Tea Party Empowerment or the Arrogance of the One


Picture 2The other day a friend sent me an article about someone running for office.  They were meeting with representatives of the tea parties and Tea Party Express.  About 100 of them showed up to grill the person, who was then required to literally sell his soul, morality, decency, and whatever he might have believed for their oh-so-important votes.  There was an interview with a person who said they had not decided who they were going to vote for, yet.

Having spent most of my life playing with politics, I recognize the importance of give and take.  I understand that, in the initial process, meet & greets this size are the mother’s milk of politics. Or – they once were.  Once upon a time, in a pre-Koch world, a candidate did hundreds of these meetings, pressing the flesh, someone following as checks were handed out, making sure that any cash was recorded.  You get names, business cards, make contacts, and establish relationships with potential constituents. It is exhausting, requiring an expert handler, stamina, a cast-iron stomach, and a very real hunger for the job.

Today, though, all it takes is a willingness to become little more than a street hooker, a whore, a prostitute, selling one’s soul to the highest bidder.  Unless the individuals in those meet & greets are part of a ‘movement’ like the tea parties then, they don’t mean much, do they?  Once upon a time, maybe, but not any more.

Once upon a time we all dreamed of empowering voters.  An empowered voter is was an educated voter who was active, knowledgeable, and a good citizen.  Today, though, the right’s version of an empowered voter is an obnoxious, self-righteous tea party libertarian, usually part of the religious right.  They consider themselves so empowered that they are better than everyone else.  Their votes are more important.  Their voices are more important because their cause is considered more important than that of anyone else.

That’s the real problem.  The average tea party person, empowered by Ayn Rand and her arrogance, think, by the simple fact that they are libertarian and believe what they do, they are superior to everyone else.  They think that their agenda is more important.  They have empowered themselves to the point where they are rude, arrogant, selfish, self-centered, and abjectly lacking in any form of civil discourse.

In sort, they have become Ayn Rand.  Unfortunately, when you base a movement on someone as utterly flawed as Ayn Rand, there are going to be a few glitches, including the adaption of her flawed political theology.  She was a narcissistic psychopath who based her ‘heroic’ figures on a vicious murderer.   Rules did not apply to her.  She did what she wanted.

Rules don’t apply to the tea partiers and their arrogant handlers.  Neither do such abstract and previously unexplored topics of honor, veracity, charity, human decency, regard for others, and courtesy.  The one is all important.  There are no rules. Rules are for liberals, communists, Marxists, and socialists.  You can’t have true Founding Fathers’ Freedom if you have rules.  The needs of the few outweigh the needs of civilized society.  People should stand on their own.  Charity is for wimps.  If you can’t support yourself then you wallow in the gutters until you die.  The world is yours to rape, plunder, and exploit, no matter how disruptive and destructive it is.  It is freedom, ultimate freedom.

This is what makes them arrogant, self-serving, and superior.  They are on a mission, not from God but Rand, who detested God.  It made for a marriage of diversity, the ultimate atheist and the rigid Calvinist.  It provides fuel for oppression, cruelty, and the negation of all that is good in our society.

It is a brave new world, teeming with self-righteous religious fanatics who, by adapting Rand’s theories about women, have become increasingly patriarchal, blending a frantic and fanatical heresy of fake Old Testament theology, the picking and choosing of the New Testament, and preying upon the ignorance of the flock.  It is invested in the utter brainwashing of anyone who is a part of the movement, the followers.

Tea Party Patriots are followers.  They like to think that they are leaders, but like those who now cling to Christian Reconstructionism, they are followers.  There is nothing even remotely resembling leadership.  They have been conditioned to lap up regurgitated and edited ‘facts’, spoon-fed to them by approved sources.  The facts come to them from a pair of aging and increasing despotic oligarchs who are no longer afraid to even hide their agenda.  The ‘sources’ the presenters of ‘facts’ are bought and paid for, their ‘facts’ part of a previously hidden agenda.  They re-write history.  They re-write the Bible.  They re-write the meaning of the Constitution.  They are rewriting the script of the nation – to make it easier for the oligarchs to buy additional politicians.

Libertarians are not leaders.  They are brainwashed, bust-headed followers, unwilling to even consider another point of view.  They are, they think, better than anyone else.  Unfortunately, they are also becoming more militant about the righteousness of their purpose.  Their handlers, their puppet-masters want it this way.  Evidently, what they cannot buy, they will simply either erase or destroy.

This has nothing to do with empowerment.  It has everything to do with programming robotic followers to do what they are told. Maybe, one day, we will discover, like the little kid in the second Indiana Jones movie, we can apply a little open flame to the zombie and they will come back to life.  I’m not holding my breath.

Why do people allow themselves to become brainwashed followers?




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  1. Because people are hard wired to be followers — there is safety and belonging in being part of a tribe — and every group plays upon this long known attribute of the human psyche: the desire to belong while somehow feeling individually special (and engendering a healthy dose of paranoia into a group doesn’t hurt either). This really is neolithic stuff, been around forever.

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