Part II: Corrupted Faith


Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 4.58.01 PMA journey of faith, a journey of Christian faith is about questioning what you believe, and learning what you believe.  It is good to question what you believe, in order to learn more about who and what we are.  In questioning our faith, we grow.  When we grow, we learn what our faith truly is.  The only way to be able to understand what we believe is to search and to learn.  When you don’t search, don’t learn, and don’t expand your horizons, you get conned by people like R. J. Rushdoony and his minions of heresy.

“...The Washington Window, the newspaper of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington has joined a growing number of publications inside and outside mainline Christianity that have published exposes of the efforts of rightist agencies to destabilize the historic mainline Protestant churches in the U.S.

The two-part series by former Washington Post and New York Times reporter James Naughton examines, according to a press release, the network of conservative groups, “their donors and the strategy that has allowed them to destabilize the Episcopal Church…. The groups represent a small minority of church members, but relationships with wealthy American donors and powerful African bishops have made them key players in the fight for the future of the Anglican Communion “to warn deputies that they must repent of their liberal attitudes on homosexuality or face a possible schism.”…”

If you are an Episcopalian, like I am, you have wondered what the hell is going on with-in our denomination. I was not able to find the link to the Anglican split, the attempted destruction of the ECUSA until recently.

“...Michael Youssef, the head of Leading the Way Ministries and a vocal critic of Islam, today argued that the Episcopal Church is no longer Christian and “not Jesus’ church” as a result of the church’s policies regarding gay-rights. Youssef is a signatory of the Manhattan Declaration, a largely anti-gay and anti-choice screed, which also laments the “decline in respect for religious values” in American society. However, Youssef’s diatribe against the Episcopal Church shows the Manhattan Declaration’s call for “religious liberty” and greater respect for religious values remains secondary to its unbridled anti-gay attacks. Youssef’s attack on the Episcopal Church keeps him in the company of other Religious Right leaders and groups who continuously smear mainline Protestant churches that back civil rights. In a column for the American Family Associations news service, Youssef declared that the Episcopal Church’s support for LGBT equality means that the Church has “defied God” and lost its status as Christian…”

It is also in line with the changes in the Southern Baptist Convention. Contrary to what was said by John Revell, the SBC was NOT about the primacy of men. I was a Baptist for years. Once upon a time, if the word ‘submission’ was used – it had best be about men submitting to women. We’re talking strong, positive women.

“…How far has the doctrine spread? “The Reconstructionists have taken over the Southern Baptist Convention’s national leadership,” says Eternal Hostility author Clarkson. “And they’ve made great inroads into denominations such as the Assemblies of God, which in the past have been radically apolitical.”

Southern Baptist spokesman John Revell acknowledged that Reconstructionists and Baptists agree on many issues — from biblical infallibility to abortion to the primacy of men in the family and in church governance. But he denied the denomination is hell-bent on a dictatorship of the preachers.

Revell said, “Christian Reconstruction would be, in practical terms, a theocracy. People who agree with that would be a small minority” in his denomination. “The church should not resort to assuming civil power.”…”

It is about a group of men and women using a very corrupt version of what Christianity is NOT about to attempt to change the country. They’re doing a very good job. They began with the Constitution Party, and are expanding outward, having taken over the Libertarian Party. They now control the GOP.

“...The Constitution Party (which has tended to be the political home for people with views strikingly similar to Anderson’s) is frequently dismissed as a fringe party of little electoral consequence, even though its significance lies elsewhere. It is in fact a steaming hotbed of far-right factions with theocratic, vigilante, and sometimes revolutionary ideas whose like-minded members get together to make their plans, just like any other organized faction in American public life. The party says it is 100% pro-life and pro-gun.

Many of the party’s early leaders were Christian Reconstructionists, or were heavily influenced by Reconstructionism, including party founder and three-time presidential candidate Howard Phillips. Reconstructionism is a theocratic systematic theology whose seminal thinker, the late R.J. Rushdoony, spoke at the Constitution Party’s founding convention and was a longtime advisor to Phillips. Reconstructionism was one of the significant theological catalysts for the modern religious right; a movement, like other social and political movements throughout history, that has transcended party identification.

