Part I: Pathetic Little Men Who Either Hate or Fear Women


Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 9.29.43 AMJonathan Lindvall doesn’t want his daughters serving on jury duty.  He doesn’t even want them getting a driver’s license unless they have their husband’s permission.  Yep, a woman doesn’t even have a right to have a driver’s license until her husband says she can.  That’s called control.  It’s called abuse.  Oh, she’s not to be allowed to register to vote.  She doesn’t have a ‘government’ ID.  Her father takes her birth certificate with him, when she flies.

Once in awhile, I’ll do something annoying and start following links from one blog to another.  You never know where you will go, but where I started, from a ultra conservative Catholic woman with ties to the militias and Sovereign Citizens should have told me something.  Let’s just say they call it the Manosphere.  They are men, Godly, he men masters of the universe, Jerry Boykin sweatin’ to the oldies, Duck Dynesty fartin’, belchin’, pissin’ he men, with guns, bullets, and a Fred Flintstone grasp of science, get their religion from Rushdoony, and hate gays.  They also don’t like women.

“…A Christian man who sets boundaries for his wife and shows leadership to have her calm down when she is emotional does so because he loves her as his own body, like Christ has loved the church and doesn’t want the drama. And he doesn’t want her to get emotional because she may sin in her hyperemotional state. He is concerned with growing both of their relationships towards God in true righteousness and holiness.

A player who sets boundaries for his girlfriend and shows leadership to have her calm down when she is emotional does so because he doesn’t want the drama only. The fact that the motivations are inherently selfish imbue the whole act to be selfish and only of the flesh. Eventually, when you have only someone that cares about themselves, it will show in their actions and lead to at least some form of resentment from the other party….”

This is one of those follow the bouncing ball kind of things, where I did not expect to find what I did.  I’m shocked, and I shouldn’t be.   How about this sh*t?  Okay, these are pathetic little impotent men who are trying to find wives.  This is what one idiot advises.  Oh, FYI – he’s a godly libertarian, leaning toward Steve Sailer and Taki Magazine (white supremacist kind of stuff).

“...To master these concepts is the essence of godly manhood because we know that women look to men for leadership. The mastery over the desires of the flesh results in elimination of neediness and validation. This changes how you act and what you say, and it will make you more attractive to women.

To master your neediness for a woman is to understand the function of wife to a husband. She is not a completion of you, just a helpmeet to you. When you expect a woman to meet a need that she is not created to meet, she will become unhappy because she bears a greater burden of responsibility that was not meant to be.

This is the mindset needed to understand the role of a wife in godly marriage, and it will pay dividends in your own search….Start the relationship off right by leading her spiritually which will increase her attraction and respect for you, among other things you should be leading. The very fact that you if you start leading her spiritually will show you if she is compatible with you, and if she is willing to learn from you…”

Then, the ignorant jerk wrote this:

“…Did you get that?? ACCORDING TO KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge about how women work. And because she is weaker than you. Your strength, your knowledge, your confidence, your leadership, your dominance. These are the qualities that lead to tingles, and tingles are what lead to submission. … She’s gonna respond to how you treat her. Just like God said she would….”

A poor little impotent man is looking for a Godly wife.  Well, he’s not having much luck. Evidently he wants one with the chastity of a nun and the bod of a slut, someone willing to worship him, look up to him, and be led by him.  Yep, slutty, yet submissive.

“...Evidence of a willingness to be led  — This pretty much sums up a Biblical marriage in that if a woman is willing to be led it encompasses the 3 major roles that a wife is called to: a helpmeet, with submission, and with respect. I tell women that I will be leading them into uncomfortable discussions or challenging them in other aspects of life because that’s when change happens to grow. If you’re not growing in your heart, mind, soul, and strength for Christ then what are you doing? …Since women are emotional creatures, can they be led in the joy and peace of Christ or are they resistant and rebellious? Hint: a woman’s releationship with her father can tell you a lot.

The reason why I started off each of the categories above with “evidence” is because I can’t mind read, so all I have to go off of from women is what they do in their actions. Words are essentially meaningless with women. It’s all about what they do that matters. Thus, evidence of their good fruits or bad fruits is important to look for in their lives. Discernment is important….”

I know it wasn’t nice, but I left the following comment.

I was doing a little surfing around the anti-feminist blogs.  Yikes!  Either the whole darn bunch of you hate women or are terrified of those of us who find men who want submissive women to be potential abusers, and just plain silly, shallow, superficial, and impotent. I know you want modesty in a woman, but that’s because you are absolutely terrified of your normal sexual urges when it comes to women.  How sad.  How repressed.  How utterly hilarious.  I bet you don’t even know that when the early Christians were baptized, it was co-ed and they were baptized in the nude!  So much for Biblical modesty.   Ever read up on the women of the Bible: Sarah, Hannah, Mariam, Martha, Mary, Esther, Ruth, Deborah….?  They were far from submissive.  Deborah was even a judge.  We’re not talking about women who submitted to men, and were told what to do.

