PART IX: Christian Reconstruction, ATI, Abuse & Submission – Racism


Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 9.29.38 PMWhat causes people to follow someone who is creating a cult and an entirely new religion?  What causes them to give up with they might have believed – or more importantly embraced like-minded individuals?  R. J. Rushdoony was devoted to the Old Testament, not Christ.  He felt that the OT have the white man dominion over the earth, animals, women, and anyone else.  Democracy is heresy. Those who were of a different race were better off when they were slaves, because they had been transported out of deepest, darkest Africa and bought, by godly slavers, to a godly land to be purchase by godly slave owners, and become their godly property. It’s that simple.

The links between the Christian Reconstruction movement and racism are strong and many.  In the beginning… God… Oh I’m sorry, R. J. Rushdoony, who thought he was god, was very tight with the John Birch Society.  Rushdoony did not like people of color or of the Jewish faith.  He did not like women.  He did not like anyone who disagreed with him.  He did, though, enjoy links between numerous white supremacists.  The tradition has continued through Doug Phillips and Bill Gothard.  Doug Wilson, says that slavery was good for Blacks.  He co-wrote a monograph with Steve Wilkins, who is a board member for the League of the South.

Rushdoony’s followers also include (ed) Jerry Falwell, Tim & Beverly LeHay, Howard Amhanson, James Dobson, James Kennedy, Phyllis Schlafly, and so forth and so on…if you get the little racist picture.  They created a brave new world, where children were to be molded, trained, and brainwashed into good little foot-soldiers to bring about God’s nation on earth, no matter how many lives they destroyed.

Mary Pride, the ‘mother’ of homeschooling wrote:

“...We Christians can sometimes be inconsistent. We’d fight and scream if someone tried to stamp out our evangelistic efforts….Let’s say that Christians are 20 percent of the US population. If each Christian family had six children, and the humanists, feminists, and others kept on having an average of one…..then in twenty years there would be sixty of us for every forty of them. In forty years, 90 percent of America would be Christian! That is without outside evangelism. All we’d have to do would be to have children and raise them for Christ… [T]hen in two generations…we would be over 40 percent of the population….”

There is a very nasty and tawdry taint of racism that permeates the entire Christian Reconstruction world. Oh, you will see a few token individuals from other cultures and races, but not many.  They like to pledge eternal devotion to God’s country – Israel, but, like John Hagee, don’t have much actual use for anyone who is Jewish. At least he doesn’t have much use for them, spiritually.

The other day I left a comment on the site Quoting Quiverfull.  There was an article about Mary Pride.  A little back-ground is needed.  At one time, and she may still be, Mary Pride was part of Ron Paul’s inner circle.  She helped found the home-school movement. She is an advocate for quiverfull.  She is also an outspoken libertarian. Mary Pride is one of the very dangerous ones.  Highly influential, she, along with others of her ilk, are seeking to literally over-throw the country (legally) and make it into a nation more in keeping with what God would want.  One of the many problems with their ideas of transforming the nation into God’s little dominion is that most of the inhabitants are lily white.  The leadership is white and male.  There is quite a bit of irony here, when one considers the fact that Pride is enabling the oppression of women, when she has enjoyed all the trappings of being a leader.

I’m glad someone is finally realizing what is going on here. The whole point is to have the ‘right’ kids (read white). Mary Pride is one of the leading supporters of Ron Paul, who is backed by such luminaries as Stormfront, and so forth and so on. There is a very nasty streak of white supremacism running throughout the whole Ron Paul movement. One of the reasons I began studying the quiverfull agenda, then began referencing Christian Reconstruction is because of the work I’ve been doing since about 2005, tracking the movement of the nastier kind of racists, (John Birch Society, KKK, Neo-Nazis, etc). Unfortunately Christian Reconstruction, which was created by R. J. Rushdoony is patterned after the structure of the John Birch Society, of which he was tight.

Gary North, Rushdoony’s son-in-law, is tight with Mary Pride. North is also the brains behind Ron Paul’s entire political movement. He has been writing a home-schooling curriculum for Ron Paul. From what I gather, Pride has been advising them. Gothard was part of Rushdoony’s group, but had a falling out with him over divorce. It’s that bad, that nasty, and that insidious.