The Constitution Party has also been a political home to a wide array of militia proponents, including one of the movement’s leading theorists, Larry Pratt head of Gun Owners of America; Rev. Matthew Trewhella, founder of Missionaries to the Preborn (who has urged parents to buy each of their children “an SKS rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition” for their church militia); Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry (who ran as a Constitution Party candidate for Congress in 1998, but who has since become a Republican); and even Rev. Michael Bray, a convicted felon and longtime leader in the Army of God….”

Well…. there is a reason. According to author and activist Frederick Clarkson, Christian Reconstructionism was born from the far right conservative ‘splinters’ of what was once the mainstream Presbyterian church.

“...Also involved in this cabal is born-gain Christian Phillip Johnson, the “brains” behind the Discovery Institute and author of one of the most fraudulent books ever written, “Darwin on Trial?” The man behind the Wedge scam, a close friend and benefactor of Howard Ahmanson’s funding. Intelligent Design “theorist” and mover-and-shaker Phillip Johnson dedicated his book “Defeating Darwinism” to “Howard and Roberta” — Ahmanson and his wife. Ahmanson also contributes heavily to the Discovery Institute, the ‘intellectual’ flagship of the Intelligent Design movement, and the George C. Marshall Institute, which is the flagship organisation that disputes research indicating that human activity contributes to global warming and funds campaign for extremist Republican candidates. Ahmanson has given several million dollars over the past few years to anti-evolution groups (including Discovery Institute), as well as anti-gay groups, “Christian” political candidates, and funding efforts to split the Episcopalian Church over its willingness to ordain gay ministers and to other groups which oppose the minimum wage. He and several other prominent Reconstructionists have close ties with Diebold, the company that would manufacture the computerized voting machines if they were used. There has been some criticism of Diebold because it refuses to make the source code of its voting machine software available for scrutiny, and its software does not allow anyone to track voting after it is done (no way to confirm accuracy of the machine). This ease of possible “vote-fixing” may or may not be connected to the belief of Diebold’s Reconstructionist backers that only “Christians” should be allowed to vote….”

There is a direct connection between Christian Reconstructionism and the far right, which now controls the GOP. A friend and I have, repeatedly been discussing how different Protestant denominations are not acting like they once were. Something has changed, and by golly, it’s not me.

“…In the memo, House Republicans “are urged to be empathetic toward the unemployed and understand how unemployment is a ‘personal crisis’ for individuals and families. The memo also asks Republicans to reiterate that the House will give “proper consideration” to an extension of long-term insurance as long as Democrats are willing to support spending or regulatory reforms.”..”

They believe that the Bible trumps the Constitution – but, the Constitution is subject to Christian Reconstructionism and Rushdoony’s version of freedom.

“...The genesis of the current trend in politicized conservative religion can be traced back to 1959 when an unknown Reformed Presbyterian theologian, Rousas J. Rushdoony, laid the foundations for what he called Christian Reconstruction in his book By What Standard. Rushdoony was and is a self-acknowledged theocrat in the Calvinist tradition. The heroes of this tradition are John Calvin, John Knox, Oliver Cromwell, and the leaders of the Puritan theocracy of colonial Massachusetts. Also included are significant Calvinists of the American Revolution, such as the John Witherspoon, who Edwin Meese eulogized in his NAE convention speech….”

BTW: Rushdoony thinks that democracy is heresy.

“…At the “call for an uprising,” Mack railed on homosexuals and said he and the people of Utah (Mormon people) were sick of “the homosexuals shoving their agenda down our throats.” He also warned that since “Utah Governor Gary Herbert has failed at his job, it is now up to law enforcement and everyday citizens to deny gay marriage to anyone seeking a license.” The former sheriff cited the bible as the source of his anger at same-sex marriage because according to him the Constitution was written to protect God-given, innate rights. “You’re never going to convince us that homosexual marriage is one of those innate, God-given rights. It’s not,. If you read the Bible, you will plainly and simply see that it’s not.” Mack, like many conservatives is deluded in believing the bible supplants the Constitution when it fits their agenda, especially to set a precedent that Utah’s biblical law supersedes the Constitution….”

Part III will continue tomorrow.