Part III: The Corruption of the Bible & Christianity


Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 4.58.01 PMListen to the interview with Mark Chandler. At about 35 minutes into it, Chandler starts calling women girls, and explains how God planned the world for men to be in charge. I can’t imagine calling the women of his church ‘girls’. He doesn’t preach to women, but to men. There are several thousand women to attend his church, and don’t mind the way he treats them. That’s the problem, men like Chandler are preaching a false religion, stating that God did not intend women to be anything but followers. They are ignoring the teachings of Christ and His very life story. Christ valued women. They are a vital part of His ministry, yet today, this is ignored.

Years ago I became friends with one of the early astronauts. We were discussing Creation/Evolution and the Bible v. Science one day. His comment has always stuck with me. “By limiting science, you limit God.” He told me if you ever have the honor of orbiting the Earth, looking into the heavens, and down on the planet, the whole debate is a joke. God created the universe and He gave man the minds to create science and amazing technology. Ignoring science, evolution, and geological time limits the amazing creation of God. I like that. It works for me. I get my faith and my science too – best of both worlds. Like he told me “In the beginning… God…” and deal with it.

Years later, an ECUSA priest basically told me the same thing. There is no reason to throw science out because of God and no reason to throw God out because of science. They complement one another, if you allow your mind to go in that direction. I get my faith and my science. I’m happy. I can deal with evolution without having melt-down and deal with the Bible without having a crises of faith. Even Carl Sagan, a professed atheist, admitted that there had to be some sort of a higher power to create the universe. It’s too bad those who have such pathetic faith can’t comprehend that the universe is big enough for science and for God.

The problem, though, is the fact that today’s new version of Christianity cannot allow science any more than it can allow women to have a voice in church, or to even vote. Even worse are people like Gordon Klingenschmitt.

“…Klingenschmitt, for example, has stated that God doesn’t want gay people to have health care. He wants “Worthy of death” printed of gay couples’ wedding photos. He has pushed the idea that transgender women want access to the women’s restroom so they can rape their fellow occupants. He firmly believes that people who, according to his religion, are not going to heaven do not deserve to be treated equally by the government. “If they’re not going to get eternal benefits in Heaven, why should we give them government rewards here on this earth?” Klingenschmitt asked. “I don’t think we should.” …”

What this horrible creature is preaching has nothing to do with Christianity as anyone has ever imagined it to be. Neither is ‘masculine’ Christianity. It’s the new buzz-word, promoted by scared little men who are afraid of women. They don’t like women. They don’t want women in leadership rolls, so they have basically re-written the Bible to suit their own needs. As I mentioned earlier, John 3:16 is not as important as 1 Timothy 2:12. That’s all that really matters. The misogyny expressed against women, in today’s far right Christian world is reaching the point where it is destroying the church. Those practicing it no longer know what they believe.

“…There is a Greek word for “masculine” (andreia), it never occurs in the New Testament (a word close to it occurs in 1 Cor 16:13, but seems to be addressing the whole church — and means courage). Nor does it appear once in any words quoted here of J.C. Ryle. This is a colossal example of driving the whole through a word (“masculine”) that is not a term used in the New Testament, which Testament never says “For Men Only.” Pastors are addressed in a number of passages in the NT, and not once are they told to be masculine….”

What is 1 Timothy 2:12-14 really about? Well, try this one…the word used for ‘authority’ was used only once in the NT, and this is the only time. The word was used by St. John Chrysostom to refer to perverse sexual practices. Now – we need history. The entire geographical region where the letter to 1 Timothy was referring was into temple sex, religious prostitution, and religious sex…. get it?

“...Josephus, the famous Jewish historian from Paul’s own time, used the noun form, authenten, to describe the “author” of a poisonous drink. Diodorus of Sicily wrote about the “sponsors” (authentas) of daring plans and the “perpetrators” (authentas) of a crime. John Chrysostom, an early church father, used the same word, authentia to express “sexual license” or perverse sexual practices. Clement, another early church father, linked the word with women involved in sexual orgies.

Catherine Kroeger makes an excellent analysis of the implications of the original meaning of authentein: “Chrysostom [the early church father] uses autheritia to denote “sexual license.” If the word in this context refers to sexual behavior, it puts a quite different interpretation on the entire passage. For instance, if we were to translate the passage, ‘I forbid a woman to teach or discuss higher algebra with a man,’ we would understand the prohibition to be directed against instruction in mathematics. Suppose it read, ‘I forbid a woman to teach or talk Japanese with a man.’ Then we infer that the injunction applies to the teaching of language. ‘I forbid a woman to teach or dangle a man from a high wire’ would presuppose that the instructor was an aerialist. ‘I forbid a woman to teach or engage in fertility practices with a man’ would imply that the woman should not involve a man in the heretical kind of Christianity which taught licentious behavior as one of its doctrines. Such a female heretic did indeed ‘teach to fornicate’ in the Thyatiran church mentioned in Revelation 2:20 (cf. 2:14f.; Num. 25:3; 31:15f.).

Too often we underestimate the seriousness of this problem for the New Testament church. A passage in 2 Peter expresses concern not only for those drawn into this error but also for the illegitimate children which it produced:

‘But Israel had false prophets as well as true; and you likewise will have false teachers among you. . . . Having eyes full of adultery, that cannot cease from sin; beguiling unstable souls, an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; cursed children which have forsaken the right way … following the way of Balaam…. They utter big empty words, and make of sensual lusts and debauchery a bait to catch those who have barely begun to escape from their heathen environment (2:1,14f.,18).’”…”

In other words, Paul did not exactly approve of women teaching the men of the church perverse sexual practices and claiming them to be part of the Christian religion. What Paul was saying is that women who were teaching men perverted sexual practices as religion were to sit down, shut up, and not to have any role of authority in that church. Get it? That’s why he used the Adam & Eve connection. Adam was weak. Eve corrupted him, told him what to do, lead him into sin.

“...But there is no evidence from the first century that authentein means ordinary or legitimate authority. Nothing exists until the late third and fourth centuries to suggest other meanings, and even then, the verse in question still translates authentein as “dominating men” or “domineer over men.”

Paul is not allowing a woman to teach others to dominate men, to teach the domination of men, nor to dominate a man themselves, but to be peaceable (heshucias). This verse has nothing to do at all with mature, trained christian women exercising their spiritual gifts and serving the body through teaching, preaching, or leading. These were women led astray by false teaching, whom Paul is correcting in these verses and who must start at the beginning with full submission to the gospel and sound teaching.

He ties in the creation story to draw a correlation between Eve being deceived by the voice of false teaching and these women. It is a reminder to the church of the devastating effects of false teaching and deception….”

Part IV continues tomorrow.