No Sex Please, We’re Oklahomans


skunks-477If you haven’t been following the news, or have a friend who lives in Oklahoma who is so fed up with the far right that she’s almost losing her mind, then maybe you don’t know that more bills that are passed in Oklahoma are overturned by the courts than any other state.  Currently, like every other ALEC controlled state, Oklahoma has a budgetary shortfall, so the AG is wasting millions battling to protect abortion bill after abortion bill, no matter how often they are decreed unconstitutional.    She’s been telling me that this is coming, but, no none state can be so stupid, can it?

When my friend emailed me, on Saturday, telling me that one of the more idiotic idiots in the Oklahoma state house had decided the only way to prevent gay marriage was to ban marriage all together, in the state of Oklahoma, I accused her of either lying, or losing her mind.  Even when she called, I laughed, telling no one could be that abjectly stupid.  Well, I was wrong and she is right.  Well, Republican Mike Turner is THAT stupid.

“…“[My constituents are] willing to have that discussion about whether marriage needs to be regulated by the state at all,” Rep. Mike Turner (R) told News 9. He said the idea has the backing of other conservative lawmakers, and could be achieved through a shell bill he filed in the state legislature, intended to adapt to any court rulings on same-sex marriage….”

And so – to prevent same-sex marriage, well…

“…“Would it be realistic for the State of Oklahoma to say, ‘We’re not going to do marriage period,'” asked News 9’s Michael Konopasek. “That would definitely be a realistic opportunity, and it’s something that would be part of the discussion,” Turner answered. Such a discussion will be made possible by a current shell bill — something that can be changed at almost any time to react to upcoming rulings on Oklahoma’s same-sex marriage ban. “I think that, especially with issues like this, [these lawmakers are] out of touch with most Oklahomans,” said Ryan Kiesel, ACLU Oklahoma executive detector. Kiesel says prohibiting all marriage is new territory. In fact, the ACLU was unable to find an example of where a state has ever tried to ban all marriage. Kiesel believes the entire idea just boils down to politics….”

I guess they are that stupid.  Then there are those who wish to ram religion down our throats.  Ed Morrissey wrote:

“… Instead of providing certification for a particular cohabitation arrangement, the state would remain neutral entirely. Those wishing to get “married” would go to their church, whose rights to define it according to their own doctrine would be safe from government mandates on definitions, since the state wouldn’t care at all. Cohabiting couples can and should get partnership agreements signed to control their shared property, and the state would enforce those just as it does other contracts, without any interest in the sexual practices between the pair (or trio, or …). Laws regarding age of consent would still apply. It’s the ultimate “get the government out of the bedroom” approach…”

Okay, so that would outlaw civil marriage.  Guess what?  I don’t like religious marriages.  The Catholic Church holds that marriage is a sacrament.  Basically no one else does.  The irony here is that the extreme religious right is being brainwashed by a fairly new version of Calvinism.  They like to consider themselves the new Puritans.  Guess what?  My Puritan ancestors, of whom there are very many, did not believe in religious marriage.  For the Puritans – you know – those pesky founding father types – marriage was a civil institution.  It was not religious.  They felt that people had a right to divorce as many times as they wished, in order to avoid adultery.  Too bad far right freaks don’t know their American history.

Now, this leads to other questions and observations.  I’ve been told that there is a bill outlawing fornication in the state of Oklahoma.  That solves the problem of what people who can’t get married in Oklahoma can and can’t do.  (I wonder if they’ve defined ‘fornication’?)

  • Are marriages from other states going to be recognized?
  • Will they basically outlaw the institution of marriage, or just not allow additional marriages to occurred?
  • What about divorce?
  • Then there are all those miscellaneous anti-abortion bills.  Are they really necessary if fornication and marriage have been outlawed?  Obviously it takes a certain process to cause the situation where abortion should not be needed.  But, if there is not a possibility of this process legally taking place, then, why bother outlawing abortions.  Obviously, the are going to be no legal pregnancies in the state of Oklahoma.
  • So, if there are no legal pregnancies, will there be illegal pregnancies?
  • Are they going to ban getting pregnant in the first place?
  • If fornication is banned, is their a criminal penalty for indulging in it?
  • Will there be a punishment for illegal pregnancies?
  • What about illegal marriages?  Does one go to jail for being married in the state of Oklahoma?
  • Will it honor marriages from other states?

And finally, will the people of Oklahoma, the normal people, get enough of this s*it and start voting idiots like Mike Turner out of office?

One then wonders if the far right loons of the state of Oklahoma are self-aware enough to realize they are becoming a national joke?

This is what happens when any group becomes so extreme.  They become so extreme that they lose all sense of what is right and what is wrong.  They are no longer rational entities, but are basically stuck on stupid.