Part II: Seriously Corrupted Faith


Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 8.47.25 AM“…”The heresy of democracy has since then worked havoc in church and state… Christianity and democracy are inevitably enemies”, and elsewhere said that “Christianity is completely and radically anti-democratic; it is committed to spiritual aristocracy,” and characterized democracy as “the great love of the failures and cowards of life…” R. J. Rushdoony.

One Jewish blogger wrote that there is a huge difference between the religions.

“...Given that Judaism and Christianity share what Christianity calls the Old Testament and Judaism calls Tanakh, it is easy to assume that Judaism is essentially Christianity Without Jesus. It isn’t; not even close. Aside from obvious complications emanating from the fact that Christianity is strictly a religious designation whereas Judaism also designates a people, there are a lot of very fundamental religious differences between the two. This is not to say that Christians and Jews can’t agree on a lot and work together, it is just to say that the differences are too comprehensive to allow one to be both simultaneously. At least in terms of any attempt I’ve ever seen….”

What the practitioners of this newly evolved religion might not want to even admit is that our religious beliefs, (as traditional Christians and not Messianic Christians, and as Western Christians as in the Catholic and then the traditional Protestant churches) is that we are as far from the traditions that served the Jewish people quite well as are most Jews, today. Our Western version of the faith is based on Roman history, culture, and identity. Roman traditions are compatible with the new religion created by J. R. Rushdoony. So are today’s Jewish traditions. What Rushdoony’s followers also refuse to admit is that the ancient traditions and laws were put in place, almost as a rebuke of Jacob and his truly deplorable and disgusting family. But – they can’t even admit that one.

They wax poetic about the family values of the ancient Jews, but there were no family values. Lot was about incest. Abraham was about a man who was so afraid he would lose his blond bombshell wife that he would do just about anything to keep her, including lie, cheat, and steal. When he finally began to truly believe God, he agreed to sacrifice his 40 year old son, to murder him. When Sarah discovered what he was going to do, she dropped dead from a heart attack. What does Abraham do but go visit Ishmael after Isaac basically kicks him out of his encampment. Ishmael, typical son of a couple who had gone through a rocky path, fixed his dad up with his mom. Abraham then marries Hagar.

Family Values?

Jacob – Israel – the founder of the Jewish nation was a cad, horn-dog, womanizer, and a total jerk. He stole his brother’s birthright, basically abused his first wife because he was pissed with her, conned and stole from his father-in-law, and treated his children, except for Joseph and Benjamin like pure dirt.

David was a bastard. He had a homosexual fling with Jonathan. He did not punish his son for raping his daughter. That’s why he was kicked off his throne for a time. He danced nude, in front of the Ark of the Covenant and had a man killed so he could marry his wife. We won’t even go in to Solomon and his women!

While we’re on the subject of family values, let’s examine Rushdoony’s version of family values. Rumor has it Rushdoony had her declared insane and locked up for life, so he could marry his second wife, who did the same thing with her ex-hubby.

“...Lastly here, it is worth noting who the real first MIA is, namely the first Mrs RJ Rushdoony, who was divorced from the patriarch back in 1956. So complete has been her damnatio memoriae that I have no idea what her first name is, whether she is still living, etc., all this despite the fact that she is the birth mother of all five of Rushdooney’s children, whose apparent loyalty to their great father has meant total exile for their mother. In the Festschrift for RJR prepared for his 80th birthday, son Mark, born in 1954, wrote a 20 pp. biography of his dad, mentioning many important events in his father’s earlier days, but stunningly not once mentioning his mother or his parents’ divorce. Of course, since Christians who take the Bible seriously frown on easy unbiblical divorce, Chalcedon will answer, when asked about this divorce, that the OPC presbytery of which RJR was then a member investigated the divorce and found him blameless in 1956, but no details have ever been provided, nor any corroboration, and various rumors still swirl about. Yet we are all apparently supposed to take their word for it, despite the obvious revising of history….”

One of the great misconceptions in the new corrupted Rashdoony version of Christianity is the quiverfull reference. It is found, Biblically, only in Psalm 127:5. It basically says that happy is a man who has a quiver full of sons. A medieval quiver contained approximately 12 arrows. That’s 12 sons, like the 12 tribes of Israel. The idea is that those of us who don’t have children are selfish. I gather since he had no children, Christ was selfish. So were Peter, Andrew, the James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, Thaddaeus, Simon, Paul, the other Disciples, and so forth and son on. Strangely enough, Henry Morris who has been known to be something of a crack-pot at times, which is why I’m using his numbers, estimates that the average family, during the time of the Old Testament, post Noah, was about 8 or so. That’s not exactly a ‘quiverfull.”

According to the patriarchal movement, it is selfish not to have numerous children. I gather the above list included many men who were selfish, including Christ, himself.

Brenda B Colijn wrote in the Ashland Theological Journal that the average size of the ancient Hebrew household (servants, relatives, etc) was anywhere from 50 – 100. This also included numerous wives and concubines. One must take into account, when factoring in the large OT families, like that of Jacob, that there was more than one wife. If one goes back and studies the fate of very large families in the OT, one sees a thread of tragic fate, of cruelty, murder, incest, and death.

There were basic facts of life. The more children a woman had, the more likely she would die in childbirth. The reason a man wanted as many children as possible is the fact that once born, his precious son (daughters did not count) stood a 50% chance of survival to the age of 1. There was about a 50%-75% chance that a child would not survive to reproduce. If he had 8 sons, maybe 3 would survive to reproduce. If one woman had 8 children, the chances were she would eventually die in childbirth. She stood a 20% chance of death each time she was pregnant. The other basic fact of life was that, by the time of Jesus of Nazareth, large families were not the norm. Romans did not reproduce well. Roman infertility was notorious. There are those who even theorize that the reason the Roman Empire fell was due to the falling infertility rates.

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  1. The first Mrs. Rushdoony was Arda June Gent Rushdoony. She and her husband met as students at a Presbyterian affiliated college in Washington state. Heresy in the Heartland has more information about Arda June and her ill-fated marriage to Rushdoony.

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