Stuck on Climate Stupid


Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 9.11.31 PMAccording to John Kerry, climate change is equal to terrorism.  What if he were nearly a party to an extremely powerful volcanic eruption and still can’t put two and two together?  If you want to understand how disastrous liberal environmental policy can be, just look at the UK.

Maybe it’s time to mention the unspeakable.  Climate Change is to liberals what religion is to conservatives.  They are irrational, biased, ignore the historical record, and demand everyone believe the way they do – both liberals & conservatives with their pet ideology.  They’re the same, just different parties, different ideologies.  Extreme is extreme.  The more extreme one becomes, the less likely one is to even bother dealing with reason and logic.  Your judgement is clouded.  Sure, the far right and their increasingly right turn into abject ignorance, to the point where some deny the earth rotates around the sun, let alone that evolution exists just make everyone who is a Christian look bad.  It’s just like John Kerry made a total and complete fool out of himself on Monday, when he said that global warming is worse than a WMD.  There he is, in Jakarta, spouting off that global warming is such a grave threat, yet he is ignoring the gravest threat to our climate and possibly our planet.  Yes, he’s that stupid.

“…Speaking yesterday in the capital of Jakarta, the last stop on his three-nation Asia tour, Kerry called on the international community — nations and individuals — to do more now as addressing climate change required a global solution. The speech came against the backdrop of the eruption of the Mount Kelud volcano that disrupted air travel in the region and forced the cancellation of Kerry’s planned meeting today with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono…”

I don’t disagree that we are dealing with climate change.  No one in their right mind does.  But, climate change is different from the religion of global warming, just like creationism and a young earth ideology is different from normal Christianity.  The archaeology of the Holy Land is the easiest way to debunk their shoddy grasp on reality.  Rational, scientific logic should be enough to debunk irrational global warming.  But – it’s not.  What Kerry said, in his speech, highlights the problem endemic with the entire climate change philosophy.

“…When 97 percent of scientists agree on anything, we need to listen, and we need to respond. Well, 97 percent of climate scientists have confirmed that climate change is happening and that human activity is responsible. These scientists agree on the causes of these changes and they agree on the potential effects. They agree that the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide contributes heavily to climate change. They agree that the energy sources that we’ve relied on for decades to fuel our cars and to heat our homes or to air condition our homes, to — all the things that provide us electricity like oil and coal — that these are largely responsible for sending those greenhouse gases up into the atmosphere…”

Right, pollution is deadly and it is evil, but he was standing there, in a country that is being besieged by volcanic eruptions and he dares continue to spout his ignorant stupidity. This is my argument with global warming believers.  They are as blind and irrational as the worst creationists.  So, the change in Arctic temperatures is going to bring about a permanent shifting of the jet stream, to make winters colder, here in the US.  Yes, they are that ignorant, and are ignoring history.  That’s the problem with hysteria, it becomes irrational and counter-productive.

Let’s face it, both ideologies are making fools of themselves.  Anyone who thinks that Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee is capable of arguing climate change with Bill Nye is delusional. Or, you want delusional, try the headline that anyone denies climate change should watch the video of a glacier breaking up.  Bill Nye is a comedian.  He is NOT a scientist.  He has an honorary Ph.D. but that’s it.  He has a BS from Cornell, but that’s  it – not even a master’s. He is famous because he hosted a television series on Disney.  Sorry, but that doesn’t count much, with me.  He is known as The Science Guy because of a television show and the fact that he is a comedian.   He is also big-time skeptic.  I don’t like skeptics.   Their debate has been hailed by global warming enthusiasts as a triumph.  Blackburn, who is basically a dingbat, is anointed as ‘self-serving’.  That alone is a crock.  The reason Nye is doing this is to promote himself, and a project that he couldn’t get funded through Kwickstart.

This is the footage, just fascinating. But, glaciers grow and they retreat.  It was called the Ice Age for a reason.  The problem is, the world has been gradually warming over the last 10,000 years.  In fact, if you are truly interested in a record of what real climate change looks like, over the space of that time, for one nation, you can pull up the records for the United Kingdom. It’s all there.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 7.45.26 PMThis is what North America looked like during the last Ice Age.  In fact, the world warmed up due to carbon dioxide.  Now, if the global warming wonks were at it, 18,000 years ago, would they be wringing their hands about climate change?

“...The major glacial stages of the current ice age in North America are the Illinoian, Sangamonian and Wisconsin stages. The use of the Nebraskan, Afton, Kansan, and Yarmouthian (Yarmouth) stages to subdivide the ice age in North America have been discontinued by Quaternary geologists and geomorphologists. These stages have all been merged into the Pre-Illinoian Stage in the 1980s.

