Wendy Davis and Submissive Women


Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 9.18.56 AMAnn Coulter recently compared TX Democrat and candidate for governor, Wendy Davis to Anna Nicole Smith, the drugged out blond bimbo who died of an over-dose.  Erick Erickson calls her Abortion Barbie.  Let’s be honest here, one of Coulter’s problems is the fact that she’s jealous of Davis.  Let’s also be honest with the fact that we’re dealing with a group of women who can’t stand the thought that competent women are doing better than they are.  They don’t mind the incompetents in power, because we all know they are going to fail.  They don’t want to see competent women achieving anything… ergo women must be submissive.

Unfortunately, NM Congressman Steve Pearce, someone I am ashamed to admit that I once supported, said that women should submit to their husbands.  He uses a faulty, Christian Reconstructionist version of the Bible, and why men are to be the head of the household.

“…“The wife is to voluntarily submit, just as the husband is to lovingly lead and sacrifice,” he writes, citing the Bible. “The husband’s part is to show up during the times of deep stress, take the leadership role and be accountable for the outcome, blaming no one else.” Pearce, who is Baptist, emphasizes repeatedly in the chapter that submission doesn’t mean inferiority but rather that husbands and wives play different roles. He also says it doesn’t mean his wife doesn’t have a say in major decisions. “The wife’s submission is not a matter of superior versus inferior; rather, it is self-imposed as a matter of obedience to the Lord and of love for her husband,” he writes.

Pearce recognizes in the book that he’s delving into controversial territory. He recounts the time his wife broached the subject of submission with him, saying he cringed at the conversation. “The principle is among the most controversial of all directives coming from the Bible. Critics abound, both Christian and non-Christian,” he writes, adding: “Many of my friends dealt with the directive by ignoring it…” In the Bible, the book of Ephesians says wives should “submit to their husbands in everything” (according to the New International Version). Pearce’s book doesn’t quote this verse, but it does criticize men who use this passage in order to “bully their wives and families.” He says that “authoritarian control is not given to the husband.”…”

Back to Wendy Davis.  It is obvious she is playing a man’s game, like a man.  And – the men don’t like it.  she’s doing exactly what a heck of a lot of men, very successful men, primarily physicians and attorneys do.  After their hard-working wives help pay their way through school, coupon clip, work like a dog, they get dumped, along with the kids.  Out comes the trophy wife and the adorable second family, and the precious way the trophy wife looks at her high-powered husband as he claims his victory in the House or Senate.

The problem with the little submissive meme is that Godly men are following the teachings of Christ by demanding that their Godly little wives be submissive.  The problem is that they are doing much, much more.  Until recently, I always had tremendous amount of respect for Steve Pearce.  No longer.   His comments about his wife are chilling, in many ways.

It tells me just what he thinks about women, and our role in life.  We are to sit back, shut up, and let the Godly men lead, or else… we’re going to be harassed and treated the way Wendy Davis is being treated.  Any woman who tries playing the game with the same rules of the big boys, and is in a position to beat them, like Elizabeth Warren, will be destroyed.

It is chilling.  In other words, someone who has spent their life playing by the rules, like the guys, is neither welcome, respected, or to be treated fairly.  We are to be the submissive little woman, treated like dirt, and willing to allow the men in our lives to abuse us.  After all, the way Christian Reconstruction tells the tale, women are dirt.   It’s very frustrating for someone like me, who has spent so much time and effort working for a man like Steve Pearce.  He has/had no respect for me as a person. I am less than a man.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick of this sh*t.   How are we to achieve anything in this country when it is obvious, when we do, the men of the GOP, good, Godly men are going to treat us like dirt, demean us, and no matter what we achieve, they are going to try and destroy us?  This country wasn’t like this even 5 years ago.

And – you want to know why the GOP is in such trouble.