Part VI: The Corruption of the Bible & Christianity


Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 9.29.43 AMI had planned to end the series yesterday, but additional information has appeared.  There is a distinct possibility that Republican state platforms all over the country are adding a plank that states that a woman’s place is in the home, having children, and not in the work place.  In order to control their children, they are depriving them of birth certificates, social security numbers, and documents basic to survival in the modern world.  You see, a husband, a father is to control all.  To question him is to question God.  I found an article by Dr. R. C. Sproul, Jr.

“...Our trouble, as is so often the case, is that we who are born from above only reform halfway. We think we have licked this problem because we pursue the “right” things and are against militant feminism. But too often women still are on a power trip and men still roll over at their persistence.

We men will not move forward, however, if these good women grit their teeth and insist all the more that they will follow. This is a problem that only we can solve by taking up the mantle of leadership. We must lead our wives, and if we do, they will be sure to follow, for that is their nature. We must repent for our weakness, while calling our wives to repent for their ill-placed strength. And there’s no better place to begin than in the homeschool. Nervous laughter while describing ourselves as the “headmasters” of our homeschools won’t do the job. We must truly be the headmasters of our homeschools. We don’t simply “permit” our wives to homeschool—we homeschool together under the husband’s authority. Of course, there are things we may delegate, as long as we can tell the difference between delegation and abdication.

What the world needs is what the world has always needed—men who will have the courage, the stamina, and the wisdom to be men. When we get this right, everything and everyone else will follow….”

This is about control, nothing more and nothing less.  If a man isn’t in control, then he isn’t doing the will of God, right?  They must reproduce, force women to set aside those nasty baby-killing contraceptives, and prevent women who use birth control from being sluts, as Rush Limbaugh calls them.  Girls are advised to treasure their virginity.  The only sex ed they need is to tell them to keep their mouths and legs shut.  They are even advised to sign purity pledges.  Women who wear clothing that isn’t modest are asking for it.  There are even godly ‘christian’ schools where women who are raped and report it, are expelled.

“...What God doesn’t say, however, is that she will succeed in becoming her husband, in actually ruling. The implication (and history certainly seems to bear this out) is that part of the curse against man is that he will try to abdicate his position to his wife. It is a perversion that the husband, rightly resenting the heavy hand of the wife, thinks that the solution is to back further away. “If that pushy woman keeps insisting that I lead, I’ll show her by refusing to do so.” This has the same two edges: misery in success, for success goes against our created nature; and misery in failure, because failure goes against our fallen nature….”

None of this would be all that important, or anything unusual except for the rumors about how Sproul literally spanked and allegedly abused his late wife, when she disobeyed him.  This is physical and emotional abuse.

“...I can confirm Lindt’s comments about RC Sproul Jr and the wife spanking. We were members there years ago and witnessed it in his home. We were there in the early years of St. Peter Presbyterian Church. RC would sometimes invite families to his home for a meal, not so much for the regular folks, but if you were big donors to the church and Highlands Study Center like we were.

Ghirard then discusses a disturbing parenting concept taught in these circles called “blanket training” that Sproul practiced.   We pick up the story on the topic of domestic violence as Ghirard shares what happened next at Sproul Jr.’s home:

After supper as we sat in the living room with RC and his children. Denise was cleaning up in the kitchen. RC got up to go in the kitchen. Denise must have done something to make him mad because he angrily told her, “Go to your room”. It sounded just like he was talking to a little child. Denise went to their bedroom and a little later RC went up and we could hear him spanking her. She stayed up there a long time before she came back down. The look on her face told all. She was humiliated and ashamed. It was the most awkward supper we’d ever had in anyone’s home. We didn’t accept anymore invitations from RC after that….”

He thinks that women should not be allowed to serve communion.

“...The Bible doesn’t tell us who ought to serve communion. We can take a sound step toward keeping our symbols in mind if we remember first they are only our symbols, not God’s law. The reason most churches, including the church where I serve, have elders serving communion is to connect symbolically their calling to guard the table, with the actual service of the table. That is, the elders are called to determine if the claim to faith made by those under their care is legitimate or not. If a man is living in gross and unrepentant sin, and still claims to be a Christian, it is the job of the elders to say to that man, and to the church, “This man, until he repents, does not look to us to be a Christian. Therefore he is not welcome at the Lord’s Table.” It is good and appropriate then, to connect the office of the elder with the Table of our Lord. If elders are serving the sacrament, then of course women should not serve the sacrament, not because of the sacrament, but because women are not to be elders. That is, if you are in a church with women elders, the trouble isn’t that a woman is handing you the body and the blood. The problem is that a woman is ruling in the church, something not just symbolically wrong, but forbidden by the plain language of Scripture (I Timothy 2:12)…”

There is a very real problem with all of this – abuse.  Because women have basically been reduced to second class citizen status within the extreme patriarchal right, they can be abused.  And, abuse, molestation, along with sexual harassment is almost at epidemic proportions in the far right.  It is alarming.   Not only have at least 30 young women reported that Bill Gothard has sexually harassed and abused them, but the abuse is ignored and excused.  When the GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in a Christian Environment) became a little too close to revealing the nasty secrets hidden for years at Bob Jones University, they were fired.  The same thing happened with the Association for Baptists for World Evangelism.  So many children had come forward with stories of abuse that the investigation was dropped.  Vision Forum folded because of Doug Phillip’s admitted adultery, which began when the woman was a minor.  Now, Patrick Henry College is under investigation for allegations that the founder and chancellor has allegedly covered up reports of rape on campus.  The response – well, women are whores, asking for it.