During the most recent North American glaciation, during the latter part of the Wisconsin Stage (26,000 to 13,300 years ago), ice sheets extended to about 45 degrees north latitude. These sheets were 3 to 4 km thick.

This Wisconsin glaciation left widespread impacts on the North American landscape. The Great Lakes and the Finger Lakes were carved by ice deepening old valleys. Most of the lakes in Minnesota and Wisconsin were gouged out by glaciers and later filled with glacial meltwaters. The old Teays River drainage system was radically altered and largely reshaped into the Ohio River drainage system. Other rivers were dammed and diverted to new channels, such as the Niagara, which formed a dramatic waterfall and gorge, when the waterflow encountered a limestone escarpment. Another similar waterfall, at the present Clark Reservation State Park near Syracuse, New York, is now dry.

The area from Long Island to Nantucket was formed from glacial till, and the plethora of lakes on the Canadian Shield in northern Canada can be almost entirely attributed to the action of the ice. As the ice retreated and the rock dust dried, winds carried the material hundreds of miles, forming beds of loess many dozens of feet thick in the Missouri Valley. Isostatic rebound continues to reshape the Great Lakes and other areas formerly under the weight of the ice sheets.

The Driftless Zone, a portion of western and southwestern Wisconsin along with parts of adjacent Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois, was not covered by glaciers….”

The world warms and the world cools.  The reason the world warms is usually due to either the activity of the sun, or volcanic explosions.  Right now, we are currently experiencing the most volcanic activity of the modern era.  In fact, right now, temperatures at the earth’s core are over 1,000 degrees warmer than they were 20 years ago.  This is NOT due to climate change.  This is due to G-E-O-L-O-G-Y.  Recently, there have been major eruptions in Indonesia, the ones making Kerry look like such a fool.  They are now monitoring Ubinas in Peru, San Miguel in El Salvador, and something going on at Mono Lake.  Kamchatka  volcanoes   in December, and so forth and so on to the tune of 85 eruptions in the past year. Zhupanovsky erupted in October.  This alone drastically alters the temperature, enough, to have caused the rains in the UK and our cold winter.

There are reasons for climate change.  One could be a major killer asteroid or comet, striking the planet.  The problem is the fact, that climate change is real.  Climate change is responsible for droughts, but the reasons for climate change are what defy explanation.  The world has become so uptight over the term ‘climate change’ that news of a strong El Nino is being met with weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth instead of with a loud shout of triumph!  El Ninos are the way the southwest gets out of drought.  Bring it on!

I guess that’s what started this rant and rave, the idiocy dealing with El Nino, and how horrible it will be.  They discuss, in mournful tones, how the warm ocean current causes one.  Well, what if some of the ocean in the Pacific was warming due to….volcanoes?  What if Antarctic cooling was due to …. volcanic activity?  What if…the money to study volcanology were severely cut?

What about carbon?  What happens if we remove it from the planet? Short answer, you remove carbon and you basically remove all life on earth.  Increasing CO2 levels are allowing the forests of the planet to use less water.  They thrive on CO2.  Did you know that the planet needs greenhouse gases to keep the temperature above freezing?

The problem is that those who believe in the religion of global warming are like creationists.  They aren’t capable of thinking with reason and logic.  They are true believers.  Like creationists, they allow no discussion.  The do not tolerate another opinion.  They are right, they know it, and don’t care what anyone else says.  The hilarious irony here is that climate change skeptics, many of whom are creationists, are more like evolutionists when it comes to climate change.   We have a very serious problem going on with the planet.  Unfortunately, neither side is helping matters.  In fact, they’re so busy pandering to their constituents that they don’t have the capacity to see the big picture – the real big picture.  In 2010, there were 55 volcanic eruptions, most in modern history.  Three years later there were 85.  I don’t want to sound like some idiot in a really bad Science Fiction Channel movie, but something is very wrong here. Yea, it is global warming on what could be on a catastrophic level.  It will bring about climate change, that’s for sure.  But – because the liberals of the world are so busy blaming humans and the conservatives are so busy blaming liberals, no one is bothering to even consider that we could be involved in a game changing scenario neither side is willing to deal with, not yet, they aren’t.

One other little fact, the Medieval Warm Period was warmer than it is now.

Just Facts
Just Facts

There’s nothing wrong with clean air and clean water.  There is nothing wrong with trying to keep agriculture clean, and get the chemicals out of the soil.  GMO isn’t good.  The way land is being tilled in this country will eventually lead to another dust bowl.  In many ways, there is no reasonable preservation of water.  The liberals mean well, but they just don’t understand that humans come first.  In the UK, the country is flooding because a wacky liberal decided to re-establish wetlands where wetlands have not been, for centuries.  They’re now paying the price.  One of these days, we’re going to be paying the price, also.