Those Not So Bright Tea Party Candidates


imagesOnce again we’re heading into an election year.  Once again we’re starting to see the Tea Party candidates gather, and try to take out their betters.  As usual, we’re being treated to, or is it subjected to, some lunatics.  Are they getting crazier, or is it just the fact that I no longer tolerate their stupidity?  The other day, someone told me she was getting so sick and tired of using the word ‘idiot’ all the time.  The problem is that idiot is the only word that applies, other than terminally stupid.

While we are on the subject of terminally stupid, Joseph Farah, of World Net Nut Daily, and a devoted advocate for the Constitution is now on record as saying he doesn’t care if Ted Cruz was born in Canada, it beats having a Kenyan in office.  Or… it beats having a person of color as POTUS.  Evidently the far left fears Cruz because of Joseph Farah’s true love for the U. S. Constitution.

Where do we start?  Let’s try California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly who wants to “put a gun in every Californian’s gun safe.” FYI, he’s a founder of the minuteman movement in CA.  Oh, while we’re at it, but not exactly on subject, the head of the John Birch Society in South Carolina wants to abolish Obamacare and let charity from churches replace it.

Virginia State Senator Richard H. Black, who plans on running for Congress, thinks that a man can’t be held responsible for raping his wife if she’s wearing a nightgown. He also stated that a woman accusing her husband of rape could ruin his reputation.  FYI:  He’s also against sodomy.

And then there is Lee Bright.  Evidently there’s something about Lindsey that causes the worst creeps and jerks of the lot to come out and try to unseat him.  Last time it was Buddy Witherspoon, and his white supremacist colleagues.  This year, there are several idiots going after Lindsey.  Lee Bright seems to be the worst of the lot.  Oh, but not to worry, he’s also beloved by white supremacists, everywhere!

Lee Bright wants an armed revolt against the government.  SC needs to seceded from the Union. If it didn’t work during the Civil War, why would it work now?  SC needs to print its own currency.  Teachers should be armed with machine guns.  He did, though, vote against an increase in cigarette taxes!  Judges who support gay rights should be impeached.    Of course, he’s not near as charming as Nancy Mace, right?