When Political Criticism Becomes a Crime


Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 9.21.02 PMThere is nothing wrong with normal political criticism.  It’s part of the game.  Anyone knows that all is fair in love and politics – or it once was.  It was a game and people knew how to play it.  Unfortunately, these days, with the advent of libertarians, seriously disturbed libertarians who are basically the unwashed Trekkies of politics (apologies to Trekkies everywhere for any unintentional insults), the political game has changed – for the worst.  The kind of libertarian – conservative – militia – freak – who is now involved in fringe politics is a perversion of the political animal.  They are irrational, crude, rude, ill-educated fakes who know nothing about the history of this country, let alone the Constitution.  They are a fringe element now basking in the warm and fuzzy glow of over-inflated self-importance.  Intellectual losers in life, they are so narcissistic that they think people actually care about their opinions, to the point where they can do anything, say anything, lie about anyone, and make life a living hell for anyone who disagrees with them.

While they are little people, mentally, and intellectually, they are still alarming.  Thanks to the fact that their over-lords want to basically do anything it takes to turn the country into something they prefer, these nasty little jerks have no problem stepping over the line of rational discourse.  Then again, with them, nothing is rational, let alone discourse.  The only thing that matters is the political agenda and the candidates they have been told to support.  They aren’t bright enough to read between the lines and realize they are supporting individuals who are so extreme that, in normal circumstances, they wouldn’t even be allowed to be a part of the GOP political process.  These are not normal times and they now control the GOP political process.

Those of us who have been observing them growing more and more extreme have wondered when they were going to cross the line from political hyperbole into criminal activity.  On Thursday, the lovely little libertarians at FTS News in South Carolina crossed that line.

Is what they did illegal?

FTS News
FTS News

I think this is illegal.

“...Threatening the government officials of the United States is a serious crime under federal law. Threatening the President of the United States is a Class D felony under 18 U.S.C. § 871, punishable by 5 years of imprisonment, that is investigated by the United States Secret Service. Threatening other officials is a Class C or D felony, usually carrying maximum penalties of 5 or 10 years under 18 U.S.C. § 875, 18 U.S.C. § 876 and other statutes, that is investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. When national boundaries are transcended by such a threat, it is considered a terrorist threat. When a threat is made against a judge, it can be considered obstruction of justice. Threatening federal officials’ family members is also a federal crime; in enacting the law, the Committee on the Judiciary stated that “Clearly it is a proper Federal function to respond to terrorists and other criminals who seek to influence the making of Federal policies and interfere with the administration of justice by attacking close relatives of those entrusted with these tasks.”..”

It is unclear if FTS News is still owned by Nancy Mace, who is running against Lindsey Graham in a nasty primary there in South Carolina.  I say it is nasty because people like Mace, white-supremacist pandering Lee Bright and so forth and so on, are the bottom feeders below the pond scum.  Mace, hides behind a false aura of fake patriotism is not a nice person. Her alleged associates there at FTS would have no problem making such a threat against Lindsey.   Why not, they’ve spent the past eight years lying about him.  Lying about someone, to destroy them, in the Torah culture, is as evil as murder.  The kind of lies allegedly told by Mace and her colleagues at FTS are what would be considered the murder of a person’s reputation.  Why not openly advocate for the murder of Lindsey?  We all knew it was coming.

This is a threat against a duly elected United States Senator.  It is a felony.  When one considers the alleged relationship between Nancy Mace and FTS, and her position in the primary, it is even worse.  Nothing will ever be done about the threat.

One of these days someone is going to take jerks like FTS seriously.

What is going to happen then?  Oh, wait, they’re just a blog, the media.  They have the right to lie, cheat, and destroy, as long as it’s in a good cause – promoting the candidacy of their allegedly former owner.  I think what concerns me most is the fact that the lovely little libertards at FTS News are either unaware of the fringe element in South Carolina, with the growing power of the extreme right, white supremacists militias, or they don’t give a damn. The militias are made up of very well armed and unbalanced failures in life. One of these days they’re going to start firing a few shots at our elected leaders.  Oh, the folks at FTS won’t care – psychopaths and narcissists don’t give a damn who they destroy.

I don’t mind admitting that I disagree with Lindsey, quite a bit, lately, politically.  In order to deal with the extreme right jerks there in SC, he’s had to take a hard right turn.  Due to circumstances in my life, I’ve taken a left turn.  I am absolutely convinced that GOP economic policies are a very big part of why we are having such severe economic problems in this country.  Libertarians  and their austerity-based economic ‘policies’ are even worse.  I’ve seen why people need help.  I will never again be able to advocate conservative positions in much of anything.  This said, I would not hesitate to vote for Lindsey if I were still in South Carolina.  There are times you vote for the quality and decency of a person.  It’s the reason I voted for a Democrat – Barack Obama – for the first time in my life.  He was/is a far better person that Mitt Romney will ever be.  I don’t agree with some of his policies and am frothing over his completely over the top approach to Russia, but he’s a good man. I’d vote for him all over again.  Same thing with Lindsey.  He’s one of the finest people in government today.  That’s enough for me.  He’s also my friend.  When I see a filthy pervert like the alleged owners and editors of FTS News literally threaten to murder the man for political purposes advocate his assassination I am furious.  I’m shocked.  I’m also sickened that the American political process could become such a third world garbage disposal.