Unending Adolescence


Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 10.54.47 PMAshton Sacks, age 19 drove from Seattle to Southern California to murder his parents.  He planned to kill the rest of the family, including his 8-year-old brother, also.  I was listening to the story on the news today.  One of those discussing his story called him a poor boy who did not deserve a death penalty trial due to his young age.   He was just a boy, who had a full life to live, once he was rehabilitated.

Child?  He’s described as a teen, a college student, and man.  He’s 19, legal, having reaches his majority.  He is no longer a child.  At the age of 19, my father had joined the Merchant Marines and volunteered for duty in the South Pacific, where there was, at that time, a 90% mortality rate.  Because there was little chance he would return home, alive, he and his buddies manipulated the situation into one long party at Sheep’s Head Bay, where he trained.  By the time he finally reached the South Pacific, the nurses were there!

At the age of 19, Abner Doubleday had written the rules for baseball.  Jean Cocteau had published his first volume of poetry.  Richard Leakey was hunting for fossils.  Henry David Thoreau had delivered his Harvard Commencement address. Babe Ruth was playing for the Red Sox.  John D. Rockefeller founded a new company.  Steve Jobs began working with Steve Wozniak.  Bill Gates founded Microsoft.   Octavius became heir to Julius Caesar.  Tutankhamen was already dead.  Mickey Mantle was a rookie.  George Washington was a surveyor.  During the Vietnam War, 8,283 men age 19 were killed.   From what I can find, 140 brave young men and women, age 19 have been killed in the War on Terror.

I don’t think we need to call this cold-blooded murderer a child.


According to the Daily Mail, the couple was difficult to live with.  The mom was in hock for over a million bucks tax evasion.  The weren’t the nicest of people.

They are calling it prolonged adolescence.  It’s just another fancy way of saying someone has yet to grow up.   They are babied. They are pampered.  They’ve been protected to the point where a little bo-bo on the finger an lead to over-use of mediation for depression.  They are drugged to go to school, they are hopped up on sleeping pills.  They can’t make a move in life without the proper medication.

What can you expect when you are dealing with a generation who had helmets for the tricycle, the swings, and for walking down the front steps.

They are babies.

Maybe it’s time to stop treating them like babies and make them behave like adults, taking responsibility for the things they do in life, even when they murder their parents.

Why do you call a 19-year-old murderer a boy?

I guess the answer is if that 19-year-old came from a wealthy, white, privileged background.  He’s just a boy.