Part IV: Corrupted Faith


Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 4.55.53 PMOnce again we go back to the real problem. Today, Christian Reconstructionism has so corrupted and blinded members of the far right that they don’t understand what real Christianity is. One of the leading advocates of ‘Biblical’ child raising – Michael Pearl, has corrupted the Bible to the point where innocence goes to die. Michael Pearl seems to think that anti-spanking is socialist.

“...The anti-spanking campaign is a front for an anti-family agenda, a progressive socialist movement to reengineer society with government the only mentor of children. A few well- placed individuals in government, media, and the educational system religiously promote a new world order where the collective state replaces God and the Constitution. They must control the minds of the citizenry if they are to institute their totalitarian policies; and they are well aware from history that mind control must begin with the youth—thus the public school system. But homeschool parents and Christian parents protect their children from corrupt worldviews. The socialists know that the last remaining bulwark against brainwashing children is parental headship—thus their hostility toward the family. As long as parents are free to pass on their culture and faith, totalitarian government is impossible.

Their earlier promotion of organic evolution was an effective wedge against Biblical faith and the dignity of man, but it has taken them as far as it can, for it is losing credibility in the face of genetic discoveries and contrary evidence. The leading edge of the attack upon parental authority is now the anti-spanking movement. They will use any means to police the home and mandate parental conduct, but they know that to receive public support their home incursion must be seen as a necessary act of compassion. They paint themselves as concerned now for the children they would have aborted a few years earlier.

Public schools are the propaganda wing of the socialist agenda. They rewrite history books and social studies, purging the texts of the part fundamental Christianity played in forming our constitutional republic. They are teaching America’s children to be ashamed of our past, to despise free enterprise and individualism, knowing that when the kids grow up they will be willing to adopt the more “moral” socialists’ agenda that puts the powers of God into the hands of the state….”

This is where the hatred of humanism comes in. It is how the followers of Rushdoony seek to destroy others – by tarring them with the socialist misnomer. They have a tendency to want to attempt to destroy anyone who doesn’t fit the Rushdoony corruption, including the ECUSA. They’ve taken over the Southern Baptist Church. Now, they want to take over the entire country.

“...Despite their differences over the tactics and strategy, all Reconstructionists are committed to making the laws of Ancient Israel the law of the land in the U.S. They believe the Mosaic law is God’s blueprint for all societies. Transported to the context of twenty-first century America, they see themselves as “Christian Libertarians.” Stripped to its barest essentials, here is their blueprint for America. Their ultimate goal is to make the U.S. Constitution conform to a strict, literal interpretation of Biblical law. To do that involves a series of legal and social reforms that will move society toward their goal. Here is their blueprint: 1) Make the ten commandments the law of the land, 2) Strengthen patriarchically ordered families, 3) Close public schools – make parents totally responsible for the education of their children, 4) Reduce the role of government to the defense of property rights, 5) Require “tithes” to ecclesiastical agencies to provide welfare services, 6) Close prisons – reinstitute slavery as a form of punishment and require capital punishment for all of ancient Israel’s capital offenses – including apostacy, blasphemy, incorrigibility in children, murder, rape, Sabbath breaking, sodomy, and witchcraft….”

Unfortunately, they are also directly tied to the militias, KKK, and a bunch of other nasty groups. They champion ending the minimum wage, eliminating most taxes, doing away with public schools, all environmental regulations and basically the same agenda as the libertarian, Koch Machine. They are the ones who have promoted the false idea that this is a Christian nation.

Back to the idea of raising ‘Godly’ children. The whole dominionist movement, promoted by Debi and Michael Pearl have helped to create the following child rearing advances.

“…a) Beating an 11-month-old girl for being squirmy when dressed.
b) “Hot-saucing” a one-year-old kid and “flicking the mouth” of kids that bite. (More on “hot saucing” in a bit–it’s been increasingly promoted by dominionists as a punishment tactic to the horror of hot-sauce manufacturers.)
c) Letting a five-month-old baby scream continuously for an hour because Mommy didn’t want to get up at 5am.
d) Promoting letting a thirteen-month-old child scream alone in a room for an hour.
e) Letting a fifteen-month-old baby with a brain cyst cry for hours at a time because they were trying to force her to nap (even though the mommy acknowledged that the kid may not be able to do so because of her brain lesion).
f) Letting a three-week-old baby scream continuously for four and a half hours…
g) …and then kvetching because her doctor told her that her kid was experiencing failure to thrive at her fifteen-week checkup.
h) literally forcing one’s fingers down the throat of a child under 9 months of age to force them to vomit because they had “something in their mouth they weren’t supposed to” (the child started to gag himself in imitation at 9 months of age)
i) Whacking a fifteen-month-old baby for having a temper tantrum (if baby is already having a meltdown, whacking isn’t gonna help)….”

This is perhaps one of the greatest tragedies of the entire repulsive movement. They are turning off young people who have been raised in dominionist homes. These people are rapidly losing faith. They are leaving the church, and becoming atheists. They are renouncing Christ. I think there is something in the Bible about what happens to people who cause children to lose faith. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.