Epic New Mexico Governor Fail


imagesSince Susana Martinez has become governor, utility rates in New Mexico have gone up 40%.  Property values have plunged.  If it were not for her oil and gas cronies, the state would be in even worse shape than it is. New Mexico has, currently, the worst economy in the nation.  It is also the worst location in North America to start up a new business. The state is hemorrhaging jobs.  The tax base is way down.  Locations like Lincoln County are seeing their property taxes go up while the county officials have destroyed property values.

The state is in a death spiral.  The economic downturn in ABQ is so bad, one NMSU economists says it will be years before the city recovers.  With INTEL cutting up to 5,000 jobs, it is going to get even worse.  But, like Oklahoma, in 2013, the governor did push through a tax cut for corporations.   According to one political writer, if you can afford to make the right political contributions you do quite well in the state.  If not, forget it, like if you are a child, in danger.  Martinez returned something like $3.9 million unspent CYFD salaries while leaving over 100 child protective positions unfilled.

If I weren’t living here, It wouldn’t matter, all that much. I am.  I’m trying to sell property.  Because of the insanity of the local county regulations, the value of the property I’m trying to sell has plunged 60% in less than a  year.   Where I am living, people are in such bad shape, financially, that individuals who never thought they would have a money problem, are going without.  According to one county official, no one has money these days.   Lincoln County is not the only place.  Moriarty is suffering.  Santa Rosa is dying.  But – as long as the governor’s cronies can take money from the various race tracks around the state, she doesn’t appear to give a damn.

New Mexico’s economy has always been precarious.  One of the reasons is the fact that this is also the most corrupt state in the nation.  It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican.  It’s corrupt. Here, in this state, when it comes to politicians, you don’t go for who is the most liberal or most conservative, but who is the least corrupt.  Big Bill was bad enough, but he was likable and truly cared about the state.  Susana Martinez, who pledged to have the most transparent is about as transparent as the oil the bring up out of the ground near Hobbs.    She’s so abjectly incompetent, that the Koch Brothers, who were thinking about running her for VP, have basically pulled out of New Mexico – like everyone else who wants to survive.

In order for the state to climb out of the current recession, something like 100,000 jobs are going to be needed, over the next 1o years.  To think how absurd this is, that’s just 10,000 new jobs a year.  I just find the insanity of “only” 10,000 new jobs a year to be a commentary on how backward this state now is.  One of the reasons the state is in the tank is because the largest employer in the state is the federal government.  Federal spending accounts for a tremendous part of the state’s income and tax base.  There are 33 counties in the state.  That’s something like 300 jobs per county.  Now – you know why the state is so depressedOne study says it is going to take 160,000 jobs to put the state back into the economic situation it was before the recession.  The state has the worst income disparity in the nation.  Yet, the state rates #4 with the number of individuals with Ph.Ds, but the state is 2nd in individual who are unable to live up to their work potential.

New Mexico is a large state with low population density.  Aside from the military and government jobs, the next largest industry is agriculture and ranching.  Big Bill had done quite a bit into turning the state into Hollywood #2.  Martinez, because of her vindictive nature, did as much as possible to destroy the industry, before claiming she now embraces it.  Thousands of jobs, which could have been gained, were lost in the process.  She has also doomed the spaceport in Las Cruces with faint praise, again, because it was Big Bill’s baby, and she’s an incompetent shill for the Kochs, or she once was.  She is so incompetent and so corrupt they aren’t even bothering with her – now.

One would think, with the state in such dire economic circumstances, that Governor Martinez would be doing everything possible to recruit new industry into the state – industry that has good jobs, and pays well.  Instead, the state is hemorrhaging population.  They are going where there is greater education.

Maybe my problem is the fact that I spent so darn many years living in South Carolina that I expect a Republican governor to be schlepping the world, recruiting industry, not doing her best to stifle growth.  This is a great state with incredible people who need jobs – good paying, real jobs.  She hasn’t done a damn thing to improve the situation.   Then again, you don’t see counties and many local areas doing much either.  Like Lincoln County, all they can do is wring their hands and say that there is no water.  If there is no water, they don’t want development.  So, those of us who own property in the state are screwed.

I’d sure love to see Big Bill be able to run for governor again.


One thought on “Epic New Mexico Governor Fail

  1. Know the feeling as we are the #2 ALEC State in OK with a Governor who heads the Governor’s Conference who received an award from ALEC who wants to cut taxes for the wealthy even with a shortfall this year of over $170M. Makes me want Democrat Brad Henry back and see Fallin retired permanently. Wish I had never supported her but the woman running against her not sure would have been much better. I am a woman but going to be hard pressed to vote for any woman for my Governor again after the 3 1/2 years of Fallin and the GOP Legislature who are more about appeasing their wealthy donors then education or infrastructure. Disgusting bunch of Koch elected people across this Country who put the wealthy over the average American. Someone said here yesterday you have to have $10,000 for Martinez to even talk to you if you are not on her special list which is a lot worse then Fallin as I cannot see her doing that. I concede that Martinez is the more corrupt of the two!

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