Part IV: The Leader of the Home


Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 4.28.57 AM“...We mustn’t be lead astray by spiritual speakers today.  If they speak any truth it’s no testimony to their wisdom, only the LORD’s who can even speak through dumb animals.  The real test is whether the speaker sees Jesus.  He is Truth and the test of it.  Let’s not be impressed by speakers.  Let’s pray that they see Jesus….”

It’s a sin(?) for women to speak to a man?  What rather fascinates me is the way the new ‘Christian’ world has changed the very definition of sin.  I always thought sin was a violation of one of the Ten Big Ones.  Evidently, that doesn’t matter now. It’s a sin if a woman isn’t a housekeeper.  Being a feminist is a sin.  Speaking to a man about God is a sin.  I guess I think it is rather sinful to change theology.  To lie, cheat, steal, and pervert 2000 years of Christian faith.

“...“Women engaging in one-to-one conversations – so long as those are appropriate conversations – I feel that while it is not a sin per se for a woman to engage a man in a conversation, there are a number of reasons why I think a woman should avoid that. Certainly any hint of impropriety, remaining above reproach, and you can so quickly, I think, in those conversations, cross the line from sharing the gospel one to one to sharing the gospel in a small group, exercising authority over men. But, no, God has called every Christian to go and make disciples.”…” Tony Miano

This is an increasingly perverted world where men like Tony Maino now teach that is is a sin for women to speak to a man if they aren’t related to them. Can you say Taliban? In order to maintain a hold on a woman, evangelicals in this country, Australia, and also in the UK, have turned their back on the Holy Trinity, instead, embracing the heresy of Arianism, where the Holy Trinity must be disassembled after two thousand years of Christianity, and an entirely new version, one where, in order to force women into heretical submission, God must now be over the Son. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are no longer one. The Nicene Creed must be abandoned, along with the Apostles’ Creed. The entireity of Christian theology must change, including the fact that women are not allowed to take Holy Eucharist unless a man of the house approves.

There is a reason for this, as explained by child abuser, Michael Pearl.

“...“Is it worth the trouble for couples to learn to function as one? Yes! God designed her to be your helper. Remember, she came to you as a kit to be assembled. You took her out of the box and complained that she did not work properly. God gave you the directions in Ephesians 5. You must sanctify and cleanse her so you can present her to yourself as a fully functioning help meet. She wants to be your helper. “…but she that is married careth for the things of the world, how she may please her husband. (1 Corinthians 7:34)”. ”….” Michael Pearl

It is a recipe for abuse.

“...If this is true, however, why do women require the “service” of male governance? Sometimes the simple answer is actually the best: they don’t. Perhaps it’s time to lay aside more than just St. Augustine’s sexist view of a woman’s intellect. Perhaps it’s also long past time we laid aside the gender inequality that sprang from his prejudice.

Surprisingly, it is sadly true that some leaders continue to insist that women have hereditary weaknesses that make them unfit for leadership responsibilities.

For example, Piper writes in the book Desiring God that “God intends for all the ‘weaknesses’ that characteristically belong to woman to call forth and highlight man’s strengths” (p. 184). What he fails to realize is that one person’s strengths and weaknesses are influenced by a great many factors other than his or her sex at birth.

Saying that someone’s sex (or race or ethnicity) is the explanation for his or her attitudes, behaviours, strengths or deficits is the root of all prejudice. It is an overly simplistic view of humanity that is also deeply hurtful and wrong (as this post illustrates). Perhaps someday even these leaders will learn not to make sweeping generalizations about either men or women….”

Why should a woman allow herself to be abused by her spouse? If you are Martha Peace, you allow a woman to be abused. It is her role in life. It should be noted that Martha Peace is one of Ron Paul’s leading ‘christian’ supporters and a strong advocate for his homeschooling platform, being written by Scary Gary North.

“… Dawn cited wife-beating as a situation that would make a woman more aware of her need for God. Following DeMoss’ reasoning, being battered could be considered a blessing because it could cause the battered wife to know she needs God.

This is not only ludicrous, but a dangerous line of reasoning–especially when coming from a complementarian leader like DeMoss who advises wives in abusive situations to leave if they have to, but to never, under any circumstances, consider divorce. If a separation must take place, she counsels that during the separation, the abused wife is to maintain an attitude of reverence towards her abuser’s divinely mandated position of authority over her (Lies Women Believe, Moody Publishers, 2006).

Complementarian leaders rarely show too much concern for victims in their risky paradigm of authority and submission based on gender. Wayne Grudem, whose teachings DeMoss admires and promotes, blames wives just as much as husbands for abuse in Christian marriages. Below is a 2012 quote from Wayne Grudem….”

It is a system designed for abuse, as we have seen, repeatedly with the likes of Bill Gothard being removed from ATI for the alleged abuse and harassment of no fewer than thirty young women, many of them teenagers, who were in his employ. It allowed Doug Phillips to take advantage of a young woman working for him.

There is something about a Complementarian man. In 2012, there was a conference for Men of God in Ohio. Because there were so many present, the women’s restrooms were open for the men to use. (FYI – in times of emergency, I have been known to duck into the men’s room at Holy Mount. It’s clean and spotless. Sometimes you just gotta do….) But – what happened there, with Godly men who demanded women submit to them was highly illustrative of how they felt about women. They urinated all over what was once a spotless restroom. The women’s restroom they used was nasty, filthy when they finished, yet, they did not urinate all over the men’s room. The instance of abuse of women, in complementarian house-holds is quite high. What is equally fascinating is that, suddenly the complementarian Southern Baptist Churches are starting to see an explosion of divorces. They are divorcing at a higher rate than other socio-economic groups in the country. According to Wade Burleson, there is a very specific reason for this:

“...I believe I know the reason. Contrary to the illogical conclusion of the 2010 resolution on divorce, the reason the divorce rate is accelerating within the Southern Baptist Convention is precisely because of a “shift in theological conviction.”

The leaders of our Southern Baptist Convention have been strongly promoting a doctrinal error called The Eternal Subordination of the Son. The devastating effects of this doctrine on marriages are far-reaching. Few Southern Baptists even know what this doctrine is, but when you go to a church led by a Southern Baptist pastor who promotes it, the emphasis of the teaching will be on “the authority of the husband” and “the subordination of the woman to her husband” (just like Jesus is allegedly eternally subordinate to the Father). When the emphasis in any Christian environment (home, church, marriage, etc…) is on authority, a breach in relationship is ripe….”

The complementarian, Christian Reconstructionism world is one of fraud, abuse and almost down right sexual perversion. If you want to understand how over-the-top these people are, do a YouTube search for Mark Driscoll’s 2007 sermon from Scotland. I am not linking to it or quoting from it for the simple reason that I try to keep my writing on a PG-13 basis. I listened to 30 minutes of what was such explicit sexual discussions, it should have been Rated – X. I’m not a prude. If you want to watch stuff like what Driscoll was describing on a PPV channel, or late night cable fine. It has absolutely no place in a church service where there are individuals under the age of 18 present. In fact, I would argue that Driscoll is guilty of distributing pornography around minors – it was that bad. I’ve read a few of his other sermons. The man is a sex-obsessed, dishonest, con artist.

Then there is Al Mohler. He basically is ignoring the fact that there are women who are starting to rebel against his anti-Biblical world view of the quite, submissive women. Women are to be seen, never heard, and if necessary they will accept abuse, because, according to Nancy DeMoss, it makes us stronger. In fact, if a woman is abused by her godly husband, well, she’s asking for it.