’s popular websites.

NAR leaders refer to this shift as the “restoration of the five-fold gospel,” based on a verse in the New Testament book of Ephesians, which describes the roles of church leadership as apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers.The responsibilities of apostles and prophets overlap. In broad terms, prophets claim they have the power to hear God’s voice, while apostles claim to have received a special anointing from God, which allows them to assume leadership in implementing God’s will. In many cases, a senior pastor declares him or herself to be both an apostle and a prophet, and it’s common for pastors/apostles to have spouses who are also prophets..”

Today, there is a network of these churches in all fifty states, with their ‘prayer warriors’ in place. The object is to turn the US into a theocratic dictatorship with leadership based on what God tells His anointed elders. People like Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, and so forth and so on are part of this movement, and are among the anointed. Rick Warren is a part of it. Fortunately, one of their worst offenders, Doug Phillips, had basically bitten the dust.

From my personal experience dealing with these people, it all began in 1994, when precinct by precinct, they began taking over the GOP to the point where they now control it. The truly deplorable elected officials we now have in the GOP is a result of what they have done to the party.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 11.54.36 AM

The problem is the fact that these individuals can’t tolerate freedom, in any way.

The book was also critical of democracy. He wrote that “the heresy of democracy has since then worked havoc in church and state … Christianity and democracy are inevitably enemies.” He elsewhere said that “Christianity is completely and radically anti-democratic; it is committed to spiritual aristocracy,” and characterized democracy as “the great love of the failures and cowards of life.”
Rushdoony’s work has been used by Dominion Theology advocates who attempt to implement a Christian theocracy, a government subject to Biblical law, especially the Torah, in the United States. Authority, behavioural boundaries, economics, penology and the like would all be governed by biblical principles in Rushdoony’s vision, but he also proposed a wide system of freedom, especially in the economic sphere, and claimed Ludwig von Mises as an intellectual mentor; he called himself a Christian libertarian.[15]”

Franciscan University of Stubenville is promoting an armed insurrection to make the country a theocracy. Far right hacks are afraid that Obama wants to shut it down? It even has a course on Deviant Behavior.

Ted Cruz’s father, Raphael is connected with the Bennie Hinn scam. One of the reasons Ted Cruz pushed so much for the government showdown last fall was to help hurry along the fall of the US, and the arrival of God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Purifying Fire Ministries
Purifying Fire Ministries

Okay, you ‘click here’ to continue your blessings of finances and it goes directly to paypal. What a scam. So this is what Ted Cruz’s father is involved in? Well, Susanne Hinn runs the scam. She’s the wife of Benny Hinn, another scammer.

“...I hardly need say that Benny Hinn is an arrant fraud preying on the gullibility of desperate people. Both HBO and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation have aired documentaries exposing his fabrications and misappropriations of funds. In 2005, an independent evangelical organization that grades Christian ministries on their financial accountability and transparency issued a “Donor Alert” against Hinn’s ministry, but that didn’t stop him from appealing to his followers for a new Gulfstream G4SP jet. The private aircraft runs $36 million and costs over $600,000 per year to maintain. His beachfront mansion in Orange County is also worth millions, to say nothing of sixteen other Orange County properties.

He married another scary televangelist in 1979. Suzanne Hinn’s Purifying Fire International Ministry isn’t as lucrative as Benny’s, but it’s not for want of trying. Here’s my favorite clip, telling us that we need a “Holy Ghost Enema.” ….”

It is all based on the perversions of R. J. Rushdoony, who felt that the only law comes from God, to his anointed. Democracy and liberty have no place in this world. To this effect, he and his followers are attempting to destroy the US. On of his devotees, Andrea Schwartz wrote this verbal vomit about why Christians are rejecting him.

…Beyond the sin of magnifying all the commandments of God (that is, the sin of dealing with specifics, the fleshing out of God’s moral imperatives for man), Rushdoony revealed something else about the law’s detractors. These men invariably pose as champions of liberty, but God’s law maximizes human liberty while rejection of it puts us under the oppressive power of our fellow man. Isaiah 5:20 refers to those who call good evil and evil good, and this moral reversal is routinely played out over against the debate concerning the place of God’s law in our world.

When observing Rushdoony’s achievement in documenting the truth of the Psalmist’s assertion that he walked at liberty because he sought God’s precepts (Ps. 119:45), the builders are quick to contradict the Scripture: pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! Avoid the bondage of God’s law. Enter into the freedom that comes when those ugly specifics of God’s law are set aside.

But just as Psalm 119:45 cannot be broken, neither can Psalm 94:20: the wicked frame mischief using law. When the law is slacked (Hab. 1:4), something else takes up that slack: the precepts of men. Men abhor moral vacuums, and if God isn’t Lord over the matter addressed by one of His statutes or precepts, then man slips his feet into God’s shoes to legislate in His stead.

