Part V: The Corruption of the Bible & Christianity

No Longer Quivering
No Longer Quivering

Women are to be abused, plain and simple. Now that Bill Gothard, the leading light of homeschooling, quiverfull families has been exposed as a total and complete abusive pervert, who sexually harassed and manipulated young women, for decades, his world, his minions are circling the wagons around him. Why is this important when understanding how corrupt the far right has become when dealing with matters of Christianity? Why are women to be kept at home? Let’s be honest here, there’s only one reason. We’re dealing with men who truly detest women. They are also so terrified of strong women they will do anything, including declare that feminism is a sin, in order to keep women from having any sort of leadership role over

“...Keepers at home: minding their own family affairs, not gadding abroad; and inspecting into, and busying themselves about other people’s matters. This is said in opposition to what women are prone unto. It is reckoned among the properties of women, by the Jews, that they are יוצאניות, “gadders abroad” (x): they have some rules about women’s keeping at home; they say (y),

“a woman may go to her father’s house to visit him, and to the house of mourning, and to the house of feasting, to return a kindness to her friends, or to her near relations–but it is a reproach to a woman to go out daily; now she is without, now she is in the streets; and a husband ought to restrain his wife from it, and not suffer her to go abroad but about once a month, or twice a month, upon necessity; for there is nothing more beautiful for a woman, than to abide in the corner of her house; for so it is written, Psa_45:13 “the king’s daughter is all glorious within”.”…”

So many of the advocates of the new, corrupt version of Christianity are petty little men who are very poorly educated, at best. They hate women. I recently read where one leading advocate of a patriarchal system said that he was waiting for the day when androids could be programmed to do the work of women, including fully functional sex. Then they won’t need women at all. I think that says it all. There is no value for women. They can’t even grasp the fact that women are needed to produce those dozens of babies they want to have in their full quiver. I gather they can just round women up, harvest their eggs, have the babies grown in incubator wombs, and just kill all we women. That’s the way they are heading. They truly detest women. Feminism is now a sin to be confessed and repented.

“...Look, some men can’t help but look. They aren’t very strong in being able to “avert” their eyes as you put it.. I agree that modesty is important and necessary… If anybody is doing a disservice to women (and men) it’s YOU… If you want to wear a two inch skirt that doesn’t even cover your butt and my UNDERWEAR are longer than that; that’s your choice, but stay home so I don’t have to look at you!!!!!!!!!! Men may not have control over looking at us, but we have control of what we wear. If you don’t wear that stuff they won’t look to lust!! DUH! Lightbulb moment!! Yours may just be too DIM to go off! Not only do men look at women who dress like that, but those of us who dress modestly are outraged and disgusted by people who wear stuff like that.. It’s an embarrassment to women and I’d like to thank the writer of this piece because more people should say that…”Let’s put this in different terms; would you like your husband (or future depending) to lust after a young girl wearing a short skirt and barely any shirt so much that he has an affair with her and divorces you because of that short skirt…

This is the problem. Men involved in this movement are so terrified of women, so full of hatred of them, so petty, so little, so immature that they must control women. They don’t quite comprehend that what a woman wears is her business and not theirs. Because of the new way of interpreting 1 Timothy 2:11-12, women are to submit to them. A submissive woman will not disturb them by wearing something perverted like a short skirt.

I don’t know about you, but when I encounter men who abjectly detest gays to the point of hatred, and absolutely detest women to the point where they are nothing but sex objects to be abused, and almost enslaved, I have a few questions. Let’s be honest here, the men who are deepest in the closet are those who hate gays the most. Their hatred of women is leading to a culture of rape, harassment, and physical abuse. One of these days, we’re going to start hearing about ‘godly’ men murdering their ‘godly’ wives. Oh, wait, this is already happening.

“...The modesty doctrine goes way deeper than the denim jumper. It’s a central pillar of patriarchal religion. Doing away with it means finding another support for ethical sexuality. I think it means replacing the idea of possession with the idea of sharing. It means seeing consent as a permanent requirement, one that doesn’t expire upon marriage. It means moving beyond a toddler-like vision of the world (“everything is here for me to look at”) to an adult one (“I can see the world around me, but it isn’t about me”). It means ceasing to fear that you can be defiled by something you see (it’s what comes out that defiles you). It means taking responsibility for your own actions rather than accusing others of “forcing” you to sin. It means ceasing to assign respect or perceived moral character to women based on how much or how little of their bodies are visible, or how curvy they are. Finally, it means replacing a functional definition of women as bodies with a recognition of women as full human beings who can wear whatever they damn well please…”

Their hatred of women, has created a culture of abuse, rape, and manipulation. One of the worst of the manipulators and sexual harassers is the legendary Bill Gothard. They say the man is so powerful and influential that he sends out a weekly email to 95,000 ministers – worldwide – promoting his ATI – Advanced Training Institute cult. It is a cult, where women are to be submissive, young men godly, and fathers control the world. It is a world where Gothard has run amok, with a decades old history of sexual harassment of innocent young women who were sent to work for him. Like the Doug Phillips, Gothard has preached godly families, powerful young men for Christ, and quiet, submissive godly women who simper and stay at home, raising a second generation of brainwashed drones for Christ. His more famous devotes are the Duggars, who have about a thousand kids. Having never married, the man is something of a weird, sexual pervert who was devoted to his mommy, even remaining her home, after she died.

“...But it’s also not fair that men are so much more stimulated by what they see than we are and they can’t control what we wear. Only we can. …But to dress in a way that barely covers what is meant to be seen in private by our spouses draws little if any attention to Christ. We’re not here to be sexy, we’re here to be like Jesus…..I’m not writing this to harshly judge anyone. I’m writing because I believe more women who claim to follow Christ and pursue His holiness need to be reminded that dressing modestly is just another part of that process. They aren’t separate….”

It’s a world so screwed up, that women are now to cover up, entirely so that they won’t lead men astray with lust. And, because women are lesser than men, not quite a full person with a full soul, there are now young men who believe they must repent for, and atone for their wives, and their sin. Evidently women are no longer good enough to even go before the Lord in confession. A man needs to do it for us.

You see, women must dress in a way to keep their childish men from ‘stumbling’. It allows men to remain in an adolescent stage where they look at women as sex objects. And – women are completely controlled in what they must wear. They go back to what Paul said a woman should be wearing in church, completely ignoring the fact that Paul quoted verbatim, the Emperor Augustus in what a Roman women of virtue should be wearing. You can’t base a religion on a few versus of scripture. When you do, it becomes a cult. This is what modern day far right Christianity has become – nothing but a cult.

The series continues tomorrow, concluding with part VI on Tuesday.