A Great Barihunk!


Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 1.58.29 AMFor the past year or so, I’ve been following an exciting Barihunk – Jonathan Estabrooks.  He did some incredibly creative funding for his first CD, which is hitting the market any minute now, actually on CD in about a month.  The man is more than a baritone, he’s an entertainer, destined for greatness.  The man belongs on a stage in Vegas as a headliner.  I love opera, but he’s too big to be contained in opera.

It is so much fun to watch someone get started on the road to the big-time.  It’s like following a catcher from the minors to the majors.  Now, let’s hope he makes it to the Hall of Fame!

We all know I have a soft spot for baritones.  Let’s face it, is there any other sort of voice?  Oh, there’s something we should also note about the baritone.  He’s also a Barihunk pin-up!

You gotta love opera!