Family Crises Edition


Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 1.24.59 AMIf you are reading this, then things are getting serious.  We took my mother to the ER around noon on Thursday.  I finally left the hospital around 9PM.  She is in ICU with breathing difficulties, a medication problem, and they’ve discovered a major UTI.   They were afraid she was having a heart attack, but those tests look good. She’s 84.  They checked the pace-maker, this sort of thing. My father, who has Alzheimer’s, has a baby sitter.   I’ve scheduled this to pop up on Saturday morning, if need be. With luck, we won’t be medivacing to Las Cruces.   If so, I post, when I post.



2 thoughts on “Family Crises Edition

  1. Oh, I’m sorry to read you’re having to go through this. I hope your mom gets better quickly. Take care.

  2. Thank you. New comments don’t show up under Disqus the way they should. Just now finding these. Thank you.

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