Another Alzheimer’s Day


SCAN3005This morning, after my mother dressed, and went back into the kitchen, she noticed that my father was a little red in the face.  He had a difficult time standing, could barely walk.  She started to panic.  When she told me, I started to panic.  What on earth was going on with him.

Then she told me she called Cathy to tell her about it.  When you are dealing with Alzheimer’s there’s always something new to deal with.  Today was no exception.

She thought, well, she’d get him something to drink.  We’re having a battle getting him to drink water.  He consumes soda like water, and orange juice like soda, constantly.  He will drink anything – but water.  She’s had to cut out even having soda in the house.  We’ve gone to Sonny Delight, because it’s cheaper.  There’s no reason for  him to literally chug freshly squeezed orange juice.

Then, my mother looked in the kitchen sink.  He had a large glass, with ice in it.  She noticed the bottle of good sherry, on the counter.  She’d been cooking with it.  He had drained the last of her bottle of sherry!  There had been a good 2-3 inches of sherry left in it.

He drank at least two-thirds of a cup!  The most he’s ever consumed in his life is a half glass of wine.  She fixed him some coffee, he chatted, very with it.  He wanted to know when the Braves were going to have some spring training games on.  He then had a little nap, woke up, and was very with it, though he was still staggering a little, even at 1PM.  She said he was great, all day.  She’s thinking about  giving him sherry and port.  It made his head work – that much!  My mother said it was the best she’s seen him in ages.  You never know.

Then, he started Sun-downing later in the afternoon.  She’s going to try giving him a little later in the afternoon, and see what happens.  If nothing else, it will help his circulation!

The photo is dedicated to my sister.  Her birthday is tomorrow!

All rights reserved, SJ Reidhead