Why the Far Right Is in Love with Russia


Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 10.20.47 PMI saw a headline that read something like Corruption Is Destroying Athletics in Russia.  It suddenly dawned on me why the extreme right is now so in love with Russia.  It has nothing to do with gays, even though they allow you to think it is.  It’s all about the libertarian message.  Russia, today, is the wild west of libertarianism.

The true idea of libertarianism is no rules, just do what you want, get rich, and don’t give a rip about the consequences of what you do to others. Right now, there are more billionaires per capita in Moscow than anywhere else.  There’s a reason for that.  For some strange reason, libertarian ideals are very much in keeping with socialism.  They are terribly socialistic, only in reverse.  It’s all for the wealthy.  The little people must give what they have, to make the wealthy even wealthier.  It doesn’t matter how that wealth is gained.  All that matters is that wealth.  One can pollute.  Rules are made to be broken.  Work can be shoddy.  Workers can be stomped on, to the point where it really doesn’t matter.  All that matters is the acquisition of wealth.  No rules, just money.

All that matters is money.  We see that on a daily basis in this country, where so many tons of coal dust has been released into the Dan River in North Carolina that it is a dying river.  In West Virginia, they still can’t drink the water.  Fracking is causing earthquakes in places where earthquakes weren’t.

This is the world the far right, libertarian over-lords want.  They want a capitalistic free-for all where the winner takes all and the rest of us wallow in poverty, becoming nothing but surfs, to do their bidding, then be discarded at will.  It is a world where those in true need, those suffering from hunger have even less, while the mega-rich have their enterprises subsidized by tens of billions of tax-payer dollars.  Why not?  They can afford to pay for the corrupt politicians who are going to vote the way they are told.

The more I read about Russia as a country, the more I want to visit it.  I’ve learned that everything we were told, during the days of the USSR was basically wrong.  It is a land of dramatic beauty, and absolutely amazing music.  The culture is incredible.  The problem, though, is, once the USSR disintegrated it became a true, libertarian paradise.  If nothing else, the problems that exist in the country are a testament to how impossible libertarian philosophies are with civilized behavior.

This takes us back to the whole ‘gay’ problem that now exists in Russia.  Libertarians don’t like gays.  They don’t like gays in this country.  They are the most abusive, dogmatic, and feudalistic of all individuals. In many ways, they are almost pure evil.

Yep, it explains the strange love affair that’s going on right now, that and the fact that Putin and Obama have been involved, for years, in this male pissing contest.  The two men truly don’t like one another.  In a way, it’s rather humorous, even when dealing with international politics.  But, when the far right bases their new love affair with Russia on the fact that Putin doesn’t like Obama, well, that’s childish, rather like the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

What they’re ignoring is the fact that Russia has a growing extreme right, skinhead, neo-Nazi movement that is even more terrifying than the one here.  Of course they’re ignoring that part of the equation.  Some of the far right’s favorite icons are hip deep in their own little fascist, white supremacist problems.  All of this just proves how terminally screwed up the far right is today.

Getting back to the corruption, no wonder the far libertarian right is now in love with Russia.  We all know that corruption is rampart.  And – we all know that the far right, libertarian over-lords here in this country are obscenely corrupt.  They are so corrupt they are in danger of truly destroying this nation, just so they can make money. They will destroy anyone, bribe anyone, pollute anything, slaughter any animal, and so forth and so on – just to get richer.

Don’t get me wrong, I aspire to great wealth on a daily basis. But, like anything else, great wealth, without morality, can be a force true evil.  After all, the patron saint of the libertarian world is Ayn Rand, a psychopath if ever there was one.  I do believe she and her family were refugees from the USSR.  I hope the irony is not lost on all of us.  After all, the current poster children for the brave new libertarian world are Charles & David Koch, the most corrupt individuals in the nation.