It’s Evolutionary


Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 8.10.50 PMPEW has released a poll that should not surprise any of us.  The GOP is de-evolving in it’s acceptance of evolution. Makes sense to me.  According to Pew, 60% of Americans realize that evolution is a a logical scientific process.  Something like 33% basically are Flat Earthers, believing that a scientifically proven scientific fact is not that, at all.  Of those of us who are bright enough to comprehend evolution, 24% believe, like I do, that God played a role in creation.  Even Carl Sagan, who was not exactly into God, believed that.  Something like 32% agree with the science of natural selection.  So do I.

Evangelical Protestants are the ones who believe in the Fred Flintstone view of life, that humans and dinosaurs existed together, that there was no evolution.  Around two-thirds of evangelical Protestants don’t agree with evolution – 64%.  Interestingly, only 15% of white mainline Protestants (normal Protestants) are not into evolution.  I doubt if you will find many Episcopalians in the 15%.  Heck even Catholics agree with the theory of evolution.

This is the interesting part:

“…There also are sizable differences by party affiliation in beliefs about evolution, and the gap between Republicans and Democrats has grown. In 2009, 54% of Republicans and 64% of Democrats said humans have evolved over time, a difference of 10 percentage points. Today, 43% of Republicans and 67% of Democrats say humans have evolved, a 24-point gap….”

I suspect the gap is not because Republicans are become dumber (which they are) but because rational, thinking individuals are leaving the GOP, rather like rats leaving a sinking ship.   When one considers the fact that Dawn Hawkins of Morality in Media thinks that romance novels are pornography, can evolution be far behind?

What are they upset about?  It’s called the Popular Romance Project.  And – it’s about time the Romance Novel was given a little bit of respect. The problem is that far right guardians of morality think that romance novels must be porn.

Yes, they are THAT stupid.

I simply cannot imagine being of a mindset that cannot allow for the excitement of science.  One of the early astronauts told me that there is absolutely no reason for science, evolution, and the Bible to be contradictions in terms.  He told me if  you truly believe in the Lord and are quite sure of what you believe, evolution should not harm what you believe in any way.  I agree with him.

How difficult is this:  In the beginning God….