Susana Martinez & the Dumbest Political Ad – Ever


Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 7.23.38 AMSusana Martinez has released what must be the single dumbest political ad in history. She sold the state jet – 4 years ago. That money, all $250K of it goes to buying free books for kids. The claim simply defies logic.  I gather she thinks people in this state are that stupid.  Problem is, she’ll probably be re-elected.  After all, she’s bought and paid for by ALEC, and is the current Koch Machine darling.

“…In addition to ridding the state of the ultimate symbol of waste and excess, selling the jet also saves the state roughly $250,000 in average annual maintenance costs, without even calculating yearly fuel costs. GovernorMartinez points out that’s a similar amount to what New Mexico now spends providing every first grader in the state with a reading book of their very own. Martinez stresses in the commercial the importance of parental involvement, which is encouraged by providing children with their own reading books. …”

Joe Monahan's New Mexico
Joe Monahan’s New Mexico

From NM’s top political writer, Joe Monahan:

“..,The state’s stagnant population growth over the past two years reflects all of this and more. College students know the score and already have one foot out the door as we mark another graduation season. The job growth data from April 2013 to April 2014 tells the tale:

Arizona: +40,600; Colorado: +70,800; Nevada: +44,700; NEW MEXICO: -5,900; Oklahoma: +25,600; Texas: +348,000; Utah: +38,500

Even if the numbers are skewed, they have the trend right–we are the only state in the region still in a jobs recession. The grass is indeed greener on the other side. . .

The stats show the loss of federal government jobs is a major driver of the economic bleed, but in the ABQ market the jobs decline seems more pernicious–impacting a wide swath of sectors:

The Albuquerque area suffered its seventh consecutive month of year-over-year job losses in the 12 months that ended April 30, losing 4,500 jobs for a negative 1.2 percent growth rate, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said.

The losses were widespread, with eight industry sectors shedding jobs and two gaining. Professional and business services led the job bleeding, losing 1,400 positions over the year. It was followed by construction, which lost 1,200 jobs, and manufacturing, which was down 1,100 jobs As of April’s end, the four-county area had 368,200 jobs, down from 372,700 in April 2013, and down 7.9 percent from the peak of 399,500 in December 2007…”

Photo copyright 2007 by SJ Reidhead  No reproduction allowed.
Photo copyright 2007 by SJ Reidhead No reproduction allowed.

Remember, this is the state where, allegedly, we can’t even get the right kind of kitty litter to prevent nuclear leaks.  Yes, only in New Mexico.  If anything is a commentary on Martinez and her four disastrous years in office, it’s just that. 

Now, for the good news, thanks to the sponsorship of Senator Martin Heinrich, the Organ Mountains have been designated an National Monument.  Anyone who regularly drives from White Sands to Las Cruces, on Highway 70, knows how magnificently beautiful they are.  Unfortunately, Steve Pearce, our GOP Congressman, opposed the designation.

Yes, I admit, I voted for Pearce.  I won’t make that mistake again.  I also voted for Martinez.  I won’t make that mistake again, either.