What Far Right Bigots Get Wrong About Wealth


imagesPeter Schiff, CEO, ultra wealthy billionaire thinks that the ‘mentally retarded’ should be paid only about two bucks an hour.  It’s a principle the US is founded on.  Yes, he is that ignorant.  The real reason we have poverty is not because of low wages but government programs.  Peter Schiff is a close friend of, and economic adviser to Ron Paul.

And – you want to know why people in this country are starting to detest people like this.  There is always a libertarian in the woodpile – every single time.  Oh, he’s also an associate of the Koch Brothers.  Ed Kilgore wrote:

“…My natural reaction to this sort of story is amusement; it makes me want to find ways to spook the 1% even more with bogus threats. I mean, really, they are whining about being disrespected when millions of people have lost jobs, homes, and savings; Lord only knows how many young people are already giving up and how many people my age are facing a very bleak retirement. It’s surprising to me that the Occupy movement wasn’t bigger than it was. If the Masters of the Universe don’t have a bad conscience, shouldn’t they at least experience a little nervousness?…”

Don’t mind me.  I simply think that Michelle Malkin is one of the most disgusting and despicable bigots pretend Christians that FOX uses as one of their celeb pundits.  When God was giving out empathy she thought it was a liberal concept and ran the other way.  Sorry, but I don’t mind mentioning that I dislike her more than just about any of the alleged ‘conservative’ pundits out there.  There’s a reason.  She’s a total and complete fake.  She pretends to be for freedom and democracy, yet her columns constantly appear in the vanguard (and I use that word specifically because of its white supremacist connotations) and premier white supremacist publication, VDareThey partner with such lovely little groups as the Council of Conservative Citizens, American Renaissance, and Stormfront.

To kick it up a notch, Stormfront’s Don Black is a huge supporter of Ron Paul.  They have connections with the John Birch Society, KKK, and numerous other lovely individuals that both the left and right don’t want to acknowledge exist.  She has been associated with Vdare since at least 2007, and has done NOTHING to distance herself it, Peter Brimelow, or his lovely little bigoted, extremist associates.   Once upon a time Geraldo Rivera stated that she was one of the most vile, hateful, and mean spirited individuals he had ever met. She started out with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which is a mecca for Koch whores like John Stossel.

Malkin’s hatred of anyone who isn’t extreme right, racist, and sucking on the Koch teat is legendary.  She considers anyone who has views that are more reasonable than hers to be socialist. She’s also bat-shit crazy, going so far, once upon a time, to link the Boston Marathon Bomber to Grover Norquist, someone she once professed to admire.

“…Paul, who has been called the father of the Tea Party, has long been tied with reactionary neo-Confederate politics. The Southern Partisan, a blog site for neo-Confederates, endorsed Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign with the following: “Paul has given countless speeches in front of Confederate flags for Southern Heritage groups and has never faltered from his defense of Dixie.” In 2012, Paul declared secession to be a “deeply American principle.”

While libertarianism comes in many forms, its central tenet is that government should be confined to looking after the military, national security and the judicial system. David Boaz, who is the vice president of the Koch brothers-funded think-tank, the Cato Institute, defines libertarianism as “the view that each person has the right to live his life in any way he chooses so long as he respects the equal rights of others.”

In reality, libertarianism means corporations having more equal rights than people….”

On the Daily Show, billionaire and capitalist, CEO Peter Schiff repeated the lies that are being told about the minimum wage.  The problem with his version of the world is Costco where the average wage is over twenty bucks an hour.  There is basically no turn-over with jobs.  They treat their employees like royalty and are cleaning Walmart’s clock.  (I have a cousin who started working for Costco when he was in high school.  They are now paying his way through college, and have suggested he go into management training.  He did a stint in the Army, and went back home, with the same Costco having his job, there, waiting for him!)

“…“There’s a law in economics, supply and demand, that you learn in Econ 101, and if you increase the price of something, you decrease the demand,” Schiff said. “The higher you make the minimum wage, the more jobs are going to be destroyed….”

Schieff, who apparently hasn’t read much on history went on to say that socialism is what causes scarcity and famine.  He said that in a free market there is plenty of food for everyone, especially the poor.  This is what is wrong with far right big money.  It is the reason people truly are starting to detest the ‘greedy takers‘ who are the true welfare kings of this nation – where we subsidize their plutocratic life-style to the tunes of at least seven billion dollars a year – and that doesn’t count the money they cheat by not paying taxes.

