Do Christians Deserve to Be Hated?


Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 10.33.36 PMLet’s be honest.  The loony inmates of the Christian far right are giving Christians everywhere a very bad name. They remind me of the Addams’ Family theme. They’re creepy, spooky, kooky, and just plain old nasty.  They’re paranoid, spoon fed disinformation by various and sundry political affiliations and media sources who profit off their paranoia. They are just plain old nasty.  Not only that, but they’ve become so outrageous, they’re changing theology to prove their salient points.  When confronted with these little changes, such as reinventing the Holy Trinity, to create a submissive Christ and basically chuck the Holy Spirit, they become just a little bit belligerent.  If you disagree with them, you’re a tool of the devil.  They’re called – the UGLY CHRISTIANS!

There are some Christians who aren’t nice people.  The problem is, they are a very small minority – a small minority giving us all a bad name.  They’re determined to be every bit as irrational and nasty as are Islamic extremists.  For example, in Saudi Arabia, atheists are now considered terrorists, as they seek to destroy any form of secular thought. Back in the US of A, a young woman who is an anti-abortion demands an end to ‘secularism’.  Please, tell me, is there any difference?

When Pat Robertson told someone who was involved in Wicca that they were not going to heaven, he is being slammed as a bigot.  The problem is the fact that, according to our Christian faith, John 3:16 explicitly states that one must accept Christ before receiving eternal life.  Just scroll down through the comments to see how nasty people are about it.  A. C. Grayling, who is a philosopher, not that I’ve ever heard of him, says that the Creation Museum is a human right’s violation.  Frankly, I think it is an exercise in stupid, but who am I to judge, I’m just an ignorant Christian.

There is a woman who claims that the person making her drink at Starbucks but a pentagram and a ‘666’ in caramel, on the top of her drink.  There are numerous individuals commenting online that she made it up, for attention.  She did not complain to the manger, which she should have done.  The problem is that they probably would have treated her like dirt.  No one bothered mentioning that, if the tale is true, the person serving her knew she was a teacher, and tampered with her beverage.  The comments at the Daily Mail are insulting to Christians.

A very wise women emailed this to me Wednesday afternoon.

“…With more government intervention in our lives, Christians may find themselves persecuted.  A time may come when we will have to draw the line. We may not always be able to put the law above our faith. It has happened before.  In Nazi Germany the holocaust was the law.  Maximilian Kolbe, canonized by John Paul II, is an example of a Christian who put his faith above the law……One church official has already said, “I will die in bed,  my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square.”…”

In Florida, a little, 5 year old girl went to pray before a meal, and was told that she should not be praying.  When one considers that the father immediately went to the Liberty Institute to complain, well, I am more suspect over this tale than the Starbucks one.  Now that Todd Starnes has taken up the cause, I am truly skeptical. When one considers the father is a VP of sales at the publishing house Starnes uses, well….?

No wonder people are starting to treat so-called Christians so badly.  You are treated the way you treat others.  It’s sorta like Matthew 7:12 – treat others the way you want to be treated.  Right now, they sure aren’t acting like that -well they are.  The Religious Right, as a corporate whole, are treating people like shit. If they ever decided to ban Christianity in this country, it wouldn’t be because the atheists had won, but because Christians had become so nasty, no one could stand being around them.

I don’t know about you, but I consider them an embarrassment. They certainly don’t preach what Christ taught.  I’m beginning to think if things become ‘bad’ for Christians in this country, we’ve brought it on ourselves. The Lord doesn’t like to be mocked, and He doesn’t like those to claim to be His people and followers behaving like – well, hell.  How many of us truly live the way Christ taught us to live?  I know I don’t.