Susanne Calulu, who has been at the forefront exposing such abuse, wrote:

“...Taking advantage of and molesting children and young adult women isn’t simply “sin” or “hypocrisy” which “anyone” can fall into. Taking advantage of and molesting children and young adult women is criminal behavior. It is sexual abuse, plain and simply. This isn’t a question of people’s fallibility; it isn’t a question of “ego strength,” unless you somehow believe leaders are innately abusers. And it sure as hell isn’t a question of “basic strengths.” Sexual abuse isn’t a “basic strength” that “can get out of control.” It’s not something that comes from “too much of a good thing.” Michael Farris’s attempts to spin these situations away from criminal activity and into the realm of “we’ve all fallen short” is self-serving, inexcusable, and horrifying. It is yet another example that he is in denial about abuse within the movement he himself helped to build….”

A quick guide to what is what in the movement from a list compiled in Why Not Train a Child?

  • Multigenerational Faithfulness
  • Stay at home Daughters – it is a sin for daughters to not be under their father or brother’s headship at all times – no college, no living on their own
  • Patriocentricity (they call it “Biblical Patriarchy”) – the wife and children exist to glorify God through facilitating the husband/father’s “vision” in whatever way the patriarch wants them to.
  • Quiverful – the use of any sort of BC to space or limit children is sinful and a sign of a lack of faith
  • Transfer of Authority – When ownership of a daughter passes from her father to her new husband
  • Covenental Homeschooling – not educating your own children at home is a sin
  • Isolating children from the sinful world – part of the reason for homeschooling
  • Dominionism – the idea that Christians should control secular government through political action
  • Visionary Womanhood – blog
  • Ladies Against Feminism – blog
  • National Center for Family Integrated Churches (NCFIC) – organization founded by Doug Phillips to further his ideals of “Biblical Patriarchy” in churches
  • Constitution Party – political party
  • HSLDA – Home School Legal Defense Association
  • Patrick Henry College (given $ by the same people who give Gothard, VF, and HSLDA $)
  1. The Homeschool Leadership Summit (2009)
  • Hobby Lobby – crafting store which is affiliated with Gothard (TestifyToLove found this out a couple months ago).
  • Institute for Creation Research – Work together and are very friendly
  • Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) – Started by Bill Gothard and/or his followers
  • ATI (Advanced Training Institute) – Started by Bill Gothard and/or his followers
  • Above Rubies – Promotes VF ideals such as Quiverful and women’s “true” Godly calling being that of staying at home and raising children and being a help-meet to their husbands

They aren’t very wise.  They have a tendency to read a Bible that is different from normal people. They ignore what they want to ignore, and they just don’t understand Christ.  Like my mother told me, the other day, when I was reading excerpts from one of the godly men mentioned several times in the series, ‘They can’t possibly know Christ or they wouldn’t be this way.

“...So it is really these three doctrines that are needed to revive the Biblical ideal of family in the church (and then, hopefully in the society) and return/revive the men of the church. The church is intended to be a very masculine place. Even a cursory reading of the Scripture shows it to be a very, very masculine book. Men are just up and doing things all over the place. Oh, women do them too, but the book is just chock full of men. Heroes, martyrs, would be martyrs who get saved by a miracle… even most of the villains are men. God portrays Himself as a man, Christ came to Earth in the incarnation of a man, the apostles were all men.

Man as head of his family, man as head of the church, reflects Christ as head of the church, Christ as husband of His bride. The feminization of the church is, essentially, a blasphemous rejection of Christ and God the Father.

The church is intended to teach that the family is meant to be the foundational jurisdiction. From Adam our federal head to the church’s eventual role as the bride of Christ, the Scriptures are founded on the idea of family. God our Father, Christ our Brother, the old hymn says. The modern church’s failure to teach these vital doctrines of the family, indeed to teach doctrines in direct opposition to these vital doctrines, has led to the emasculation (pun intended) of the family, the church, and the entire culture….”

So, if the Church is the Bride of Christ, is it not intended to be feminine? I guess Vaughn Ohlman doesn’t quite grasp that Christ was born of woman, the first person to see the Risen Christ was a woman.  Women were vital parts of his ministry.  He treated them with respect.  He did a smack-down of Martha who was doing the Martha thing, telling her it was better for her to sit at his feet, with the men, learning of Christ, not running around cooking and entertaining and being submissive.  He might also want to research a little history, which is flawed.  He writes about various male Biblical heroes and how they exemplify the nuclear family.  He might want to investigate the tawdry family life of Jacob who never met a woman he didn’t sleep with.  David was a bastard, literally.  He also had a bi-sexual fling with Jonathan. What about Lot, his daughters, and incest?  No one mentions that after Sarah died, Abraham remarried – Hagar.

Ignorant, petty little men like this are just that, ignorant, petty little men who are so ignorant and so petty they must come up with an excuse to dominate and abuse women. God help them.