Some builders might tolerate the restrictions that God’s law might impose on the secular state, but no builders will tolerate the restrictions that God’s law would place on the church’s most sacred activity: making rules for the congregants to walk by. Ultimately, the implicit defense of autonomy that drives the antipathy toward God’s law merely masks an aggregation of power by human authorities in both church and state. The law of God cuts across all these boundaries to liberate men from lawless overreaching by all human institutions. Since these institutions put on airs as the defenders of liberty (rather than its enemies, as is regrettably the case), they must either repent or characterize Rushdoony’s position as insane (as some have, for all intents and purposes, already done).

Is it not revealing that we have as hard a time finding an elected official who’ll actually follow the U.S. Constitution (setting aside the debate over its Biblical status) as we do a church leader who’ll follow the entire Bible (which, unlike the U.S. Constitution, is actually perfect)? In both cases, men seek to cast various cords from them and burst various bonds asunder (Psalm 2:3), no matter how glowingly they paint such rebellions as liberating acts.

Today’s builders, then, know full well that God’s law encroaches on their power, their authority, their autonomy, their spiritual sinecures, and their plans for the future. They know this as well as the secularists know it-perhaps even more so. If they were not wedded to these “benefits” of antinomianism, they would bend the knee and acknowledge the glory of God’s perfect law of liberty. Instead, they go away very sad, for their possession of legislative power in their spiritual communities is very great and they’re unwilling to put that at risk by unleashing liberty among their flocks as God would have them bestow it in their capacity as His mouthpieces.

If liberty is a dangerous thing, perhaps few should have the actual article, and the rest should merely be convinced into thinking they have it. Nothing achieves this goal better than the vague fog of ChurchSpeak, which has taken turns into Orwellian paths that would have been unthinkable a century ago. When the law of God is magnified, men can clearly recognize whether they’re abiding under their own vine and fig tree or not, and illusions become impossible to maintain. In a world sustained on empty illusions, a world that effectively “loves death” (Prov. 8:36), the gatekeepers have spoken appropriate words of comfort: “peace, peace” (Jer. 6:14; 8:11)-but they heal the wound of His people slightly….”

According to Rick Joyner, our only hope is for a military take-over of the US. This is exactly what R. J. Rushdoony and Gary North have planned. Unfortunately, North is working closely with Ron Paul. They will do anything to destroy Barack Obama and take over the US.

“...Unable to win an election, unable to sustain any reasonable level of popularity among the people they claim to represent, and increasingly disliked by so-called “establishment” Republicans, the tea party has become increasingly shrill, its rhetoric more violent, and now, at the eleventh hour, comes the treason we all knew was coming: the calls for armed insurrection against the twice constitutionally-elected president of the United States.

I suppose they figure if they can’t get the votes, they can use the bullets – their vaunted and much-talked about Second Amendment remedies. Their problem, however, remains the same, and glaringly obvious to anyone paying attention: the grim calculus of treason is that there are more loyal Americans than there are treasonous low-life’s who like to wave Confederate flags and AR-15s- and those people don’t like the tea party much.

This basic fact does not seem to trouble iconic tea party darling Larry Klayman in the least, but then, Larry Klayman mistook a few dozen people for a million; But let’s not discount his buddy William Gheen, president of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) who said Sunday if tea party bigots don’t get their way there will be a “violent revolution”; And there is New Hampshire Rep. J.R. Hoell, who really does not approve of Scott Brown, and who sees a day coming when real Americans will vote with bullets; and Jim Garrow thinks some sort of anti-Obama guerilla war is about to begin.

You find yourself almost wishing they could try, except that innocent people would die as a result of their reckless hatred and deplorable math skills.

Of them all, it is perhaps Larry Klayman who seems troubled by reality itself, as he struggles to find an actual reason to revolt beyond simply not liking President Obama very much. …”

Religious Dispatches
Religious Dispatches

These are the people the late William F. Buckley feared the most.

“...But the late William F. Buckley Jr., the founder of post-1945 conservatism who engaged in a famous televised spat with Vidal during the 1968 Democratic convention, shared Vidal’s contempt for Ayn Rand. After her death in 1982, Buckley wrote in the New York Daily News: “She was an eloquent and persuasive anti-statist, and if only she had left it at that, but no. She had to declare that God did not exist, that altruism was despicable, that only self-interest was good and noble.” In 2003 , Buckley described his encounter with Rand’s interminable propaganda novel “Atlas Shrugged”: “I had to flog myself to read it.”

Ayn Rand and her “Objectivist” cult members never forgave Buckley for reading them out of the mainstream American right, along with the equally crackpot John Birch Society. In 1957 Buckley, then the young editor of the flagship magazine of the conservative movement, National Review, published a review of “Atlas Shrugged” by Whittaker Chambers, the ex-communist intellectual who had played a key role in exposing Alger Hiss as a Soviet spy.”…”

We have a mess on our hands.