PART XX-D: Christian Reconstruction, ATI, Abuse & Submission – The Cult


Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 12.52.30 AMThere are seven signs you are in a cult:

1. Opposing critical thinking
2. Isolating members and penalizing them for leaving
3. Emphasizing special doctrines outside scripture
4. Seeking inappropriate loyalty to their leaders
5. Dishonoring the family unit
6. Crossing Biblical boundaries of behavior (versus sexual purity and personal ownership)
7. Separation from the Church

Bill Gothard dominated life for people. Cruelly and viciously.

“…I remember one particular story that illustrates how the ATI and IFB worlds seek to control people. A friend of mine’s sister-in-law had died tragically in a car accident. It so happens that she had recently been listening to some form of contemporary music. Well, her father wrote a letter to Gothard basically saying that God had killed her for her rebellion. Gothard was on the brink of publishing it (thousands would have read it), and only stopped it when a number of her friends flooded him with calls and letters. This was typical of Gothard. Fear and guilt are a powerful method of control. When one’s view of God is so skewed that you fear retribution if you take one wrong step, it is very easy to be controlled…”

Any group can morh into a cult. There are religious cults, science cults, political cults, and business cults. It is quite fascinating what is considered a cult and what isn’t. Bill Gothard’s creations are cults. Anything can become a cult. They can be political, religious, science, financial, good, bad, ugly, strange, scary, evil, and just plain creepy.

  • Al-Qaeda
  • Animal Rights & Environmental Extremists
  • Anti-Abortion Extremists
  • American Society for the Defense of Tradition
Chicago Now
Chicago Now
  • Amway
  • Aryan Brotherhood
  • Aryan Nations
  • Basic Life Principles
  • Bob Jones University

“…Not only do Evangelicals fight about doctrine, they also fight about things like how a Christian should live their life. One sect thinks women wearing pants is a sin. Another thinks it is a sin for a woman to cut her hair. Some Evangelicals think getting a tattoo is OK, others think it is a sign of rebellion. One church is against movies, Redbox,and the internet. Just today, a letter writer told me that their pastor thinks being on Facebook is a sin. Social media is a sin, the preacher thunders on Sunday. Yet, on Monday he is at the local pastor’s fellowship and on Tuesday he is playing golf with his preacher buddies…”

  • Breivik, Anders Behring
  • Buford Furrow
  • Calvary Chapel
  • Character First
  • Character Training Institute
  • Christian Reconstructionism
  • Church of Israel
  • Christian Identity
The Way Forward
The Way Forward
  • Climate Change Deniers
  • Climate Change Extremists
  • Covenant Life Church
  • Covenant Players

“…Obedience figures largely in the Character materials. In the book, How to Build Character as a Family, obedience is mentioned no less than 10 times in a 68-page discussion of character traits, and is described as a protective force. Security: “I will look to my authorities for protection.” Flexibility: “I will respect the decisions of my authorities.” Honor: “I will obey cheerfully.” Justice: “I will respect the authority of the law.” Loyalty: “I will not mock authorities.” Obedience: “I will obey my authorities immediately.” Enthusiasm: “Not only does enthusiasm brighten the face and give light to the eyes, but it also acts as a natural medicine that builds strong and thick bones.”…”

  • Cult Awareness Network
  • Eckankar
  • Environmental Extremists
  • Equinox
  • Focus on the Family

“…Angry Republicans are being manipulated by extremists. The Koch brothers are devotees of Robert LeFevre a radical ideologue who favored abolition of the Federal system. What unites the Tea Party activists and the Republican Evangelicals is their desire to bring down the US government. Journalist Deborah Caldwell observed that “Christian Reconstructionism” seeks “to eradicate the US government so that a theocratic Christian nation emerges to enforce biblical laws.” The leader of Christian Reconstructionism is Gary North. His close associates include former congressman Ron Paul and Texas pastor Rafael Cruz, the father of Senator Ted Cruz. (There’s a clear tie between Senator Cruz and the Koch brothers.)…”

  • Global Church of God
  • Herbalife
  • Homeschooling – Christian based
  • Homeschool Legal Defense Fund

“...That culture, which houses and thrives on religious homeschoolers, is still intact. As long as conservative religious xenophobes and addicts make “educational” choices for their children, the culture will provide a perpetual platform for the next wave of Gothards and Phillips, the next ATI and Vision Forum, the next formula for “being more godly”. And make no mistake, the majority of parents in the Christian homeschooling movement are conservative religious xenophobes and addicts, who live in fear of “the world”, mean ole libruls, that devil Obama, and most of all, of losing their “freedoms”. When you hear that last one, well, you pretty much know what you’re dealing with – people who purposefully confuse religion with education, and in reality their homeschooling choice is all about them (not their children) and their desire to breed and equip SuperChristians who share all of their personal thoughts, opinions, prejudices, and political leanings. It’s their duty, don’t ya know?…”

  • Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches

…Anyone raised in an IFB church has heard countless sermons about God demanding Christians be separate from the world. According to IFB preachers, the Bible states that a Christian is not to be conformed to the world, is not to love the world, and is not to have fellowship with the world. The Bible also states that a Christian should never marry a non-Christian or a non-fundamentalist Christian and neither should they ever enter into a business partnership with a non-Christian….According to the Bob Jones University website, Christians should separate from the world and worldliness:..”

  • Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember
  • Institute of Basic Life Principles
  • International Church of Christ
  • International House of Prayer
  • IPIC International Inc.

“...IFB church members are not only to be separated from the world, they are also expected to stand out from the world. Through what IFB preachers call “standards”, church members are expected to dress in ways that proudly advertise that they are a separated from the world and worldliness member of an IFB church. They are expected to not go out with their coworkers for lunch at the local tavern or out with them for drinks after a hard day’s work. They are expected to bow their head and pray out loud every time they go to a restaurant to eat. (but ironically, this is not expected when eating ice cream at the Dairy Queen after Sunday evening service) They are expected to say no when their Methodist neighbor asks if their children would like to go see a movie at the theater. They are expected to seek out and avoid any place that sells or serves alcohol, and no right-with-God Christian would ever work in such a place…”

The list of cults continues tomorrow, in part five of the six part series.