Just a Little Drink During the Party


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce again we spent yet another lovely day in the ER with my mother.  She’s doing fine, home, and was dealing with an a-fib problem and medication.  While we were there, right after she was admitted, a teenager was put into the cubicle next to the one where my mother was hooked up to you name it.  The child had alcohol poisoning. My mother, who is a world-class eavesdropper was getting the story.  At first, all we knew was that the girl had come in, vomiting, dehydrated, and in bad condition.  On one of my trips out to the waiting room, to check on Maggie, who was babysitting my father, I managed to get the rest of the story.

The child is the girlfriend of the nephew of the guy who helps my mother in the yard.  He was helping me do some work in the courtyard yesterday, when we found out that he had only 15 minutes to get to his nephew’s high school graduation.  “B” has been working for my mother off and on since 2001. When his nephew was just a tiny kid, he would come down with “B”‘s sister, if she were picking him up from work.  (Let’s just say “B” is doing much better now…).

He was telling us about the family party.  After graduation they were going to the home his nephew’s best friend.  That’s what I was telling Maggie, who knows both families.  She said there would have been no underage drinking at the party, because of the family of the nephew’s best friend.  So, in order for this child, who was also at the party, to have become so drunk, they would have had to partied later, somewhere else.

The nephew was sober, taking care of the girlfriend.  Like my mother said, she didn’t have a brain in her head, just as dingie, ditzy, didn’t even think much was wrong.  They had her on meds for nausea, and were trying to sober her up, as quickly as possible.  Evidently she had drank so much, during the night, she had rolled over onto the floor, in pain.  Like I said, the nephew (boyfriend) was sober.

They were releasing her about the same time my mother was being released.  About the time we arrived back at the parents’ house, it dawned on me who the child was.  My parents had even received an invitation to her graduation!  I quickly told my mother that she was related to so-and-so.  The family has a reputation for hard partying, drugs, and drinking themselves into an early grave.

And, so, it continues.  The child is maybe 18-years-old.  She’s a pretty girl, with what should be her whole life ahead of her.  Instead, unless something akin to divine intervention happens, she’s going to spend the rest of her life in a drug-alcohol induced stupor, just like her grandmother (who is younger than I am) who died from breast cancer.  I remember when the child’s father was killed in some freak accident, back when she was just a toddler.  It is just so sad.

You can’t do anything to stop the progression of what is eventually going to make this very pretty child old ahead of her time.  At least, she isn’t pregnant.  Oh, she will be, give her a few months, and the cycle will begin again.

There is no hope.  There is no future, just drugs and alcohol. This one is going to take a miracle.  The only way her life is going to be saved is through Christ.  I guess we have our work cut out for her, praying.

It is so sad.  You multiply her life times just about one in each and every high school graduating class in this country, and you get the picture of how horrible the situation is.  I know of one young person who was like this after graduation.  He turned his life around.  It can happen.  But, in this situation, I’m not all that sanguine.  The family support isn’t there.