Just When You Think the Bigot Has Sung His Swan Song….?


Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 3.57.40 AMThe poor little dogie has died, slain by the evil monsters of the BLM, when they rounded up his mama a couple weeks ago and murdered her.  She died, giving birth to the little critter who just couldn’t make it on his own.  Fish and Wildlife found him in Overton, Nevada, and called him to come get the poor, orphaned child.  Bundy frantically tried to save him.  Let’s try this tale again.  The calf had been without mommy for nearly two weeks, on its own?  Let’s shoot this one down, quickly.  If Fish & Wildlife had been caring for the calf, he might have made it.  When a cow dies, unless the new baby is bottle fed, it also dies, if not adopted by another mommy.  If in the wild the little dogie is too young to fend for itself, it is going to either die of starvation or more mercifully be brought down by the predators that roam the area.  He claims the dogie had been abused.  Well over a week, the BLM called off their round-up and released 350 head of cattle to the Bundy Ranch.  Did this miss this little guy? Were they still holding his dead mama hostage?

Calves like this have a very dismal life.  If they can be bottle fed for a few weeks, they are then sold off (big money) if they are completely bottle fed and can comply with Kosher laws, for veal.  If they do survive, they are castrated and become steers.  When they are a couple years old, they are sold for beef.  If this little guy, rest in peace, were valuable breeding stock, Bundy, the alleged good cattleman he allegedly is, would be on the phone to his insurance company, making them pay through the nose.  That’s how it works.  If he were good breeding stock, he would have a very nice life, well fed, as the local Lothario.

Cliven Bundy is the gift that just keeps on giving.  I must apologize for writing so much about it, but gosh darn it all, I’m having fun – F – U – N.  The tawdry tale of land grabs, lyin’ god fearin’ ranchers with the patriotism of a dead rat, and visions of Hannity and Beck being pitchforked by the crazies of the right are just too much fun!  F – U – N!

It’s fun to watch the fair dinzians of the right feeding on one another. Ann Coulter is furious with the right for following Bundy.  Wasn’t she for Bundy before she was against him?  She thinks the Feds should be ignoring Bundy and put all that effort securing the border with Mexico.

As it is pointed out, AZ Republican Trent Franks said much the same thing, while not saying the same thing, right?  What about Sean Hannity, who has promoted Bundy before being against him?  Then there is Andrew Napolitano.  Why do the things Bundy has been saying, about how he refuses to recognize the Federal Government have such a familiar Koch to them?  Well…he is advocating a position maintained by the Brother’s Koch.  The Heritage Foundation has been pushing it.

Oh, yes, Virginia, when something nasty is going on within the GOP, never doubt, for one blasted, single second that those dear little Brother’s Koch are not behind it, somehow.  Funny, then how AFP Nevada and AFP Colorado have now removed all links to Bundy.  Let’s just sit back and savor the moment.  Those chickens have come home to roost and are defecating all over far right, Koch Industries, Sean Hannity, FOX News, the militias, and so forth and so on.  What is rather fascinating, though, is that Glenn Beck, who was one of the first to support Bundy, was the first to bail.

Anyone who knows anything about the Wild West knows that Bundy and his so-called movement was created by what we call Tinhornes.   People here in the west aren’t supporting Bundy.  He’s an embarrassment to good ranchers, who do the right thing.  Here in the west, not all ranchers, via history, have been seen as good guys.  Cowboy were once considered outlaws, with ranchers associated with them, little more than criminals themselves. Bust-head Cliven Bundy reminds us of the most infamous of the lot, Old Man Clanton.  It was a moment in history that ended well, don’t you think?

The Bundy family is furious, turning on Beck and Hannity.  It is a thing of beauty, wondrous to behold.  Fact is, you won’t find many westerners supporting Bundy, even the militia and crazies.  His story was created in the canyons of New York City by the likes of FOX News, Sean Hannity, and in DC by the libertarian masses who want to be free.  His movement is not all that welcomed in the west.

With luck this will be the last I write about the Bundy Ranch.  I don’t think, thought that it will not be the last.  We’re talking about a movement of pure hatred toward the government.  When the ring-leaders of the whole affair, the Brothers Koch have about a hundred billion to spend, this isn’t going to end any time soon.  It also isn’t going to end well.

You see, this really isn’t about Cliven Bundy, who is just another in a long series of extremely flawed, usually racist, useless useful idiots the Koch Machine uses to do it’s dirty work.  This all about trying to damage Harry Reid in his home state.  The Brother’s Koch are really, really, really, really, really, really pissed with him. If they weren’t, only a few radicals would even know who Cliven Bundy is.

As I walked out one morning for pleasure,
I spied a cow-puncher all riding alone;
His hat was throwed back and his spurs was a jingling,
As he approached me a-singin’ this song,

Whoopee ti yi yo, git along little dogies,
It’s your misfortune, and none of my own.
Whoopee ti yi yo, git along little dogies,
For you know Wyoming will be your new home.

Early in the spring we round up the dogies,
Mark and brand and bob off their tails;
Round up our horses, load up the chuck-wagon,
Then throw the dogies upon the trail.

It’s whooping and yelling and driving the dogies;
Oh how I wish you would go on;
It’s whooping and punching and go on little dogies,
For you know Wyoming will be your new home.

Some boys goes up the trail for pleasure,
But that’s where you get it most awfully wrong;
For you haven’t any idea the trouble they give us
While we go driving them all along.

When the night comes on and we hold them on the bedground,
These little dogies that roll on so slow;
Roll up the herd and cut out the strays,
And roll the little dogies that never rolled before.

Your mother she was raised way down in Texas,
Where the jimson weed and sand-burrs grow;
Now we’ll fill you up on prickly pear and cholla
Till you are ready for the trail to Idaho.

Oh, you’ll be soup for Uncle Sam’s Injuns;
“It’s beef, heap beef,” I hear them cry.
Git along, git along, git along little dogies
You’re going to be beef steers by and by.

I think this is where I mention that the majority of cowboys were former slaves, former Buffalo Soldiers, and not exactly white. One of the more fascinating aspects of the white cowboys, who clung to the life-style was they were quite often gay.  That should cause their pointy little conservative heads to spin awhile.