(‘Scary Gary’ is the one who is advocating for the execution of children who don’t behave. BTW)

The white supremacist ties to the Christian Reconstruction movement run quite deep. They are always there, simmering, just under the surface. Unfortunately, with their agenda of literally taking over the country, to put godly men in power, and bring about heaven or earth. According to Rushdoony, and even North, democracy is heresy.

I think that is the most frightening part of the entire terrifying movement. They truly do want to bring about an end to democracy as we know it. It is one of those follow the bouncing ball things. Rushdoony influenced North, who is the brains behind Ron Paul, who is tight with Mary Pride.

R. J. Rushdoony, in the Politics of Guilt and Pity, (Fairfax, VA: Thoburn Press, [1970] 1978), pp 3-4, 19, 25, wrote:

...Fourth, still another form of masochism is “burden-bearing.” The burden-bearer will play the role of public saint in order to atone for private guilt. The more unpleasant the public role, the more desirable its function for purposes of atonement. As a result, the guilty rich will indulge in philanthropy, and the guilty white men will show “love” and “concern” for Negroes and other such persons who are in actuality repulsive and intolerable to them….
The development of a good conscience and a Christian culture is thus an important aspect of the Christian life.

A contrary development is increasingly in evidence in the Western world, and especially in the United States, i.e., the development by systematic indoctrination of a bad conscience. The political cultivation of guilt is a central means to power, for guilty men are slaves; their conscience is in bondage, and hence they are easily made objects of control. Guilt is thus systematically taught for purposes of control. Several instances can be cited readily.

For example, the white man is being systematically indoctrinated into believing that he is guilty of enslaving and abusing the Negro. Granted that some Negroes were mistreated as slaves, the fact still remains that nowhere in all history or in the world today has the Negro been better off. The life expectancy of the Negro increased when he was transported to America.

He was not taken from freedom into slavery, but from a vicious slavery to degenerate chiefs to a generally benevolent slavery in the United States. There is not the slightest evidence that any American Negro had ever lived in a “free society” in Africa; even the idea did not exist in Africa.

The move from Africa to America was a vast increase of freedom for the Negro, materially and spiritually as well as personally. The Negroes were sold from a harsh slavery into a milder one. Slavery was basic to the African way of life, to the point that slaves were the actual money of the African economy.

Elsewhere, gold and silver served as money; in Africa, it was slaves….

The private ownership of slave labor in the American South has been the subject of extensive distortion. The Negroes were slaves to their tribal heads in Africa, or prisoner-slaves of other tribes. The monetary unit in black Africa was man, the slave. The Negro moved from an especially harsh slavery, which included cannibalism, to a milder form.

Much is said about the horrors of the slave ships, many of which were very bad, but it is important to remember that slaves were valuable cargo and hence property normally handled with consideration.

A Canadian legislative commission member in 1847 reported that the Irish immigrants were being transported on ships loaded with twice as many passengers as the ship should hold, huddled down between decks, with too little food and water, and in conditions “as bad as the slave trade.”

The condition of the Irish immigrants on arrival was far worse than that of slaves: they had no master to feed and clothe them or to provide shelter.

The Irish moved from semi-slavery in Ireland to freedom in America only a few years before the Negro gained emancipation. After a century and a quarter, or less, the Irish are a leading power in the United States, and the Negroes remain on the lowest strata.

The basic difference between the Irish and the Negro has not been color: it has been character. The Negroes demand more aid, i.e., more slavery and slave-care, and dwell on their sufferings.

The Irish have instead looked to the present and future and helped shape America. It is a significant difference that cannot be explained altogether by color or environment. The Chinese also came to the United States under very difficult circumstances and similarly overcame them…”

R. J. Rushdoony planned Christian Reconstruction, his new religion, around the organization of the John Birch Society.  Many of the leading figures of his movement have/were/are members of the JBS.  It should also be noted that the segregation of the south helped create or fed upon or was fed upon by the religious right.  You cannot separate Rushdoony from the political.  He considered Ludwig von Mises to be an intellectual mentor.  He called himself a Christian Libertarian.

The ties go even beyond Rushdoony.  Doug Phillips and Doug Wilson admire a Civil War theologian, Robert Lewis Dabney.  Dabney felt that former slaves should not be allowed to read, write, or to be educated.  He felt they were inferior to the white man.  Then there is the Gothard group called Police Dynamics. It is connected to the League of the South.  Unfortunately, it all connects.  You just need to know where to find the connecting dots.