Making People Suffer When They Die


Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 11.36.31 PMOne of the things I like about living in New Mexico is there is no death penalty.  Executing someone for anything other than treason is barbaric.  We complain about third world countries, tin-plated dictators, and the like, ignoring the disaster in this country.

The horrors that occurred in Oklahoma, during the nightmarish botched execution of Clayton Lockett, are still being exposed, as the state’s increasingly irrational and dictatorial governor, Mary Fallin, tries to scape-goat others, and avoid the cries for her resignation.   We are now learning that Lockett was tasered the day of the execution. It took over 50 minutes to run an IV line in order to administer the as yet unknown chemical cocktail that was alleged to have killed him.  Anyone who had veins that are difficult, or knows someone (like my mother) knows that 50 minutes of trying to find a vein is nothing less that torture.

When my wonderful vet, Warren Franklin, must end the life of a suffering animal, he first administers an I don’t care drug, then knocks them out, then gives them the fatal shot.  He told my mother that animals, when in the process of dying via a fatal shot, suffer, horribly.  If they are given something to alleviate their pain, they don’t suffer.  When he is administering the shots, he is so very kind.  In other words, he treats our animals better than this man, who committed horrible crimes, was treated.

Very few pro-life individuals on the right even think anything went wrong.  Take Judson Phillips, of the tea parties.  He thought it was fine, no one cared if Lockett suffered.  He then goes on to basically quote the barbarism of R. J. Rushdoony.

“…“If the left doesn’t like lethal injection, there are lots of other ways to kill condemned inmates. Hanging works pretty well. So do the firing squad, the gas chamber and the electric chair,” he suggested, scoffing at liberals’ claims that methods other than lethal injection are barbaric and executions should be done humanely.  “Outside groups insisted that states use a three drug cocktail, which is unnecessarily complex, and now critics claim that it doesn’t work. It does work. Every condemned convict it has been used on has died.”  …”

It is quite amazing that those who advocate a so-called pro-life stance, which is more like pro-fetus, don’t seem to realize that life is life is sacred, even someone who is a horrific murderer.

“...On Wednesday, Fallin directed the Oklahoma department of public safety to review what happened to Lockett. Lockett’s body was moved overnight to the Southwestern Institute for Forensic Science in Dallas, which will carry out a postmortem examination.

Lockett’s attorneys expressed doubt that the review would be independent. The commissioner of the department of public safety, Michael Thompson, is a Fallin appointee and was in the execution viewing room on Tuesday night. Fallin “did not assign this duty to a neutral, third party with independent interests”, said Dean Sanderford, an attorney for Lockett.

“Instead, she has charged the commissioner of the department of public safety with the job. The DPS is a state agency, and its commissioner reports to the governor. As such, the review proposed by governor Fallin would not be conducted by a neutral, independent entity. In order to understand exactly what went wrong in [Tuesday’s] horrific execution, and restore any confidence in the execution process, the death of Clayton Lockett must be investigated by a truly independent organisation, not a state employee or agency.”…”

Apparently several laws were broken in the process, including cruel & unusual punishment.  The state refuses to disclose the lethal ‘cocktail’ they were using, never mind that there are any number of drug mixes that will lead to almost immediate death. Anyone who writes murder mysteries knows that there are so many ways to do in a person, rather quickly. Why not use a cyanide injection?

“…Oral ingestion of a small quantity of solid cyanide or a cyanide solution as little as 200 mg, or to airborne cyanide of 270 ppm is sufficient to cause death within minutes….”

Oklahoma has been, for want of a better term ‘playing’ with the chemical mixes for lethal injection for years.  Evidently they still can’t get it right, which makes one wonder if they have any basic humanity or human decency.  It is obvious the governor has none. It was also obvious the botched execution was horrific.

“...Seven states have put the death penalty on hold over the last five years because of issues of fairness or methods; another 11 states are debating the issue. Even in states where the death penalty is applied, the number of executions has fallen sharply since 2009. Republicans in Oklahoma seemed so eager to buck this tide that they ignored what happened during a January execution, when an inmate named Michael Lee Wilson said “I feel my whole body burning” just before the drugs killed him.

Many drug companies, fearful of political attack, have stopped supplying the means of execution, and states determined to inflict the maximum punishment have turned to questionable sources like compounding pharmacies for lethal chemicals. Oklahoma, among other states, won’t say where it is getting the drugs, leading one state judge to say “I do not think this is even a close call” that the execution procedures are unconstitutional….”

It is amazing how barbaric some people act.  They have no problem executing a person, in the most gruesome ways, but go almost insane when they hear that a woman who has been raped is going to have an abortion. Life is life.