Baby’s Second Got Ya Day


Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 2.16.56 AMIn a way it was quite appropriate, the way Baby came into my life.  In a way, I knew, when I found her, that she was sent to me, to replace my beloved Doc Holiday, who was dealing with a fatal disease.  Ironically, Doc lived a little over a year, almost hanging in there, to raise Baby for me.  None of the other Pink Flamingo kitties would have anything to do with her.  She became Doc’s kitten.

Doc Holiday was born on August 31, 2000.  I rescued her when she was 9 days old.  It was late in the evening of September 8.  I heard this horrified kitten, crying in distress.  I’d already changed for bed.  I put on a robe and drove around the condos, listening.  I found this little tiny kitten, its eyes barely open, lying on the the cold cement.  I quickly wrapped her in a soft towel.  Dressing, I took her to Walmart with me to buy milk to nurse her.  I bought the dry power instead of the liquid, and nearly killed her that way.  Her wonderful pediatrician, Dr. Warren Franklin, saved her life, many times.

Three weeks later, I rescued her twin sister, our beautiful Georgie W. who eventually was murdered via pet food poisoning, along with my precious little Miss Piggy. During the summer and fall of 2011, Doc began losing weight.  In January of 2012 she was diagnosed with a severe pancreatic condition that was basically starving her to death.  From then, until a week ago, she was given this nasty powder, twice a day.   Dr. Lane Dixon and Dr. Franklin saved her life.

In April of last year Doc began to fail.  She was in tremendous distress, then.  Dr. Dixon diagnosed her with Aplastic Anemia.  They feared pancreatic cancer.  She was doing well enough for me to bring her home.  She became so stressed this evening, after getting her front claws caught in the carpet, she had a catastrophic heart attack, dying within minutes.  I was comforting her at the time she died.  She died April 20.

The great irony is it as if Doc held on for a year, to take care of Baby.  I rescued Miss Leontyne Price, AKA Precious Little Baby Kitten, AKA Baby.  Precious Little Baby Kitten, AKA Baby on March 2, 2012.  None of the other cats would go near Baby. They treated her quite badly.  Doc cared for her, loving her, grooming her, being right there for her. She snuggled baby, and basically raised her.  About a month ago, Baby began to truly interact with the rest of the family.  Looking back on it, when Baby was accepted by the rest of the family, Doc began separating herself from the world.  Mommy Cat was a total jerk to Baby.  Mommy Cat and Doc were best buds.  A month ago or so, Mommy Cat adopted Baby.  I remarked at the time that it was quite ironic the way she was taking care of Baby, crying for her when she was out of sight.  Doc’s health started failing at that time.  Baby has now been fully accepted by the family Doc protected with the ferocity of a lioness.

Doc died last April

Thus far, Baby has done something like $1500 damage, mostly with collector glass.  Nothing is sacred to her.  She is something of a climber, more of a klutz than anything else.  Like Doc, she sits on the kitchen counter when I cook.  She follows me around.  When I do make-up she sits in the bathroom sink.  Turning on the water doesn’t even insult her.  She loves it.  She chews on my make-up pencils, and lip-stick tubes.  She tries to take the tooth-brush.  She has been known take the lid off the plastic container that contains Q-tips and removes them.  She helps me when I’m pulling hair-pins out of a container.  I think you get the picture – she’s just a big help.

Currently, she has adopted the box that my sewing machine came in, when I bought it a few years ago.  I finally worked up the nerve to open it up last November. The box is her throne.  She dives through the both ends, which are open, and sometimes jumps up on the top, where she holds court.  The other cats will run after her, as she fakes them.  She hits the top of the box while they run through it.  At three in the morning, it sounds like I’m being invaded by Bigfoot!

When we found Baby, it was assumed she was a Maine Coon.  Since she has finally grown up, we’ve learned that she is more standard Persian than anything else.  Her fur is long, soft, silky, and she mats, easily.  We so a lot of brushing.

Just a little FYI – she’s not photogenic.