“…When it comes to spending time with married women, well… to be frank spending time with most nearly any woman who isn’t an immediate family member (and one of good character at that) is tantamount to child abuse, given the negative influences young women will likely pick up. I suppose I should also point out that Ben Sir knew about “The Herd” over two thousand years ago, so once again we see how the ancients understood so much we are now finding out. Ours is a mission of rediscovery, not of boldly going where no man has gone before. Perhaps if more Christians actually read the Bible, and spent less time singing “worship” music that resemble love songs about Jesus, we wouldn’t be taken for fools so often….”

If you are looking for a wife, you might want to raise your expectations, don’t tell her how to dress, don’t expect her to worship you instead of Christ, and treat her like an equal.  Women, normal women- normal Christian women, don’t really like men who are so insecure that they reek of abject hatred of women.  Guess what?  The very first individuals the Risen Christ appeared to were WOMEN, not men. When the men ran away, like a bunch of cowards, the women stayed at the base of the Cross, until the bitter end.  Men – well, they turned tail and rain.  Christ treated women as equals.  He did not demand they submit, that was Paul, and there are some who think he did not right that specific passage.

“...A woman’s memory is largely tied to her feelings at the time of that memory. A woman will actively remember something if she feels an emotional connection or stimulation similar to what she experienced when the previous event took place. Furthermore, it is the emotions connected to the event that resonate the most with her, and the two are inextricably linked in a woman’s mind. If a memory is forced to her mind, but her present emotional state differs greatly from that in the memory, then something special happens. The woman develops a unique form of amnesia that conveniently allows her to “forget” that memory, or at least, the important parts of it….”

Oh, and your little worship of what Paul told women to wear – well, he basically copied the edicts of Augustus Caesar on what Roman women should be wearing – verbatim.  (That means he almost plagiarized it).  Paul treated women as equals.  Golly gee!  Ancient art from the Catacombs of Rome show WOMEN as priests.  Geez – who knew?

“… As Bible-believing Baptists who hold to reformed theology, X and I believe that God is sovereign in choosing who will or will not believe in him, having chosen his people before the foundation of the world (see Ephesians 1), and that his selection is unbreakable and irresistible. If marriage is to mirror this principle, we believe that a woman has no right to select a husband for herself, but that she is to be chosen by a man and marriage is to be an unbreakable arrangement between the man and her father. Based on this reasoning, we have shunned a standard proposal and wedding ceremony, because if I had asked her to marry me (which I did not) then I would have given her the decision to marry me rather than selecting her and taking her myself. Furthermore, if we had exchanged conventional marriage vows, our union would have been based on X’s will and consent, which are not Biblical factors for marriage or salvation. Instead, I asked X’s father for his blessing in taking her hand in marriage. When he gave his blessing, X and I considered ourselves to be unbreakably betrothed in the sight of God. While we had initially intended to consummate our marriage after today’s symbolic ceremony, we instead did so secretly after private scripture reading, prayer, and mutual foot-washing….”

When Christ visited Martha’s home, and she became pissed with her sister, Mary, for sitting at his feat – they did not have chairs, they sat on cushions, so she was sitting as his equal, well, Martha was angry.  Women in the post-Helenic Hebrew world were not allowed to even speak to men.  Christ not only told Martha to take a chill pill, but told her to join her sister, where they were literally liberated and given the same social status, and religious status as men.

“...When a wife submits to her husband’s authority, she can alter her attraction to him. It is not so much that she (or he) is generating attraction, but that she is recalibrating her attraction filters to him and him alone. Two things are happening: she is changing her status in relation to his, and she is magnifying the effects of his Masculine Power.

The hypergamous nature of women means that a mans Status value depends not only on his overall position in society, but also his position and authority in relation to the individual woman. By submitting to her husband, a wife lowers her position relative to his, and enhances his Status value in her eyes. This makes him more attractive, which makes it easier for her to submit to him in the first place. As for Power, as a general rule the more submissive a woman is, the more feminine her nature will be. This will contrast more strongly with the Masculine Power of her husband, boosting it in her eyes….”

It truly is sad the way men have allowed themselves to be brainwashed when it comes to women who consider themselves normal feminists.  We’re not evil.  We don’t hate you.  Fact is, most of us love guys.  We just don’t like men who are nothing but potential tin plated dictators with delusions of  grandeur.  You might want to try growing up a little, and maybe visiting a less repressive church – maybe one that isn’t involved in patriarchal, submission, and Christian Reconstructionism, which is based on pure heresy.

This is the first of two parts.  Part II continues tomorrow.