Operation American Spring or (Stuck On Stupid)


imagesThere are times when the term ‘stuck on stupid’ just works.  This is one of them.  Back in October and November, Larry Klayman openly called for a rebellion against Obama. No one bothered to realize that millions were to show up in DC and basically kick the Obama Administration out of office.  Not to worry, Dr. Jim Garrow (alleged former CIA operative) and “humanitarian” renowned author (not my words) has announced that Obama is planning a coup against the country.   Oh, wait, Garrow is considered a very well respected activist who has spent his life rescuing girls from China – allegedly.  Well, to prevent this, Garrow and Pete Santelli are calling for a military over-throw of the government and the Obama Administration.  Oh, he’s also going to get Canadians to help rule Americans.  Obama is a Saudi double agent.

One way they are going to do this is by hosting Operation American Spring, where tens of millions of Americans will break the binds of oppression and rise up the way the Egyptians did.  When these brave souls will rebel, Obama will order his troops to massacre Americans.  Santelli was one of the leading promoters of the trucker ‘march’ on Washington, if that is any indication of his authority and popularity.

Santelli has, previously, called for Hillary Clinton to be shot in the vagina and for Obama to be outright murdered.  They think 3% of the population, if they rise up, can control the nation.  I gather they will force the remaining 97% to do their bidding.  The Obama family should not worry, Santelli also wants the entire Bush family murdered – for treason.  Both Ted Nugent and Larry Pratt have appeared on his ‘talk’ show.

They want to over-throw the government.  What should be noted is that this isn’t just about Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or George W. Bush.  They want Lindsey Graham eliminated along with John McCain.  They are equal opportunity haters.

Okay, there is more to it.  Both Jesus and the Second Amendment give them the right to put Barack Obama up against a wall and shoot him dead.

It is part of Christian Reconstructionism.  If the idiocy were limited to people like Garrow and Santelli, or even Larry Klayman, it would be laughable.   Unfortunately, it is not.  One of the tenets of Christian Reconstructionism is that democracy is heresy.  The United States is heresy.  The US Constitution is heresy.  They want it over-thrown, with a theonomy established.

There is nothing coincidental about the actions of these men.  It is a patriarchal system, where women have no status and are required to be submissive.  There is a potential for fascism.  R. J. Rushdoony, the founder, and Gary North, who now continues his work, were despotic individuals.  In God’s world – i.e. their world – there is no room for democracy, other opinions, other religions, or any form of diversity.  There is no other view or policy but their own.  Individual freedom will not be allowed.

They believe that anyone who is not a part of their world view is a heretic.  Because the United States is heretical, the leaders of the country must either be forced to accept theocratic rule, or will be forcibly removed from office and executed.

It is no laughing matter, no matter how absurd the current players are.