Benghazi Circus of the Wanna Be Stars


Picture 2Quite frankly, I don’t think there’s much more to learn about Benghazi.  I think the GOP is beating a dead donkey, but what the heck, it’s politics.  All’s fair, right?  Well…. yes and now.  Let’s be brutally honest here, the GOP is after the story not for ‘truth’ but for political gain.  Apparently the Obama Administration is capable of doing something many other administrations have not been able to do – learn from history. If there is a cover-up I’m sure not seeing it.  It’s a two-fer – two for the price of one.  The GOP is trying to humiliate the Obama Administration as much as possible just in time for the mid-terms.  They’re trying to put an end to any possible presidential hopes Hillary Clinton might still retain.

There are risks, many of them, in this approach. As many of us believe, they’re probably not going to find much of anything they can use against Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.  I’d be shocked if they do.  If they don’t, they risk blowing up, just in time to lose during the mid-terms.

As far as I can tell, the Obama Administration has been front and center, trying to stay on top of things, and not trying to create some bone-headed cover-up that is the stuff scandals are made of.  It’s not the deed that gets you, it’s the cover-up that destroys careers. Doesn’t look like there is one, thank goodness.

If there is nothing to hide, then let the GOP probe away, making elephant’s asses of themselves.  Trey Gowdy was a tough prosecutor, there in the 4th District.  He also is a disgrace  to the memory of the late, great Carroll Campbell who held that seat for years.  His district has changed.  Once upon a time, the Bob Inglis was considered one of the most conservative reps in DC.  Now, though, he was considered too ‘liberal’ for the district.  Gowdy gets to throw raw meat at his slobbering devotes.  The other usual suspects get to look all important, as they preen for the cameras.

They’ll piddle, twiddle, resolve, and accomplish nothing.  It’s not like they are going to want to even bother delving into the real monster of the day – a few of the extremist anti-Muslim bigots who prompted the disaster in Benghazi with their hatred.  We won’t hear much about that, or who was behind the film, who funded it, and why it received so much play.  No one is going to want to mention how come Mitt Romney reacted to fast.  That might not play into their agenda.

It’s a stunt, pure and simple.

On the other side of things, the left is furious. I don’t blame them.  But, let’s face reality.  They’re going to hate Barack Obama even if he were the second coming of the second coming.  As horrible as it sounds, if the Administration is basically innocent, then let them have their cake and slip on that banana peel, too.  Sure, they’re going to try and destroy Barack Obama.

Let them.  Let them realize that his administration basically did nothing wrong in an impossible situation.  Let them make fools of themselves, and continue spending a small fortune on the investigation.  When Paul Ryan gets all Koch-like when it comes to spending and wasting money, then the Dems have a wonderful issue.

Unfortunately, some times the only way you can shut the opposition up is to let them keep on talking.  My money’s on Barack Obama with this one.


2 thoughts on “Benghazi Circus of the Wanna Be Stars

  1. Hysterical women like Hilary should never be in politics. I certainly wouldn’t want the POTUS pounding on the table screaming “what difference does it make?” The administration screwed up on Benghazi and just wants to sweep it under the rug and forget it without even trying to bring the perpetrators to justice. It probably makes no difference to people like Hilary, but it certainly makes plenty of difference to the families of the 4 Americans who were killed.

  2. What do you call it when LBJ did the same thing? Hysterical, or being a leader? Interesting how women are viewed and how men are allowed to get away with behaviors that are castigated in women.

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