“…It is especially hard to understand Perkin’s tax panic – evinced when he described his “message” as being that “the rich as a class are threatened through higher taxes” – when the top marginal tax rate in America is 39.6 percent, significantly lower than it was for most of the post-war period and less than half what it was under President Eisenhower. And capital gains for the wealthiest Americans, how many of them make their money, are taxed at 23.8 percent, lower than many middle-class families….”

Back to Malkin.  She recently had a column called ‘Standing up against wealth shamming.’  She was busy defending CEO Tom Perkins, who made the dastardly remark that the ultra wealthy are like the Jews being hounded by the Nazis.  Malkin ought to know.  She has a lot of friends who have hung out with some of the nastiest bigots in the country.  She’s upset because there’s such ‘hatred’ of millionaires, billionaires, and wealth makers.  First – they’re only making wealth for themselves.  They are like vampires, sucking the life out of the country, while not paying their ‘fair percentage’ of taxes.

How bad is it?

“...It’s good to be the king, or CEO, as the case may be. At least when it comes to pay. With a staggering total compensation package of $378 million for 2011, Apple’s Tim Cook takes the cake for the highest Fortune 50 CEO-to-typical-worker pay ratio. Indeed, it takes 6,258 typical Apple worker salaries to match Cook’s total pay. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the ratio for Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett was 11-to-1. Overall, most CEOs took home an average 379 staffers’ worth in base pay. And those looking for a bump might want to check out Microsoft’s openings. The software giant had the highest typical worker salaries among the 35 companies we’ve highlighted, at $110,000. …”

The problem with people like Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, and the other little Koch Whores is that they are involved in a very one sided, unrequited love affair with the wealthy of this nation.  It’s more than a love affair with the wealthy of this nation.  They worship them, rather like they’ve managed to replace the Christ they claim to worship with the likes of the Kochs, and so forth and so on.

In their blindness to worship at the altar of the ultra wealthy, they have become blinded to the fact that normal people just don’t do that.  Normal people understand that the ultra wealthy are no different from anyone else.  They just have more to spend to purchase politicians to get what they want.  They can game the system.  I don’t know anyone who hates them.

The right has a blind spot when it comes to ‘their fair share’.  They cry crocodile tears because the wealthy pay the majority of income taxes.  They’re called income taxes for a reason.  You make more money than anyone else, you pay more than anyone else.  That’s common sense.  To think that they, because they are rich, should not be paying taxes is insane.

Further, someone like Tom Perkins is a boil on the butt of society.  If he weren’t a billionaire, he would be doing time in an Italian jail for involuntary manslaughter, instead of coughing up a $10K fine.  The yacht he owned, and was on at the time, with him involved, hit the smaller boat of a young doctor and family man, killing him.  Perkins did NOTHING for the family.

What normal people know is that, for people like Tom Perkins to be such a financial success in life, they are most likely, according to studies a psychopath.  They don’t care what they do, who they hurt, or who they destroy in life.  That’s one reason they have more than normal people.   It makes you wonder what sort of person defends someone like that.

My financial hero, Paul Krugman just had to step in and say something.  Okay, I admit it.  I think he’s sexy.  It’s the brain power!

“…Chait also makes a very good point: what the WSJ piece really does is to confirm that Perkins-style paranoia is actually the norm over there. For throughout the piece the Journal equates criticism with persecution. If you say that the one percent is taking an excessive share of the pie, or that the Kochs exert undue influence on American politics, you’re engaged in vile persecution — OK, maybe not as bad as Hitler, but in the same ballpark….”

May I say that if being criticized is a form of unjust persecution, every day of my life is a pogrom?

So, they cry persecution.  Their worshipers cry persecution.  When they go around saying that someone who is mentally retarded should be paid two bucks an hour, because they are retarded and not worthy of earning more than that, well, that’s one reason people don’t like them.  You see, afluenza is not a disease or a condition, it’s a way to get away with murder.  It’s too bad people like Michelle Malkin don’t have normal values and have compassion for those of us who aren’t worthy of being worshiped.

You see, that’s when things start going wrong, when people like Michelle Malkin defend the Tom Perkinses of the world.  When you claim to be a Christian and defend these people over those who truly need help, well, it’s not good.  But, that’s her problem, not mine.   Koch money can go a long way to augmenting a very small conscience.