Guns, Freedom, & Rights


imagesDid you know that, in the state of Virginia, Toby Keith may not have the freedom to prevent gun carrying idiots from being armed in his restaurant. Virginia is one of the states where the gun owner has the rights and the business owner doesn’t, apparently.  It is a problem endemic within the far right.  There are some ‘conservative’ leaders who so upset with Obama that they are willing to sacrifice the Constitution and call for a military coup to take him out, then restore the Constitution, the way the Founders imagined it should be.  They would rather for him to resign, BTW.

Okay, so, in order to protect the Constitution, we are to trash it.  I’m not quite sure if I get the whole process, but it does make sense, considering far right behavior of late.  They are irrational.

“…Vallely said he that an Egyptian-style uprising against Obama is needed instead of impeachment: “I would use the Egyptian model where they had 33 million Egyptians stand up to oust Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. We need millions to stand up in our state capitals and in Washington D.C. and we need to have that done within the next twelve months because I can tell you , my forecast, things are going to get far worse than better, especially with Obamacare and the other things that are happening to degrade the effectiveness of our federal government.” …”

The far right has managed to trash Pope Francis for being Marxist, but they worship Phil Robertson for being a racist bigot.  Go figure?  They have peed all over themselves to defend Robertson, but have gone out of their way to denigrate the Pope.  Are we dealing with some misplaced values here?

Pardon me for laughing, but does the far right realize how abjectly stupid they look?  They complain about freedom, demanding freedom of speech, demanding so-called ‘Constitutional’ rights for a vile bigot to be allowed to remain on his show, while trolling over the rights of the private company who might now have wanted him on it.  They’re now on Toby Keith‘s case because he’s banned guns in his new restaurant and bar.

I thought people had freedom on this country. I thought the right appreciated corporate freedom, and the capitalistic tradition that a business should be allowed to do what it wanted, without being harassed.

There’s a nasty little lesson here.  We’re to be tolerant of hate, of guns, and of those who support them.  We’re to be unabashed cheerleaders for capitalism, until it gets in the way of a far right icon.  Then freedom is in the eye of the beholder.  Evidently, so is racism, when people like Ann Coulter keep getting away with their constant hatred of anyone who isn’t white.

Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

I almost never read Brietbart’s idiotic site, nor link to it, but this is one of the few times I will.  I think it just exemplifies the far right.  They refer to those who think that Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty as a bigot as cultural bullies. Oh?


I think this says it all.  Conservatives have their panties in a wad because Toby Keith is trampling on their rights to be asses and carry guns into his privately owned restaurant.  We are beginning to learn that only conservatives have rights.  Anyone else, who wants to maintain their rights have none.  Ergo, Toby Keith has no rights.  On Breitbart, the idiots are saying that what Keith is doing is discrimination.  If the government can force someone to cater a gay wedding they should force Keith to allow guns in his establishment.

We’re left with one viable conclusion.  In this country, evidently only the minority – the far right tea party minority have rights.  A young gay male, who lives in the same community as the Duck Dynasty bigots wrote the following:

“...The author says he’s never met Robertson but was raised by a man just like him, revealing that his father called him an asshole for coming out to his mother and told him that his boyfriend would never be welcomed at his house. ‘My Phil Robertson threatened my life because I had the audacity to be who I am,’ he wrote. Like many southerners, the writer grew up in a religious family and always felt a deep connection to the Christian church. But when then he realized that people like Robertson believed he had a ‘second class soul’ and wouldn’t be eligible for salvation because of who he loved….”

So, when A&E, owned by Disney, caves to the ‘Christian’ right, the real winners are Robertson and their family, who are holding fast to their values.  It’s all about his bigoted views on life, women, and culture, in a world where women should marry at the age of 15, carry a Bible and know now to cook.

“...Of course, driving offensive utterances underground can feel like a victory. But consider this: It is no longer acceptable to use the N-word in public, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot of folks don’t think it, or think media-savvy versions of it. To wit, the truly offensive part of Robertson’s interview was not his crude, anatomical account of human sexuality, but his insidious take on the experience of African-Americans in the pre–Civil Rights South. “I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Not once,” he said. “They’re singing and happy…. Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.” This is straight from the racist text book that justified slavery as one big happy plantation, and Robertson is off-script only in the sense that he hasn’t updated his rhetoric to the 2.0 colorblind version, one that acknowledges that while discrimination once existed, its time has passed….”

It isn’t what people believe that is so disturbing.  If a person wants to be a bigoted homophobe, that’s their problem.  The real problem arises when you have a group of individuals who are so extremely determined that they are the only ones who are right, who are correct, that they are willing to destroy others to prove their point.

It doesn’t matter what political or religious ideology they claim.  They’re all the same.  They may speak different languages, worship different ways, and look differently on the outside, but deep down, inside, they’re the same terrifying, almost vicious mind-set.  If they can’t get their way, they destroy.   History is filled with individuals like this.  They are considered the assassins, usurpers, and spoilers.  They are rarely considered heroic figures.  In fact, to the contrary, as with the strange saga of John Felton, they are eventually hunted down and destroyed like the destroyers they are.

This is the mentality that now controls the GOP and the far right.  Instead of being the better for it, the political world is suffering from their corrupt blindness and cultural stupidity.  They will only get worse, until something happens that will shame them back into the cracks and crevices like the roaches vermin they are.