The Greatest Political Con Job in American History


Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 3.20.59 AMWell boys and girls and children of all ages, we have been conned.  We are living in the age and presence of genius, with something only the great P. T. Barnum could have envisioned.  Maybe that, or something worthy of the greatest scam of the ages.  What is that you might ask?  Well, it’s quite simple, the ACA.

It’s a thing of beauty.  Please, excuse me for taking so long to see the light.  But, Paul Krugman finally reinforced what I’d been thinking all along.  We’ve been film-flammed.


Obamacare is the conservative alternative to real health care reform.  It was created by and envisioned by the Heritage Foundation for heaven sake.  It just goes along with what I’ve been realizing the past few weeks – Obama is as conservative as Reagan ever was.  This disappoints me.  I voted for him.  I wanted to vote for someone who wasn’t conservative, knowing that conservative and libertarian financial policies are what have put us into the never-ending economic mess.  What we get, instead of the liberal he pretends to be, is someone who is more fiscally conservative when it comes to government spending than Ronald Reagan ever was!

Like Krugman said, because we’re dealing with the Heritage Foundation version of health care reform, don’t count on the GOP to come up with an alternative.  It is the conservative alternative – which explains why it is a total and complete unworkable disaster.   If you don’t believe Paul Krugman then try Chuck Todd of MSNBC.  It is set up for the little people, who are going to discover how they’ve been screwed, to blame the Democrats, while, all along the ones screwing us are the insurance companies.

Not to worry, thought.  It’s perfect.  When you start looking at it from different angles, you realize it was a set-up, a done deal, with we the little people being the butt of their joke.

  1. Republicans get to blame Democrats for socialized medicine.
  2. Democrats get to blame Republicans because it isn’t socialized medicine.
  3. Obama gets to full-fill his legacy.
  4. Republicans get to damn him.
  5. Democrats get to praise him.
  6. Big Pharma is  happy.
  7. Some people will blame the Democrats instead of the insurance companies.
  8. Some people will blame the Republicans instead of the insurance companies.
  9. Meanwhile, the insurance companies just get richer.
  10. The medical industry get richer.
  11. The GOP goes on FOX.
  12. Liberals go on MSNBC.
  13. Rand Paul gets to raise money.
  14. The Dems can appease their supporters.
  15. And – the Kochs laugh all the way to the bank.

The problem is the fact that those of us who know a scam when we see it are in a minority.  In many ways, we’re not even allowed dissent.  I found something that partains to some churches, but it also so much reflects what is going on with the ACA by Stephen Smith.

“...A common way to shame or suppress a person into silence is to skillfully leverage the expertise of others against an isolated individual: “Do you think you are better or smarter (more “spiritual”) than expert leader so and so? Everyone else is happy. Are you smarter than everyone else too? You are the only ones with a concern. So, we are all wrong and you alone are right? Who do you think you are?”[4]A minority voice is no more constitutionally right than a majority voice. But a minority voice is worthy to be honored with a respectful and fair hearing, not deviance labeling….”

Try finding valid information – unbiased – about the ACA and you come up with a nice big goose-egg.

Strange, isn’t it?  We’re told it is either evil or perfect.  What if it is neither, but a mass of totally unworkable rules and regulations that are designed to screw the American voter, but make the elected officials in both parties happy little money grubbing whores?

It doesn’t matter does it?  We’re to smile and adore the ACA or we are to growl and hate it.  We aren’t allowed to be honest, or express an honest opinion.  Those who do appear to be marginalized.  The long and short of it is the ACA is a total and complete disaster, that is only going to get worse.  Like Chuck Todd said, the GOP has managed to set up the Democrats.  As insurance companies become more and more dictatorial, people won’t blame them, but will blame the Democrats.

The Republicans aren’t going to do a darn thing.  They get everything they want.  Polls are starting to show that only about 35% or so approve of the ACA.  A scathing 48% disagree.  With those numbers, the whole project is going to completely ruin Barack Obama’s legacy.  If this keeps up, the poor man is going to go down as one of the worst Presidents in American History.  His foreign policy image is already taking a major hit.  The ACA has the potential of rehabilitating Jimmy Carter’s image – it could be that bad.

I think Barack Obama is a good man.  I hope I’m right about that – and that he’s been conned.  I don’t know which is worse.  There is the possibility that all of this is politics as usual, inside the Beltway collusion.  If so, we’re going to end up watching yet another, once ideological generation dropping out of politics, disillusioned by business as usual.

And now, please follow me to the Great Egress.