PART XX-C: Christian Reconstruction, ATI, Abuse & Submission – The Cult


Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 12.56.35 AMYears ago, back in the late 1970s and early 1980s there was a considerable amount of talk about cults. All anyone could talk about were the ‘Moonies’, followers of Sun Myung Moon. He was considered a very bad actor, a quasi criminal, dealing with mind control, and manipulating the lives of his innocent victims. Then, by the middle of the 1980s, he began to drop from sight. By the 1990s, nothing was said about him. Scientology was all the rage as a cult. But, Moon was forgotten. In fact, the religious right, the same people who, once upon a time, were terrified of Moon, suddenly became silent.

“…It made so much sense at the time. He had an answer to everything. I was having problems at work and Mr. Gothard pointed out that I had failed to submit to the authority of my boss and work the eighty hours a week he demanded. For an electrical engineer, I wasn’t making quite as much money as I thought I should and Mr. Gothard attributed it all to a loan that I had taken out and I was receiving God’s chastening for violating His principles. In college, I had trouble in some of the more esoteric mathematical and electrical engineering classes,…it was because I had gone to public school and state college and listened to rock music while doing so and God just couldn’t help me because of that sin. Marital problems, chalk that up to rebellious music, television and failing to follow God’s plan of courtship instead of dating. Mr. Gothard presented a world in which God had established principles to govern reality. These principles were such a strong influence in this world that Gothard teaches that we can come to know God by knowing His principles. His Institute also teaches that if we honor these principles, God is required to honor us. This stuff made perfect sense the first time I heard it. All of my problems could be attributed to my unwitting failure to honor these principles. If I had just gotten the formula right, God would have had to make me a success….”

There was a very good reason. If you spend enough money, grease the right palms, and bribe the right people, buy the right newspapers and wriggle your way into the correct conservative circles, well, you sins are absolved. Moon began doing this by purchasing Richard Viguerie, bailing him out of financial ruin, then buying the Washington Times. In doing so, he began employing some very nasty white supremacists as editors and publishers. At the time, when I first began delving into the depths of white supremacy and hate in this country, it did not make a darn bit of sense. Now, though, unfortunately, it makes way too much sense.

And that’s not all. Fran Coombs has presided over the Times’ republication of excerpts taken from white supremacist hate groups, not to mention allowing a key employee at the paper to write fawning pieces about the same groups.

Just this February, Times officials had to apologize to a Jewish group for publishing one anti-Semitic ad for a book called For Fear of the Jews. What they didn’t say was that they had published similar ads nine other times in a single month last fall, plus another from a key Holocaust denial outfit.

Both Coombses declined comment. So did Washington Times Editor in Chief Wesley Pruden and officials of the organization that owns the newspaper.

Most of Marian Coombs’ especially inflammatory writings have appeared in white supremacist venues such as The Occidental Quarterly, which ran her glowing review of a book on “racially conscious” whites by Robert S. Griffin, a member of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. But the Times has published its share….”

Botkin Syndrome
Botkin Syndrome

There are two reasons this is important. First, because of Moon’s now important political connections, the right began turning a blind eye to anything remotely resembling a cult. They no longer exist. If they do, then the right is in grave danger of being classified as a morass of nasty little cults. The other problem is the dirty little secret of white supremacy. Case in point:

No Longer Quivering
No Longer Quivering

The entire Christian Reconstruction movement is ripe with racism. In an article about Bob Jones University:

“… The racist torch once held by Gerald Smith, Billy Hargis, Carl McIntire, and J. Frank Norris was passed on to the likes of Charles Stanley, Jerry Falwell and W.A. Criswell. None of the ladder would admit to such a baton exchange. Stanley was chummy with segregationist Jesse Helms and helped in election campaigns for Jesse. Falwell claimed school integration rulings by the Supreme Court were demonic. Criswell taught the curse of Ham theory that believed Blacks were to be servants to Whites by Biblical mandates. None in the movement were David Duke-style racists. The latest pastors in our list accommodated themselves to the times and would deny any such connections.

Bob Jones U. stuck to their guns. They fought segregation and tried to find ways to get around the court rulings. Eventually they reluctantly relented. It was only recently that they allowed the concept of whites dating non-whites.

The school was headed by presidents who were Klan members. They often handed out honorary degrees to notorious segregationists. People like Helms and Lester Maddox, the man who boasted he used ax handles to drive Blacks away from his diner, made the cut. Some of the more notorious graduates of the school are the late Fred Phelps of Godhatesfags fame. Tim LaHaye also matriculated at the South Carolina school.

Senator Ted Cruz’s favorite “civil rights” issue is getting tax money for private Christian academies. Roots for this sort of thing go back to Weyrich and crowd. School vouchers, or tax money for private segregated academies was the original intent of the movement according to Balmer….”

There is a very real problem within the far right, and the entire Christian Reconstruction movement, and it is racism, bigotry, and a nasty little streak of hating anyone who is not lily white. Part four of the series continues tomorrow.