Why the Martinez Fixation?


zia_symbol_nm_flagThe once proud GOP now has an image problem with its governors, the super-stars, the next generation of POTUS candidates, with a trio of women – Mary Fallon, Nikki Haley, and Susana Martinez being among the worst and most corrupt of the lot.  All three have been floated as possible VP candidates.  That alone is a dismal commentary on the Republican Party.  The Democrats have two very powerful and viable women – Hillery Clinton and (my favorite) Elizabeth Warren for the top of their ticket.  If you want my humble prediction, I think the time has come and we will see a woman who is the Democratic nominee, this time.  If so, coming after the unthinkable with the nation having betrayed the latent racism that smolders in some segments of society, and elected a man of color, twice, having a woman as a nominee will send the minions of the right over the top.

“...Martinez immediately began purging state government of any trace of Bill Richardson. She sold the state plane (Richardson’s “personal air taxi,” she called it), fired his chefs and reassigned his security officers, and was even rumored to have ordered his name removed from the lead car of the Albuquerque-to-Santa Fe commuter train he’d helped create. She showed little interest in tradition, canceling a customary dinner with the state’s bishops on multiple occasions. Allen Sanchez, the executive director of the New Mexico Conference of Catholic Bishops, says he was told McCleskey advised her not to attend….”

Don’t get me wrong, I was thrilled to be able to vote for Susana Martinez.  Her credentials were excellent.  I will admit to falling for the line that she was a refreshing change to Big Bill’s ‘corruption’. Like so many others who were faked out by Martinez, I have discovered that she is petty, incompetent, vindictive, nasty, cruel, vicious, and far more corrupt than Big Bill could ever dream of being.  Bill Richardson’s 8 years in office were very good for this state.  Martinez has proved to be an abject disaster.  But, that doesn’t stop the GOP from discussing what a perfect VP candidate she would be.  She has it all:  Hispanic, female plumbing, and is controlled by the Koch Machine. She belongs to them, totally and completely.  In other words – she is perfect, the more corrupt the better. The problem with Martinez is her hubby is a special prosecutor investigation away from an indictment or two.  She may get the nomination but she can’t survive the scrutiny.

“...No wonder, then, that many see Martinez, who turns 55 in July, as the party’s future. Fox News host Greta Van Susteren touts her “great resume”: America’s first Latina governor. Former district attorney of a border county. Guardian of her mentally disabled sister. Tax cutter, gun owner, daughter of a sheriff’s deputy. The Koch brothers invited her to speak at one of their secretive donor enclaves. Karl Rove singled her out in Time’s list of last year’s 100 most influential people as a “reform-minded conservative Republican.” The Washington Post put her at the top of a list of likely 2016 vice presidential candidates; Romney has boosted her as a presidential contender. “She plugs every hole we’ve got as a party, and she’s got a record to match,” says Ford O’Connell, an adviser to the 2008 McCain campaign….”

The scrutiny has begun, with Mother Jones doing a spot on expose of just how miserable she is as a governor.  Andy Kroll brings out the fact that in 2012 Martinez’ office was responsible for letting a mentally ill man, Stephen Slevin, to remain in solitary confinement for two years, without trial.  It cost her office $15.5 million.  It is part of the fake aura Martinez created, as someone tough on child abuse, pedophiles, and spousal abuse.  It is a joke, considering how she has handled the state’s CPS scandal.

“...Indeed, there does seem to be a parallel with Palin. But it goes something like this: Just like the former Alaska governor, Gov. Martinez can be seen as a real threat to a liberal movement that has often hitched its electoral future to the “GOP war on women” narrative. (And as a Mexican-American Latina, Martinez may be viewed as an even greater danger.)…”

Martinez has played the victim well, jumping on the Mother Jones article to raise money.  Typical of her ilk, she is a money making machine.  No matter that her associations with a racetrack in ABQ is being investigated by the FBI.  None of this matters.  It’s the image she projects.

Petty, she nearly destroyed the film industry in the state, primarily because Big Bill was such an advocate of it.  She voted a bill to raise the minimum wage.  She has basically destroyed education in the state.  The kids in NM are at the bottom of every list.  That’s what Martinez has done to NM. It is at the bottom of every list – in a bad way, or at the top of every list, in a bad way.  So much for being an advocate for abused women.

“… Martinez proposed a measure to require women in New Mexico to prove that their sexual assault qualified as “ forcible rape” if they wanted childcare assistance for a child born as a result of rape….”

She has not bothered recruiting business or jobs.  The state’s Child Protective Services have been cut to the bone, with Martinez taking the money that was to be used to hire social workers, and putting it back into the general fund.  What is so odd is how the rank and file GOP, outside of the state, jumps in to protect her.

If you want to know what kind of a governor Susana Martinez is, my power bills have gone up 40% since she has been in office.